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Selphia Plain (セルフィア平原, Serufia Hirahara) is a location in Rune Factory 4.


Only certain locations are open at first in Selphia Plain until you beat the 1st boss. The areas are left (contains medical herbs and antidote herbs) and right of Selphia Castle Gates (1st area when you leave town). Right below Selphia Castle Gates, but only partial since some lumber is blocking two entrances (West and South). All the way east is open till the entrance of the buried cave (this cave will never be opened, it will be mentioned a few times but there's no way to open it) it has some mining stones and stones for bricks. Yokmir Forest is located in the area before the entrance of the buried cave.

After defeating the 1st boss, you have to wait a few days before Ventuswill will ask you to check out the Water Ruins. At this point, all new notable locations you can travel to are:

After defeating the 2nd boss and a few days have passed, Ventuswill will ask you to check the Obsidian Mansion, the entrance will be opened for you (its in the far west, you exit Selphia Castle Gates, travel down one area and then head westward).

After the start of the second act, the Spring Entrance (Cerezo Bridge connecting Selphia Plain G1 and Sercerezo Hill A4) will be opened to you.

Inner Locations

Selphia Plains / Selphia Castle Gate

Selphia plains.jpg
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Wooly

Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass

A2 - - -

Selphia Castle Gate location.

Go north to enter Selphia Town Square.

A3 - - - The outfits merchant will set up shop here.
B1 -

Medicinal Herb, Amethyst Ore, Iron Ore

X4 Turnip Seeds, X 4 Toyherb Seeds Summer Field (2x2 area).

Ant, Beetle, Pomme-Pomme

Purple Grass, Amethyst Ore

Power Wave, X4 Toyherb Seeds The northern and southern halves of the area are split by a stone that can only be broken once your mining is at level 30.
B3 Pomme-Pomme Bamboo Sprout -

Wooly, Orc, Orc Archer

Iron Ore Greeting Spell, Broadsword, Hurricane (skill) Until you have been asked to go to the Water Ruins, the remains of a tree will prevent you from going south or west in this area.
B5 Wooly Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass -
B6 Wooly

Medicinal Herb Antidote Grass


-Save Point-

Go north to enter the Yokmir Forest.

B7 Wooly

Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass, Green Grass

- The Buried Cave (relevant in some random events) is in this area.
C1 - X2 Boxes Reaper Slash (skill) Go west to Selphia Plain - West and Autumn Road. (The bridge in this area will not be built until you have been asked to go to the Obsidian Mansion.)

Cluckadoodle, Pomme-Pomme

Antidote Grass -

Wooly, Cluckadoodle, Pomme-Pomme

Antidote Grass, Blue Grass, Green Grass

C4 - - -

-Save Point-

Go north to enter the Water Ruins.

D1 Pomme-Pomme Mushroom X3 Antidote Grass
D2 Big Muck Mushroom -
D3 - Mushroom -
D4 Big Muck Mushroom - Selphia Plain Mush Road
D5 - - - Selphia Plain Mush Span
D6 - - - The fortune teller living in this area will rate your compatibility with marriage candidates who you bring along.
D7 Chipsqueek Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass, Green Grass - Selphia Plain East
E1 - Mushroom - Fishing Spot: Keeno Lake (summer fishing area)
E2 Big Muck, Ant Mushroom -
E3 Big Muck, Pomme-Pomme Mushroom -
E4 Death Fungus - - Five days of the week, this area will be empty with a large mushroom in the center. On Fridays the mushroom will be gone, and a Death Fungus can be fought in this area.
E5 - - Spear, Iron Shield, X3 Iron, X1 Bronze, X4 Recovery Potions
E6 Beetle, Chipsqueek, Pomme-Pomme
F1 - - -

-Save Point-

Go downstairs to enter the Cluck-Cluck Nest.

F2 Beetle, Pomme-Pomme - -
F3 - - -

Fishing Spot: Summer Spring

If you throw something (anything) into the pond, a Red will give you a Summer Headdress

G1 - - - Go west to enter Sercerezo Hill. (This bridge can't be used until Doug tells you about it after Leon has been rescued.)
G2 - - -
G3 Chipsqueek - Upper Cut A row of trees divides this area. If you enter from the west side, you will not be able to access the north or east paths.
G4 Buffamoo, Wooly - Axe, Shirt Only one on the map

Selphia Plain - West / Autumn Road

Autumn Road Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 - - - The tree in this area contains tree seeds.
B1 - - Go north from here to enter Leon Karnak.
B2 Ant, Beetle - -
C1 Duck, Fairy, Weagle - - -Save Point-
C2 Duck, Weagle - -
C3 Ant, Duck Shade Ore - The bottom half of this area will darken, indicating that Shade Stones can be mined here.
C4 Duck, Pomme Pomme - -
C5 - - Black Ribbon

-Save Point-

The chest is hidden behind the fence on the right side.

Go north from here to enter the Obsidian Mansion.

C6 Duck Bronze Ore -
C7 Duck - - Go east from here to Selphia Plains.
D1 - - Gust (skill) Run around the two rocks in an infinity pattern to make the chest appear.
D2 Fairy - -
E1 - - X4 Leek Seeds Winter Field (4x3 area)
E2 - - - Go down the pit to enter the Revival Cave.
E3 Flower Lily, Mino, Palm Cat, Red - -
E4 - - -

Fishing Spot: Autumn Spring

If you throw a jewel into the pond, a Green will give you an Autumn Headdress.

