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The Sharance Labyrinth is located in the basement of the Sharance Tree, through the top-left door of the room. It is accessible after clearing the Privera Forest dungeon, and can be done in either solo or multi-player modes. During solo mode, time will NOT pause and NPC partners may accompany the player. During multi-player mode, one to three players can enter, time will pause, and NPC characters are playable using Micah's stats and equipment. If the player is defeated in solo mode, Micah will wake up in the infirmary as usual, but defeat in multi-player mode simply returns the player to the game creation screen and you get to keep all items found in the dungeon before being defeated.

List of Sharance Labyrinth Dungeons

Forest Quest
[Suggested Level: 15]
Explore the Forest of Memories and see what awaits you!
Floors: 1 — Boss: Random mini-boss

Mystery Tree
[Suggested Level: 30]
What sleeps beneath the Sharance Tree? Solve the mystery!
Floors: 1 — Boss: Random mini-boss

Forest Hunt
[Suggested Level: 45]
A powerful Greater Demon has appeared in the Forest of Memories. Go forth and defeat it.
Floors: 1 — Boss: Greater Demon

Desert Summer
[Suggested Level: 60]
White desert, blue sea. And waiting is the Octopirate. The monsters are more powerful here.
Floors: 1 — Boss: Octopirate

[Suggested Level: 80]
Within the mouth of a volcano awaits the Chimera. Powerful monsters await.
Floors: 1 — Boss: Chimera

The Ice Fang
[Suggested Level: 100]
The slumbering Crystal Mammoth awaits in this dungeon. You will need to be tough to reach it.
Floors: 2 — Boss: Random mini-boss, Crystal Mammoth

The Grimoire
[Suggested Level: 120]
Ruins that exist to honor the Grimoire. Powerful monsters lie in wait.
Floors: 3 — Boss: Random mini-boss, Grimoire

Dragon Ruins
[Suggested Level: 140]
Ruins of the legendary dragon. A very perilous and exciting adventure awaits.
Floors: 12 — Bosses: Random mini-bosses on odd floors, Terror Tree, Bane Dragon, Siren, Golem, Terrable, Fiersome on even floors in that order.

Mystery Maze
[Suggested Level: 220]
What's inside? Where does it end? The only thing you can be sure of is the danger.
Floors: 20 — Bosses: Random mini-bosses on odd floors, random major bosses on even floors, Aquaticus

NOTE: Mystery Maze scales according to the average level of the party, including NPCs.

List of Bosses


  • Big Duck
  • Dragon Guard
  • Golem Guard
  • Minotauros Guard
  • Master Troll
  • Orc Guard
  • Wooly King


  • Greater Demon
  • Golem
  • Chimera
  • Siren
  • Terrable
  • Terror Tree
  • Bane Dragon
  • Octopirate
  • Crystal Mammoth
  • Fiersome
  • Raccoon
  • Skelefang
  • Amaranthine & Crimsone
  • Death Wall
  • Aquaticus