The shipping list can be viewed in-game by interacting with the shipping box and checking the sale records.

Items that are listed below are the prices for only Lvl 1 items, though if you ship an item that has a high-level or an item that has been upgraded, there will be an increase of gold gained once sold, depending on what the level the item is at.



Subcategory Name Sell Buy
RF4Cabbage Cabbage 680G 2800G
RF4King Cabbage King Cabbage 3400G N/A
RF4Pink Turnip Pink Turnip 200G 700G
RF4Colossal Pink Colossal Pink 1000G N/A
RF4Pink Melon Pink Melon 850G 5000G
RF4Conqueror Melon Conqueror Melon 4250G N/A
RF4Onion Onion 800G 6700G
RF4Ultra Onion Ultra Onion 4000G N/A
RF4Pumpkin Pumpkin 110G 420G
RF4Doom Pumpkin Doom Pumpkin 550G N/A
RF4Cucumber Cucumber 68G 250G
RF4Kaiser Cucumber Kaiser Cucumber 350G N/A
RF4Corn Corn 1000G 3000G
RF4Gigant Corn Gigant Corn 7500G N/A
RF4Tomato Tomato 540G 1800G
RF4Titan Tomato Titan Tomato 3000G N/A
RF4Eggplant Eggplant 190G 950G
RF4Emperor Eggplant Emperor Eggplant 1000G N/A
RF4Yam Yam 140G 450G
RF4Lordly Yam Lordly Yam 800G N/A
RF4Potato Potato 90G 600G
RF4Princely Potato Princely Potato 500G N/A
RF4Carrot Carrot 380G 2600G
RF4Royal Carrot Royal Carrot 2000G N/A
RF4Green Pepper Green Pepper 150G 700G
RF4Green Pepper Rex Green Pepper Rex 800G N/A
RF4Spinach Spinach 65G 300G
RF4Sovereign Spinach Sovereign Spinach 350G N/A
RF4Turnip Turnip 30G 200G
RF4Tyrant Turnip Tyrant Turnip 200G N/A
RF4Radish Radish 360G 1580G
RF4Noble Radish Noble Radish 2000G N/A
RF4Leek Leek 1600G 4800G
RF4Legendary Leek Legendary Leek 8000G N/A
RF4Bok Choy Bok Choy 420G 1900G
RF4Boss Bok Choy Boss Bok Choy 2250G N/A
RF4Hot-Hot Fruit Hot-Hot Fruit 900G 7000G
RF4Giant Hot-Hot Fruit Giant Hot-Hot Fruit 4500G N/A
RF4Bamboo Sprout Bamboo Sprout 40G 200G
RF4Golden Cabbage Golden Cabbage 11500G 50000G
RF4Golden King Cabbage Golden King Cabbage 52000G N/A
RF4Golden Pumpkin Golden Pumpkin 4000G 20000G
RF4Gldn. Doom Pumpkin Gldn. Doom Pumpkin 18000G N/A
RF4Golden Potato Golden Potato 6000G 30000G
RF4Gold Prince Potato Gold Prince Potato 27000G N/A
RF4Golden Turnip Golden Turnip 20000G 100000G
RF4Golden Tyrant Turnip Golden Tyrant Turnip 90000G N/A
Mushroom RF4Mushroom Mushroom 10G 2000G
RF4Mushroom Mushroom
RF4Mushroom Mushroom
RF4Mushroom Mushroom
RF4Mushroom Mushroom
RF4Mushroom Monarch Mushroom 10000G -
Fruit RF4Strawberry Strawberry 135G 800G
RF4Sultan Strawberry Sultan Strawberry 700G -
RF4Pineapple Pineapple 1600G 8500G
RF4King Pineapple King Pineapple 8000G -
RF4Grapes Grapes 120G 650G
RF4Apple Apple 150G 850G
RF4Orange Orange 80G 500G
RF4Mealy Apple Mealy Apple 3000G -



