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Shino (東雲, Shinonome) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Shino is the strict, but courteous and composed town innkeeper who always hospitably tends to her customers. She is generally level-headed, and despite how sternly she behaves, she shows plenty kindness where she can afford it. She demonstrates admirable self-discipline and bears herself with poise. However, as a result, she allows herself only few moments to relax.

Shino has incredible battle prowess and knowledge of combat. Although no one knows why or how she has come to attain such expertise, it is most likely due to these talents of hers that she carries such an untouchable aura. She very much embodies the spirit of her faith: she appears so deeply calm that people fear angering her.

Despite loving cute things, such as Evelyn's teddy bears, she won't buy them because she worries they might seem too feminine for her.


Shino has light skin, purple eyes, and black hair reaching her waist.


Shino used to live like a nomad in the East, a traveling merchant staying at inns in a variety of places at night, until she finally settled down in Sharance and started running the Inn. As a matter of fact, she hadn't ever imagined she would become an innkeeper, but considers herself fortunate to have gained the chance.


Shino: Part-time job
Shino: A favor
Shino: Industry secret
Shino: [Battle Request] Orc hunter
Shino: [Battle Request] Ignis
Shino: [Battle Request] Hunter wolf
Shino: [Battle Request] Leaf ball
Shino: [Battle Request] High Orc
Shino: [Battle Request] Orc archer
Shino: [Battle Request] Big Mushroom
Shino: [Battle Request] Onion Trial
Shino: [Battle Request] Tricky Mushroom
Shino: [Battle Request] Hobgoblin
Shino: [Battle Request] Planchoa
Shino: [Battle Request] Death fungus
Shino: [Battle Request] Green pepper
Shino: [Battle Request] Faerie
Shino: [Battle Request] Faust
Shino: [Battle Request] Blood panther
Shino: [Battle Request] Queen bee
Shino: [Battle Request] Mimic
Shino: [Battle Request] Dark Faerie
Shino: [Battle Request] King Minotauros
Shino: [Battle Request] Claw Dragon
Shino: [Battle Request] Raccoon
Shino: [Battle Request] Skelefangs
Shino: [Battle Request] Crimsone & Amaranthine
Shino: [Battle Request] Death Wall
Shino: [Battle Request] Aquaticus
Shino: It's a trial


Shino is Sakuya's biological mother and an adoptive mother to Pia. Apparently, both girls haven't changed since the day they first found Pia, but Shino realizes gladly that some things simply never change. She seems to be more strict towards Sakuya and more protective of Pia's innocence. However, she loves them both equally, doing as much as she can to make each of them happy, and often asks Micah to be nice and take care of them.

Shino has a friendly relationship with a number of the older residents in town. She gets along well with Hazel and Marjorie, who both have girls of their own to take care of, so they sometimes share stories of parenthood. Shino is well aware of Hazel's love for cake, and she observes that even though Hazel seems put together, she actually isn't. Marjorie recognizes that Shino tends to hold herself back. Also, as Blaise often caters for the inn, Shino gets along fairly well with him, too.



Shino: My, for me? Thank you so much. Oh…
Micah: Shino?
Shino: I actually love sashimi. Please don’t tell Pia.

Oh, but I feel bad about Pia... but it's my birthday. I'm sure she would forgive me.

Every Sashimi
Liked Shino: Is this for me? Thank you. Oh, I really like these. Except this is poisonous.
Micah: Oh…! I-I'm so sorry…!
Shino: But they're still so tasty.
Micah: What?
Neutral Shino: Oh, is this for me? Thank you. By the way, do you know mushrooms? Even poisonous ones smell so nice.
Micah: What?!
Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Toyherb, Bamboo Shoot, Charm, Salted Masu Trout, Popcorn, Large Fleece

Shino: Um... this is...? Micah, did I do something to upset you?
Micah: No, that wasn't what I was...
Shino: Well, it's fine. By the way, do you know mushrooms? Even poisonous ones smell so nice.
Micah: What?!

Um...this is for me? I see... Well, thank you I suppose.
By the way, have you had sashimi before?
No, I'm sorry... Please forget about it.

Failed, Fruit, Trash, Weeds, Branch, Rock, Scrap Metal


25 422 57 0 0 0 91 31 13
Default Steel Katana
Type Dual Blades

Tactic: Nightingale Flurry

  • Shino charges like a ninja at the enemy, attacking with her Dual Blades quickly and leaves them of their recoils. She will attacks with a variety of Dual Blades skills like Rail Strike, Storm, Twin Attack and also the Dual Blades dash and charge attack. While in the battlefield, she always sweeps the enemies upwards and always hogging the combo-hits.

[Melee]> Hidden Tension (regular attack)

[Melee]> Raven Winds and Owl Mirage[Rail Strike and Twin Attack] (sparringly)

[Mid-range]> Eagle Hurricane[Storm] (sparringly with Raven Winds and Owl Mirage)

Special Skill: Hira-shurikenjutsu

  • Shino throws a hira shuriken , very fast, almost light-speed, stealthy and deals damage like a guillotine. The shuriken she toss is almost unavoidable. She can throw it regardless even if the enemy is off screen.

[Long]> Hira-shurikenjutsu (sparringly)

Special Skill: Yagyu no Shikkaku

  • Unlike other characters who can operate the ultimate attack freely without finishing a combo, Shino keeps her offense in the most casual manner. She operates the Yagyu no Shikakku(Dual Blades Ultimate Attack) after finishing her normal combos, if she uses her other skills, the Yagyu no Shikkaku won't operate. Unlike the other characters who operates them freely, she oftenly uses this skill in two successions.

[Melee]> Yagyu no Shikkaku (finisher)





  • Shino likes the sound of rain.
  • Shino will sometimes say that Micah would look good in "that flowing clothing".
  • When commenting on fighting, Micah will say that "she's put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears of my own into it".
  • Space was very important where Shino and Sakuya originally lived, and it was an innkeeper's job to keep an eye on that space.
  • They have the Bean Throwing Festival in her home country, except the beans call forth good fortune. Since she claims to be from the East, she is probably referencing Setsubun, which is also celebrated in spring, with the literal translation being "Bean Throwing Festival".
  • Shino thinks that it is a lot easier to catch fish with her bare hands than with a rod.
  • She can't serve fish because Pia hates them, but she wants to serve it once in a while because they're Sakuya's (and her) favorite.
  • Shino helps make sure that the Giant Wooly in the Wooly Festival isn't harmed.
  • Shino will sometimes get dialogue where she asks Micah to try something on. As he is trying it on, his character portrait disappears and he says "Excuse me!"
  • Shino will sometimes tell Micah that there is a Wooly that she wants to hug, but it runs away when she tries to (when Shino finds out that Micah is a Wooly, she tries to hug him).
  • Sometimes she will say that she wants "to be smothered in cuteness. Or mushrooms..."
  • Sometimes Micah can have dialogue where she asks who he came to see: Pia, Sakuya, or Shino herself. If Micah says Sakuya, she will tell him to be careful because Sakuya gets over excited sometimes. If he says Pia, she will tell him that Pia gets lonely and hopes that he will look after her. If he says Shino, she will blush and say "Oh, thank you. Hee-hee..."
  • When Sakuya mentions that her mother once had a dangerous job, she starts to shiver.
  • Shino will tell Micah "You should come by more often. I might be lonely..." if he hasn't talked to her for a few days.
  • Shino shares the same birthday as Tori from Rune Factory.