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Serendipity General Store (キラキラ雑貨店(ざっかてん), Kira Kira Zakkaten) is a location in Rune Factory 5. Misasagi and Hina stay here.


In the beginning of the game this store is ran by Terry and Cecil. After completing the Whispering Woodlands and defeating the boss for first time, the next day, an event will play out where Terry says he is opening a Detective Agency and is passing ownership of the store to Misasagi resulting in Misasagi and Hina moving in.

At a certain point a request or event with Lucy and Priscilla will occur, in this event the girls talk about getting a new job and you are allowed to pick who goes where to work. There does not appear to be any difference regarding the story that is impacted by this decision. Assigning them to a "correct" job awards slightly more affection points to the characters. If you wanted to assign the "best" fit to the store send Lucy to the general store and Priscilla to the bakery.

This store can be upgraded 3 times by buying the renovations from Palmo's Studio. Each of these expansion adds new inventory to the shop.

The first upgrade allows Hina (and only Hina) to sell a rotating stock of fish. I believe it cost 50 material stone 50 lumber and 500 or 1000 seed points. *If anyone can confirm please add details*

The second upgrade expands the stores inventory again. * If anyone can clarify cost details please do.

The third upgrade is expensive and I do not know what happens yet.


The Serendipity store will randomly have a special -10% off sale. Be Sure to stock up on these days.

Certain inventory (produce) the shop sells changes daily and is further expanded with each upgrade via Palmo's Studio. Additionally, completing various requests by other villagers will also add new seeds to the shop. The general goods section does not change very much apart from the expansions and is where many staples are purchased for cooking.

Selling higher level crops, or seeds through the shipping bin will allow the store to sell these higher level items for you to repurchase later. It has not been shown that selling merchandise such as rice that can be found at higher levels occurs. Use your sickle farm tool to greatly improve the chance of your seeds leveling up and how profitable your crops are.

*Prices vary based off the level of the item you are purchasing or selling. The number in the Gold column in () is for the seed level as indicated by the number in the (). The Lv.1 price if known, is left out of parentheses and if it is unknown is indicated by -G. These prices should be found as a table on the Seed's page.

*Not all items are available at the start you have to unlock them.

Shop Page Item Gold
Seeds 1 Bok Choy Seed (Lv.9) Buy: -G (1000G) Sell: -G (116G)
Seeds 1 Cabbage Seed (Lv.6) Buy: -G (980G) Sell: -G (107G)
Seeds 1 Onion Seed (Lv.4) Buy: -G (1480G) Sell: -G (156G)
Seeds 1 Twinkle Seed (Lv.5) Buy: -G (3000G) Sell: -G (324G)
Seeds 1 Tomato Seed (Lv.4) Buy: -G (1000G) Sell: -G (116G)
Seeds 1 Pink Melon Seeds (Lv.5) Buy: -G (2120G) Sell: -G (228G)
Seeds 1 Pineapple Seed (Lv.1) Buy: 2800G (-G) Sell: 280G (-G)
Seeds 1 Grape Tree Seed (Lv.4) Buy: -G (6000G) Sell: -G (636G)
Seeds 1 Apple Tree Seed (Lv.4) Buy: -G (7000G) Sell: -G (742G)
Seeds 1 Golden Potato Seed (Lv.1) Buy: 4000G (-G) Sell: 400G (-G)
Seeds 1 Sword Seed (Lv.6) Buy: -G (1500G) Sell: -G (165G)
Seeds 1 Shield Seed (Lv.5) Buy: -G (1500G) Sell: -G (162G)
Seeds 2 Turnip Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (10G) Sell: -G (2G)
Seeds 2 Potato Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (80G) Sell: -G (9G)
Seeds 2 Spinach Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (60G) Sell: -G (7G)
Seeds 2 Radish Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (120G) Sell: -G (14G)
Seeds 2 Yam Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (250G) Sell: -G (30G)
Seeds 2 Pumpkin Seed (Lv.8) Buy: -G (200G) Sell: -G (22G)
Seeds 2 Cucumber Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (320G) Sell: -G (38G)
Seeds 2 Fodder Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (30G) Sell: -G (3G)
Seeds 2 Carrot Seed (Lv.9) Buy: -G (400G) Sell: -G (46G)
Seeds 2 Corn Seed (Lv.10) Buy: -G (450G) Sell: -G (54G)
Seeds 2 Strawberry Seed (Lv.6) Buy: -G (400G) Sell: -G (44G)
Seeds 2 Leek Seed (Lv.9) Buy: -G (680G) Sell: -G (78G)
Seeds 2 Pink Turnip Seed (Lv.6) Buy: -G (160G) Sell: -G (17G)
Seeds 2 Green Pepper Seed (Lv.9) Buy: -G (800G) Sell: -G (92G)
Seeds 2 Eggplant Seed (Lv.7) Buy: -G (720G) Sell: -G (80G)
Seeds 2 Hot-Hot Seed (Lv.9) Buy: -G (1200G) Sell: -G (129G)
Other 3 Rice Buy: 200G Sell: 30G
Other 3 Chocolate Buy: 400G Sell: 150G
Other 3 Wine Buy: 2000G Sell: 800G
Other 3 Flour Buy: 320G Sell: 125G
Other 3 Oil Buy: 650G Sell: 250G
Other 3 Curry Powder Buy: 300G Sell: 70G
Other 3 Rice Flour Buy: 100G Sell: 40G
Other 3 Brush Buy: 2400G Sell: 640G
Other 3 Clippers Buy: 1900G Sell: 520G
Other 3 Magnifying Glass Buy: 2000G Sell: 500G
Other 3 Mixed Herbs Buy: 750G Sell: 280G
Other 3 Sweet Powder Buy: 450G Sell: 170G
Other 3 Sour Drop Buy: 250G Sell: 90G
Other 3 Heavy Spice Buy: 480G Sell: 180G
Vegetables 4 Turnip (Lv.10) Buy: -G (200G) Sell: -G (60G)
Vegetables 4 Yam (Lv.10) Buy: -G (450G) Sell: -G (280G)
Vegetables 4 Pink Melon (Lv.5) Buy: -G (5000G) Sell: -G (1190G)
Vegetables 4 Potato (Lv.10) Buy: -G (600G) Sell: -G (180G)
Vegetables 4 Hot-Hot Fruit (Lv.5) Buy: -G (7000G) Sell: -G (1260G)
Vegetables 4 Pumpkin (Lv.8) Buy: -G (420G) Sell: -G (187G)
Vegetables 4 Strawberry (Lv.6) Buy: -G (800G) Sell: -G (202G)
Vegetables 4 Onion (Lv.4) Buy: -G (6700G) Sell: -G (1040G)
Vegetables 4 Corn (Lv.10) Buy: -G (3000G) Sell: -G (2000G)
Vegetables 4 Pineapple Buy: 8500G (-G) Sell: 1600G (-G)
Vegetables 4 Carrot (Lv.9) Buy: -G (2600G) Sell: -G (684G)
Vegetables 4 Green Pepper (Lv.9) Buy: -G (700G) Sell: -G (270G)
Vegetables 4 Orange (Lv.4) Buy: -G (500G) Sell: -G (92G)
Vegetables 4 Bamboo Shoot Buy: 200G (-G) Sell: 40G (-G)

Inner Locations

In the beginning the second floor is Terry's room. After defeating the first boss of Whispering Woodlands Misasagi and Hina move in.

The store has a second floor which is the living quarters of Misasagi and Hina. There are some interactive elements up here but nothing noteworthy.