The Sharper Edge Blacksmith is a Weaponry Shop. Tanya is the one who manages the Shop.
Outer Sharper Edge Blacksmith

Sharper Edge Blacksmith

The Shop can be found in the East End of Alvarna beside the Wisdom Bathhouse.

Like all of the buildings in the Village, the Shop will be open in 9:00 am and will close in 6:00pm.

The Shop has also a second floor where Tanya and Roy live.

Inside the Shop

Like all the buildings in the Village, the Shop has second floor too.

First Floor

You can see also Jake here working.
Blacksmith (RF2)

First Floor of the Blacksmith

You can always see Tanya in the first floor of the shop and if you talk to her, there are options to just talk or to buy something.

However, some locations of the characters here may change after the Generation begins.

Second Floor

This is where Tanya and Roy's rooms are.
Blacksmith 2F

Second Floor of the Blacksmith

This simply means that the Blacksmith is also their own home. You can also see Roy here in some conditions. 

In the south of the room you can only find empty space but in second generation, you can often see Roy here.

Shop Items

There are some weapons and shields that Tanya will sell to you. At first, she will only sell a few weapons, shields, and accessories to you, but if you continue to complete her trials that are given to you then she might raise her sales and have more shop items.

There are also some generation changes in the shop items that Tanya sells.

Generation I

You can only see a few items that Tanya sells to you and increase a few if you complete her trials to you.


Attack Charge Defence Price Description
Broadsword 8 1 600G A light, easy-to-use sword. Recommended for beginners. So versatile, some also use it as a chopping knife. 
Steel Sword 12 1 1620G
Claymore 21 1 750G A longsword that's easy to swing. Its decorative rings can be toyed with to pass the time.
Zweihander 1920G
Battle Hammer 30 1 750G A hammer designed for battle. Great for blowing off steam when you send your foes flying.
Battle Axe 28 1 600G An axe with a wild, uncontrolled swing. Handle with care.
Rod 3 1 600G

A staff that boosts magical power. Was not designed to be used as a weapon itself.


Spear 12 1 500G A simple spear. Perfect for the beginner. So simple, that it has been used as a food skewer in the past

1 1440G
Heavy Lance 1 4430G
Small Shield 2 250G

A small, easy-to-use shield that offers only limited defense. 

Cheap Bracelet 1 370G

An old, worn-out bracelet. Raises defense a little, but you have to put up with its shabby, cheap appearance.


Leather Boots 2 680G Sturdy, long-lasting boots. Loved by travelers everywhere. Enables back step ability.

Generation II

If you complete all of her trials, Tanya will sell you many weapons and will change the category every season.

Season Weapons
Spring Spears
Summer Swords
Fall Axes
Winter Hammers

Remember that the Magical Staffs, Shields and Accessories never change every season.