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Selphia Castle (, NA) is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Inner Locations

It is the home of Vishnal, Clorica, Volkanon, Ventuswill, Lest or Frey, and possibly their spouse and child.

The castle is divided into three areas.

The left area is where Volkanon, Clorica, and Vishnal live.

The center room is where Ventuswill resides, and where the Order Symbol is located.

The right area is your room! This is the player's living quarters, as well as where the player may open shop by entering the area directly to the left of the southern exit.

Your Room

Your Shop

If ordered, the protagonist can sell goods from his or her room. After putting an item in the box, it can be sold at the castle booth. Special actions can be taken to sell these goods, each with different effects. As the protagonist gains experience in bartering, they will be able to use more actions.

Action Skill Level RP Use
Talk up the item. 2 Small
Sell with a smile. 8 Small
Lower the price. 10 Small
15 -
20 Big
30 Small
40 Small
50 Small
- -

Dragon Room

Butler's Room

Selphia Farm


This is where you'll live in Selphia. This large building in the center of the map is also home to Volkanon, Vishnal, Clorica, and Ventuswill. The building can also have expansions; you can add five extra rooms, but no more than that.

The left most door, entering from the front, is where the butlers live and sleep. Clorica is in the top left, Volkanon on the top right, and Vishnal on the bottom right. If someone is in this part of the castle, they will appear in the top left corner of the icon.

The center door is where Ventuswill resides, as well as the Order symbol where the player can spend their Prince/ss points to get licenses, expansions, and do things for the town. People who are in this part of the castle will appear just to the left of the center door on the map.

The right most door is where the protagonist sleeps. There is a bed and a diary provided, and the Trophy Rooms are down the stairs to the left. The main room can be expanded to add extra rooms via the Orders, and each expansion takes gold, prince/ss points, lumber, and stone, and will increase with each expansion.

Each section of the castle has a door leading to the back of the castle, where the farm is located. Expansions can be made here as well, and this is where Monster Barns would be built. Going up from the farm leads you to Airship Way.

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