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The Sharper Edge Blacksmith is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

The Sharper Edge is a Weapons Shop managed by Tanya. The Shop can be found in the East End of Alvarna beside the Wisdom Bathhouse.


There are some weapons and shields that Tanya. At first, she will only sell a few weapons, shields, and accessories, but if Aaron and Aria complete complete her trials, she increases her inventory.

There are also some generation changes in the shop items that Tanya sells.

First Generation

Name Cost Description Boost
RF2Broadsword.png Broadsword 1,200 G A light, easy-too-use sword. Recommended for beginners. So versatile, some also use it as a chopping knife. ATK 8
RF2Claymore.png Claymore 1,500G A longsword that's easy to swing. Its decorative rings can be toyed with to pass the time. ATK 21
RF2Spear.png Spear 1,000 G A simple spear. Perfect for the beginner. So simple, that it has been used as a food skewer in the past. ATK 12
RF2Battle Hammer.png Battle-Hammer 1,500 G A hammer designed for battle. Great for blowing off steam when you send your foes flying. ATK 30
RF2Battle Axe.png Battle-Axe 1,200 G An axe with a wild, uncontrolled swing. Handle with care. ATK 28
RF2Rod.png Rod 1,200 G A staff that boosts magical power. Was not designed to be used as a weapon itself. ATK 3
RF4Small Shield.png Small Shield 500 G A small, easy-to-use shield that offers only limited defense. DEF 2
RF2Cheap Bracelet.png Cheap Bracelet 740 G An old, worn-out bracelet. Raises defense a little, but you have to put up with its shabby, cheap appearance. DEF 1
RF2Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 1,360 G Sturdy, long-lasting boots made from leather. Loved by travelers everywhere. Enables back step ability DEF 2

Second Generation

In the second Generation, Tanya's stock expands. She also begins to sell special items according to the seasons.

Year-Round Inventory

Name Attack Boost Charge Price Description
Steel sword
War hammer
Wizard staff
RF2Cheap Bracelet.png Cheap Bracelet Str+ 1 740G An old, worn-out bracelet. Raises defense a little, but you have to put up with its shabby, cheap appearance.
RF2Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 2-11 816G Sturdy, long-lasting boots. Loved by travelers everywhere. Enables back step ability.
FeatherBoots.PNG Feather Boots 5 4,860 G Super-light boots. So light, you feel as though you are walking on air. Enable back step ability.
WorkGloves.png Field Gloves 5 Str up (5), Body Up (1) 1 1,140 G Protect your hands from blisters and calluses. No farmer should be without a pair.
Tailsman.png Talisman Body up (3) 3, Mag D +5 8,880 G A charm that protects the bearer from harm.
Charm.png Charm Body up (2) 2. Mag D +4 1,060 G A charm to protect you from misfortune and disasters. Don't leave home without it!
GoldBracelet.png Gold Bracelet 4 STR up (4) 4 4,500 G A golden bracelet.Simply slipping it onto your arm raises both your strength and defense.
SilverBracelet.PNG Silver Bracelet 3 Str up (3) 3 4,200 G A silver bracelet. Simply slipping it onto your arm raises both your strength and defense
BronzeBracelet.png Bronze Bracelet 2 Str up (2) 2 1,740 G A bronze bracelet. Raises defense a little. Quite heavy.
MagicRing.png Magic Ring 0, Mad A +9 1, Mag D +10 2,620 G A ring brimming with magic power. Increases both magic attack and magic defense.
CriticalRing.PNG Critical Ring Lower Vitality (-5) -5 4,260 G A ring that raises critical attacks. Somehow makes the best places to strike more obvious.
PoisonRing.PNG Poison Ring 0, Mag A +4 PSN protection 1 1,600 G A ring that increases resistance to poison. The ring itself is infused with medicine.
ParalysisRing.png Paralyse Ring 0, Mag A +4 PRLZ protection 1 2,180 G A ring that increases resistance to paralysis. The ring itself is infused with medicine.
SilentRing.PNG Sillent Ring 0, Mag A +8 Seal protection 1 2,300 G A ring that increases resistance to being sealed. The ring itself is infused with medicine.

Seasonal Specials

Name Attack Charge Defence Price Description
Spring Specials
PlatinumSword.png Platinum Sward 24 1 34,200 G A tough blade made from high quality platinum. This alone was enough to make one popular in the past.
Defender.png Defender 18 1 10,200 G A sword created to be used with a shield. Greatly improves chances of avoiding incoming attacks.
DragonSlayer.png Dragonslayer 37 1 82,260 G A sword shaped like a three-headed dragon. Turn your back, and the heads will start arguing.
Summer Specials
Fall Specials
HeavyLance.PNG Heavy Lance
23 1 Fall 13290G A lance focused on attack power. Very heavy, it's pretty hard to use.
Flare Lance
Blood Lance
Winter Specials
Great Axe 13500G
Crescent Axe 15000G.
Double Axe 97500G.
Great Hammer 12390G
Gigant Hammer 27360G
Gravit Hammer 81000G

Inner Locations

Sharper Edge Blacksmith 1F

First Floor of the Blacksmith Tanya is here most days, and Roy is here on rainy days. Jake works the forge on the right.

Sharper Edge Blacksmith 2F

This is where Tanya and Roy's rooms are. Roy's room is to the south, and he sometimes hangs out here after school in the second generation.