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Sharron (シャロン, Sharon) is a mysterious girl who spends her time investigating the Kasimir Ruins every day. She spends time with Melody as well, as they are best friends. Sharron is also one of the easiest girls to get to 10 LP.

Once you have unlocked Clemens Cave, and if you mine the rocks until you find Fire Crystals, you can give them to her. Give the crystals to Sharron when she is outside of Kasimir Ruins and she'll be at 10 LP in no time. On Wednesdays, she goes inside of the ruins for the day, so if you don't have the permit from Godwin you can't talk to her until after 9 p.m. at the Inn. You'll need at least 3 FP with Lady Ann before you can visit the Inn late at night.


Sharron strikes one as a quiet, calm woman. She's used to being treated with amounts of fear or suspicion, as when Raguna first approaches her; she seems surprised that he is not afraid of her. She is thought to be a ghost by some of the villagers, and she is deeply interested in the ruins and what has been going on in them, which is why she's always investigating and standing in front of them. She also gives off a mysterious and mature aura, and is never seen losing her temper, except when you change your mind when proposing to her with the Grimoire Sword.


Loved Thanks for the Relax Tea Leaves! I'm so happy.
Relax Tea Leaves
Liked Wow! I was looking for [a/an] [item] for so long. I'm so happy to get this!
Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal
Disliked [Item]? I don't like it much. Why did you give it to me?
Anything else

Marriage Requirements

To marry Sharron, you need to give her the Grimoire Sword. To create the Grimoire Sword, you need to defeat Grimoire, the boss in Mt. Gigant and have Leo make the sword after bringing him the Grimoire Scale. You can only get one Grimoire Sword, but it isn't a weapon so there's no real reason not to give it to Sharron. Don't give her the sword if you don't plan to marry her, as it constitutes a marriage proposal.


6am - 9pm In front of the Kasimir Ruins
9pm - 5:50 am Lady Ann's Inn
6am - 9pm Inside Kasimir Ruins (Wednesdays only)
6am - 9pm  In front of the Kasmir Ruins
9pm - 5:50 am Lady Ann's Inn


  • According to an interview, Sharron is an oracle, and may not even be human at all.
  • Although she was not one of the bachelorettes to return in Rune Factory: Frontier, she does get mentioned. If you follow Anette on her mail route, you will overhear that Sharron and Melody are still sending letters back and forth.
  • Sharron shares the same birthday as Wells from Rune Factory 3.
  • There's an error in the English version that switches two of her audio clips: If talked to during nighttime, she will respond with "Thank you", and with "Good evening" if given her favorite gift.