Subcategory Name Sell Buy
Medicine RF4The Protein The Protein 1500G 2000000G
RF4Intelligencer Intelligencer 1500G 2000000G
RF4Vital Gummi Vital Gummi 1500G 2000000G
RF4Heart Drink Heart Drink 1300G 1500000G
RF4Antidote Potion Antidote Potion 150G 1200G
RF4Para-Gone Para-Gone 80G 900G
RF4Roundoff Roundoff 60G 800G
RF4Cold Medicine Cold Medicine 110G 1000G
RF4Formuade Formuade 2500G 20000G
RF4Love Potion Love Potion 500G 3000000G
RF4Invinciroid Invinciroid 5000G 1120000G
RF4Leveliser Leveliser 3000G 5000000G
RF4Recovery Potion Recovery Potion 15G 80G
RF4Healing Potion Healing Potion 120G 500G
RF4Mystery Potion Mystery Potion 200G 1500G
RF4Magical Potion Magical Potion 2000G 5000G
RF4Object X Object X 2G 150G
Nutrient RF4Wettable Powder Wettable Powder 150G 2000G
RF4Greenifier Greenifier 80g 3000G
RF4Greenifier+ Greenifier+ 800G 12000G
RF4Formula A Formula A 30G 1200G
RF4Formula B Formula B 240G 3600G
RF4Formula C Formula C 500G 9800G
RF4No Rot α No Rot α 50G 2000G
RF4No Rot ß No Rot ß 480G 8000G
RF4Giantizer Giantizer 300G 12000G
RF4Minimizer Minimizer 300G 12000G


Short Sword

Long Sword





Dual Blade












Category image title sell buy
Ingredient RF4Heavy Spice Heavy Spice 180G 480G
RF4Sweet Powder Sweet Powder 170G 450G
RF4Sour Drop Sour Drop 90G 250G
RF4Mixed Herbs Mixed Herbs 280G 750G
Failed Dish RF4Failed Dish Failed Dish 2G 15G
Failed Dish RF4Disastrous Dish Disastrous Dish 50G 10000G
Knife RF4Trout Sashimi Trout Sashimi 17G 210G
RF4Char Sashimi Char Sashimi 130G 720G
RF4Rainbow Sashimi Rainbow Sashimi 240G 1740G
RF4Salmon Sashimi Salmon Sashimi 100G 570G
RF4Cherry Sashimi Cherry Sashimi 21G 240G
RF4Taimen Sashimi Taimen Sashimi 12200G 68000G
RF4Snapper Sashimi Snapper Sashimi 1980G 8000G
RF4Glitter Sashimi Glitter Sashimi 24000G 120000G
RF4Lover Sashimi Lover Sashimi 5400G 21800G
RF4Girella Sashimi Girella Sashimi 52G 400G
RF4Skipjack Sashimi Skipjack Sashimi 300G 34000G
RF4Yellowtail Sashimi Yellowtail Sashimi 6700G 27000G
RF4Tuna Sashimi Tuna Sashimi 9500G 48000G
RF4Sardine Sashimi Sardine Sashimi 88G 500G
RF4Needlefish Sashimi Needlefish Sashimi 34G 300G
RF4Pike Sashimi Pike Sashimi 13G 150G
RF4Flounder Sashimi Flounder Sashimi 300G 2300G
RF4Turbot Sashimi Turbot Sashimi 150G 1300G
RF4Fall Sashimi Fall Sashimi 3750G 15800G
RF4Squid Sashimi Squid Sashimi 29G 300G
RF4Sunsquid Sashimi Sunsquid Sashimi 11800G 64000G
RF4Lamp Squid Sashimi Lamp Squid Sashimi 2895G 12000G
RF4Blowfish Sashimi Blowfish Sashimi 8800G 36000G
RF4Lobster Sashimi Lobster Sashimi 1230G 3800G
RF4Shrimp Sashimi Shrimp Sashimi 125G 680G
Dairy RF4Cheese Cheese 400G 2500G
RF4Yogurt Yogurt 800G 3000G
RF4Honey Honey 680G 1800G
Ingredient RF4Flour Flour 125G 320G
RF4Oil Oil 250G 650G
RF4Curry Powder Curry Powder 70G 300G
RF4Rice Flour Rice Flour 40G 100G

Frying Pan





No Tool



Subcategory Name Sell Buy
Dairy RF4Milk (S) Milk (S) 260G 1600G
RF4Milk (M) Milk (M) 380G 2000G
RF4Milk (L) Milk (L) 500G 2800G
RF4Egg (S) Egg (S) 280G 1200G
RF4Egg (M) Egg (M) 380G 1500G
RF4Egg (L) Egg (L) 480G 1800G
RF4Mayonnaise Mayonnaise 720G 2200G
RF4Cheese Cheese 400G 2500G
RF4Yogurt Yogurt 800G 3000G
RF4Honey Honey 680G 1800G


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Collectible: Minerals

Collectible: Jewels

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Collectible: Shards

Collectible: Liquids