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Shara (シア, Shia, Sia[1] or Shia[2]) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Shara is a very warm, bright, unassuming girl whose favourite hobby is gardening. In particular, she enjoys growing flowers, talking to them and caring for them in the same way she would a friend. Generally, she shows kindness towards everyone she meets, including Woolies and other harmless monsters.

Shara is the most sociable person in the entire village: she remembers everyone's birthdays and is always talking about their likes and dislikes. In turn, all of the villagers are equally fond of her.


Shara has straight, shoulder-length orange hair and blue eyes. Her skin is light.


Shara is Monica's older sister and Wells' eldest granddaughter. She discovered Micah in his golden wooly form when he was unconscious after he fell out of the sky, outside her house, and carried him up to her room so she could nurse him back to health. However, in the interim, he awakened in his human form and wandered around Sharance with no memory of who he is or why he came to Sharance.

Shara meets Micah again outside the Sharance Tree, in his human form this time, unaware that they're actually the same person. After discovering that he's an amnesiac, she invites him to live in the tree until he recovers his memories. Giving him a waterpot, a hoe, and some flower seeds, she encourages him to use the fields beneath the tree to grow crops with a cheerful expression on her face.

She has low Str, moderate Vit, and high INT.


Shara: My first request...
Shara: Come with me
Shara: I need your help...
Shara: My waterpot
Shara: I need your advice...
Shara: Thank you, Your Highness.
Shara: Can we talk?
Shara: Come with me
Shara: Please help!
Shara: [Simple Request] Giving out kits
Shara: [Simple Request] I lost an item
Shara: [Simple Request] Lost seeds

Request 1: My first request...

Welcome to town! Come talk to me for your first request.

Unlock: During Tutorial
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Shara wants Micah to introduce himself to the townspeople. Enter all the other houses and talk with everyone. Report back to Shara, and she will ask Micah to ship something—anything—before her request is fulfilled.
Reward: RF3Pink Turnip Seed.png Pink Turnip Seed x4

Request 2: Come with me

I want to show you something!

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Bring Shara to Privera: Flower Field.
Reward: None

Request 3: I need your help…

I want to meet a wooly.

Unlock:3 | Cleared Privera Forest
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Shara is worried about the golden wooly she took care of on the stormy night of Micah's arrival in town, and she wants to find it. Talk to Shara while in wooly form. Transform back into a human, and talk to her again.
Reward: RF3Apple.png Apple and RF3Formula A.png Formula A x9

Request 4: My waterpot

My waterpot broke. Can you help…?

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Help Shara get a new waterpot, as hers is broken. Micah will be given three options:
  • "I'll get you a waterpot!"
    • The option that will make her happiest. The reward depends on which waterpot is given to her.
  • "I'll give you money!"
    • Micah will give Shara 3540G, and the request will be completed with no reward.
  • "I'll be your waterpot!"
    • This option will make Shara mad.
Reward: If the first option is chosen, the rewards are as follows:

Request 5: I need your advice...

It's about Monica. Do you think you could help?

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Shara is worried about Monica's attitude towards strangers and wants help fixing it. Talk with Shara.
Reward: None

Request 6: Thank you, Your Highness.

May I request an audience with the Rose Prince?

Unlock: ❤ 6 | Completed Monica's request (Shara told me...).
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk with Shara, then with Monica.
Reward: Cake

Request 7: Can we talk?

I want to tell you something...

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Bring Shara to Micah's house.
Reward: Formula C x27

Request 8: Come with me

A small wooly has been coming to play. Would you like to join us?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to Privera: Flower Field, where Shara will be found tending to a wooly, and Micah will protect her from another wooly that is about to attack her from behind. After the scene, Shara will bring the wooly to her house and care for it.
Reward: Shield Ring
Note: After the request, the wooly will stay in her room.

Request 9: Please help!

It's about the wooly!

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to Shara's room. Wells wants Shara to release the wooly out of consideration for its parents, but Shara doesn't want to. Afterwards, Micah has to find the wooly's parent. Go to Privera: Flower Field, and transform into a wooly to talk to it. Go back to Shara's room to tell Shara that the wooly's parent is looking for it, so she needs to return the wooly to the wild. Upset that Micah agrees with Wells, she runs back to the flower field. Follow her.
Reward: RF3Cherry Grass.png Cherry Grass, RF3Emery Flower.png Emery Flower, RF3Fireflower.png Fireflower, RF3Noel Grass.png Noel Grass


Shara occasionally argues with her grandfather, Wells, the mayor of the town, over her habit of taking in wounded monsters. She also reprimands him for spoiling the younger granddaughter and expresses concern for his old age. Both of them share a love for flowers.

Shara and her little sister, Monica, both share a close bond, often going around festivals together. Shara coaxes her into trying things she dislikes by promising to do something more fun together later, but she still makes sure to be stern whenever necessary, as she doesn't want to overindulge her. She tends to show a more maternal side around her.

Later in the game, Shara befriends Kuruna. Upon discovering that they both had similar upbringings, they foster a friendly relationship, and Kuruna begins to stroll around town with her and her sister during festivals. Shara finds Kuruna's shyness and awkwardness cute.



