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Sharance Maze (シアレンスの迷宮, Shiarensu no Meikyuu) is a location in Rune Factory 4. The maze is unlocked after clearing the second arc by paying 5,000 Prince/Princess Points. The maze will be located in the player's trophy room.

Sharance Maze

Sharance MazeTrophy.png

After you have finished Act II, it's possible to have a branch of the Sharance Tree from Rune Factory 3 imported. The branch will be placed in your trophy room, and you may enter the Sharance Maze by inspecting it. Unlike in Rune Factory 3, you cannot do multiplayer through the maze.


All monsters and bosses will appear in the maze with the exceptions of Typhoon, Aquameleon, Fierganger, Terraclone, Uno and Sano, Sechs Golem, Ethelberd, Ethelwill, Moving Tree, Chimera, Grimoire and Greater Demon, the latter four having their upgrades take their place in the maze. The monsters will appear at every new room entered except for the staircase room. Each floor's map is randomized.

Every odd-numbered floor of the maze will always contain either a Guardian, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Baal, Minotaur King, Onionger, Ghost Ray, Death Orc, Black Dragon, King Wooly, Master Troll or Big Duck at the stairs leading to the next floor. While every even-numbered floor will have a boss monster waiting on the stairs instead.

There are six levels to the maze, each with their own recommended level and the following bosses:

Level 300: Garden of Light

  • Level 2: Greater Demon 2
  • Level 4: Chimera 2
  • Level 6: Grimoire 2
  • Level 8: G. Golem
  • Level 10: Terrable

Level 350: Smoldering Prominence

  • Level 2: Moving Tree 2
  • Level 4: Octopirate
  • Level 6: Bane Dragon
  • Level 8: Crystal Mammoth
  • Level 10: Fiersome

Level 400: Deepwater Shrine

  • Level 2: Magnuto
  • Level 4: Ancient Bone
  • Level 6: Hinoe and Kinoto
  • Level 8: Death Wall
  • Level 10: Aquaticus

Level 450: Dragon Ruins

  • Level 2: Ambrosia
  • Level 4: Thunderbolt
  • Level 6: Marionetta
  • Level 8: Heaven's Gate
  • Level 10: Sacrophagus
  • Level 12: Ventuswill

Level 500: Challenge to Fantasy

  • All even-numbered levels except the 20th will randomly pick between previously mentioned bosses, as well, Siren, Armored Tank+, Rafflesia, Rogue, Olive, Emerald and Marin
  • Level 20: Ragnarok

Level 1,000: Banquet of Nightmares

  • All even-numbered levels except the 30th follow the same selection pattern as Challenge to Fantasy
  • Level 30: Ragnarok

All final bosses will drop Recipe Bread+ upon their defeat.

Like the Sharance Labyrinth, equipping a Rosary when you enter the Maze will reduce each floor to only two rooms: being the player's entrance, and the stairs leading to the next floor.


The Sharance Maze will occasionally have "Treasure Rooms", which the player can find throughout explorations. The chests found can range between 1 to 5 per room, but have the widest selection compared to other random chests; Containing even high-level equipment like the Courage Badge, Rocket Wing and even a Crown, which a player cannot even make on their own until having a child. Rune Crystals, Double and Ten-Fold Steels, Glitta Augite, Round Stone, White Stone, Invistone and Shadestone cannot be found in these chests. Additionally, the Crystal Flower Seeds, Crystal Flower, Golden Vegetables, Golden Vegetable Seeds and Emery Flower and Emery Flower Seeds cannot be found until the seeds for the crops have already been accessed. Like other chests, crops, flowers and seeds found in the chests are based on the highest level of crop or flower shipped.

Outside of chests, occasional items can be found randomly placed on the floor of rooms while exploring. These items can be Love Potions, basic medicines, grass and herbs, Milk Porridge, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Cake, Chocolate Cake or Lamp Squid Sashimi. Vital Gummi, Intelligencer and The Protein can also be scattered around the floor.