E5 Palm Cat X2 Boxes -

-Save Point-

Go north from here to enter the Delirium Lava Ruins.

E6 - - - -Save Point-
E7 - - X3 Healing Potions, 5200G
E8 - X3 Boxes - This bridge will not be accessible until you need to investigate the Delirium Lava Ruins.


Chipsqueek, Fairy, Pomme Pomme - -
F0 - -



Glitter Sashimi

Joy Waterpot

Golden Turnip Staff

Silver Lake is accessible only with Water Shoes. You'll see a path that leads into the water in F1 that will lead you east into a water area with four chests.
F1 Emperor Penguin, Snowy -
F2 - - -

Fishing Spot: Winter Spring

If you throw a flower into the pond, a Blue will give you a Winter Headdress.

F3 Flower Lily, Mino, Palm Cat - -
F4 Big Muck, Trick Muck Mushroom -
F5 Big Muck, Flower Lily, Palm Cat, Trick Muck Yellow Grass, Mushroom -
F6 Palm Cat Bronze Ore, Silver Ore -
F7 Fairy, Furpy Yellow Grass Kote, X3 Silver
F8 Duck, Fairy, Sky Fish - Bamboo Rice, Salmon Sashimi, Vest
G1 - -
G2 Emperor Penguin, Snowy - -
G3 Snowy - -
G4 - - -
G5 King Wooly - -
G6 Flower Lily, Mino, Palm Cat Rune Crystal -

There is a hidden road covered by trees on the topleft, leading to Fall and Winter Area|Winter Area]] (Lv80 - Process with cautions)

G7 - - - Warp to F7
G8 - - Dark Ball
G9 Flower Lily, Furpy, Palm Cat Silver Ore -
G10 Palm Cat - -
G11 - - Screw Rock
G12 - - Recipe for Sacred pole, Recipe for Boiled Gyoza, Leveliser, Relax tea Enter from F8 using Water shoes
H1 - - - Fishing Spot: Silver Lake
H2 - Silver Ore - Fishing Spot: Autumn River
H3 - - - Trees will block you from going south here. Come during a typhoon or rain storm while there is thunder, and lighting will destroy a tree so that you may pass.
I1 - - Go west from here to Maya Road.
I2 - -
I3 Furpy, Mino Rune Crystal, X1 Box 7,200G
I4 Flower Lily, Palm Cat, Trick Muck - 186,000G, Parallel Laser (spell)
J1 - - X4 Carrot Seeds Autumn Field (2x3 area)


- - Chaos Shield, Ruby Ring, Naive Blade, Pancakes, Fruit Smoothie, X4 Eggplant Seeds

Selphia Plain - East / Sercerezo Hill

Sercerezo Hill Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
A1 - - -

Fishing Spot: Spring Spring.

If you throw a giant crop into the pond, a Yellow will give you a Spring Headdress.

A2 - Orange Grass X4 Cherry Grass Seeds, X4 Strawberry Seeds Spring Field ( 2x4 area)
A3 Shmooly Orange Grass - -Save Point-
A4 - - - Go east to Selphia Plains.
B1 -
B2 Flower Blossom, Shmooly - Medipoison (Only Accessible during Friday) The trees in this area will rearrange themselves daily, and you cannot always access all paths or always reach the chest.
B3 Typhoon - - The monster Typhoon will only appear during a typhoon weather pattern.
B4 Flower Blossom Orange Grass -
B5 - X2 Boxes - Fishing Spot: Sand pond.
C1 Elefun, Flower Blossom, Onion Ghost, Shmooly, Yellow Shine
C2 - Sapphire Ore -

-Save Point-

The mouth of Idra Cave is in this area.

C3 - Orange Grass - The man who lives in this area will tell you how many chests you have opened.
C4 - - - After the 5th day of any season, you will not be able to go south from this area.
C5 Elefun, Flower Blossom - -
C6 - Crystal Seeds Silver Staff (left side of room) If you enter this area from the east, there is a tree which you can search to find Crystal Flower Seeds. It will drop a different color each season.
C7 Flower Blossom - Stardust Upper (skill)
D1 - - - Fishing Spot: Sercerezo Lake
D2 - X2 Boxes X4 Recovery Potions

-Save Point-

Go down the stairs to enter the Demon's Den.

D3 Flower Blossom, Onion Ghost - -
D4 Flower Blossom, Onion Ghost - - If you clear this area of monsters, a switch will appear under the trees on the left side of the room that activates a portal, which will warp you to D5. The switch itself is not visible, but it is accessible.
D5 - - Scale Vest, Storm (skill), Grape Liqueur, Grilled Shrimp

Unique NPC

Outfit Merchant- East of the Selphia Castle Gate.

  • Note you have to have the title "Respected Prince(ess)" in order to invite the merchant. Its under "Shops" and cost 800 points.
  • Use the closet bought from Sincerity General Store to switch out your outfit.

Fortune-Teller - Area right after crossing the bridge towards the Water Ruins.

  • The fortune teller will rate your compatibility with marriage candidates who you bring along



Withered Grass Rock Weeds Blue Grass Green Grass
Branch Antidote Grass Medicinal Herb



Keeno Lake - Summer Fish, Can, Rare Can

Summer Spring - Summer or Spring Fish, Can, Rare Can


Scrap Metal, Iron, Amethyst