Wow, thank you very much. Tee-hee. I'll be sure to put this flower somewhere nice.

Well, I'll take you up on it! I can't wait to grow some flowers with this!

RF3Cherry Grass.png Cherry Grass RF3Lamp Grass.png Lamp Grass RF3Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal RF3Emery Flower.png Emery Flower, RF3Ironleaf.png Ironleaf, RF34-Leaf Clover.png 4-Leaf Clover, RF3Fireflower.png Fireflower, RF3Green Crystal.png Green Crystal, RF3Noel Grass.png Noel Grass, RF3Autumn Grass.png Autumn Grass, RF3Pom-Pom Grass.png Pom-Pom Grass, RF3Red Crystal.png Red Crystal, RF3White Crystal.png White Crystal, Rainbow Waterpot, Joy Waterpot

What a pretty flower. Thank you.

Shara: What a pretty flower. Thank you.
Micah: What?! This is a Weeds.
Shara: Oh, Weeds is a wonderful flower. What a wonderful gift!

Thank you!

Oh, an old waterpot? I see, you're giving me this as a challenge!

Is this for me?! Thank you very much! I'll take good care of it.

RF3Toyherb.png Toyherb, RF3Moondrop.png Moondrop, Pink Cat, Charm Blue, RF3Weeds.png Weeds, Old Waterpot, Tin Waterpot, Lion Waterpot, Greenifier, RF3Formula A.png Formula A, Formula B, Formula C, Greenifier
Neutral Is this for me? Thank you.
Medicinal Herb, Antidote Herb, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, White Grass, Neutralizer, RF3Rice Ball.png Rice Ball, Tired Sword M.S., Blue Crystal Seed, Toyherb Seed, Leek Seed, Fruit, Vegetables, Made, Ingredients, Dairy, Grass, RF3Wood.png Wood, Protein Boost, Mental Supplement, Vital Gummi, Heart Drink, Antidote Potion, Para-Gone, Roundoff, Formuade, Cold Medicine, Invinciroid, Levelizer, Heavy Spice, Sweet Powder, Sour Drop, Mixed Herbs, Masu Trout Sashimi, Char Sashimi, Poison Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, Cherry Sashimi, Taimen Sashimi, Snapper Sashimi, Glitter Sashimi, Lover Sashimi, Girella Sashimi, Skipjack Sashimi, Yellowtail Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Sardine Sashimi, Needlefish Sashimi, Pike Sashimi, Flounder Sashimi, Turbot Sashimi, Fall Sashimi, Squid Sashimi, Sunsquid Sashimi, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Blowfish Sashimi, Lobster Sashimi, Shrimp Sashimi, Cherry Salmon, Needlefish, Gibelio, Squid, Masu Trout

Oh! Poor [item]... How could you let this happen to an innocent plant?

This is...a gift? I can't even use it to fertilize my flowers...

Failed, Trash, Withered Grass, RF3Rock.png Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal


Tactic: Floral Rush

  • Shara is neither very active nor aggressive. When spotted by an enemy, Shara will hesitate to charge and keeps her distance from the party. If Micah attacks, she'll join in as a ganging-up member. Whenever Shara receives a status effect, she'll heal very quickly, though she'll only heal if they are enemies in the same area. Shara's weapon are Watering Pots, so all her attacks are Water-elemental.

Normal Attack: Sharance Rain - Shara performs her attacks by rushing towards the enemy, sprinkling them up to 3 hits. She uses this attack concurrently with Deluge Pot.

Charged Attack: Deluge Pot

  • Shara always perform this attack whenever she's close to a foe. She uses this attack concurrently with Sharance Rain. This attack always deals heavy damage, almost 3 times stronger than her Sharance Rain combos would do. Critical hits may deal up to 3 times stronger than the usual Deluge Pot damage.

Healing: Floral Mend (Cure)

  • Shara would usually heal herself when her HP is about 75% or below. She heals slightly more frequently when her HP is below 50%.

Support: Medi/spells

Shara will cast restorative spells such as Medipoison or Mediparalyze and Mediseal instantly in times of an enemy's prowl. She will cast it sooner if she's affected as well.

Shara has no Special Skills.

3 93 0 0 30 0 10 19 14
Default Tin Waterpot
Type Waterpot


Shara normally wakes up at 6:22AM. She can be found in her house with Monica and Wells.




  • Before Micah knows her name, it will be shown as "Girl."
  • Shara is named after the Sharance Tree because her grandfather wanted her to be just as loved as the tree.
  • Sometimes Shara sleepwalks into Monica's bed, which annoys Monica because she thinks Shara is a baby and that she should be the older sister. Shara calls her big sis for the rest of the day.
  • Shara wears a perfume called Sweet & Love that smells like pinkcat. Micah also likes the smell of it.
  • Shara thinks that Cherry Trees are amazing because she says that they change color according to the season.
  • She shares the same birthday as Melody from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Rune Factory: Frontier.
  • During the Turnip Fight, Shara says a prayer for the turnips before the festival begins.
  • Shara's tin waterpot is named Mr. Sprinkles. It was made specially by a friend of her grandfather, and she loved it unlike any other waterpot, so she was devastated when it broke.