"It's a real nice town. Beautiful air and scenery, an' got a great atmosphere. You can feel the protection o' the god when you're standin' on them roads."
— Joyful Captain

Selphia (セルフィア, Serufia) is the main town in Rune Factory 4. It is located in the Kingdom of Norad, and is ruled by the Divine Wind Dragon, Ventuswill.

Rune Factory 4 takes place in a town called Selphia after the protagonist (Lest/Frey) falls out of an airship and loses his/her memory. He/she is then saved by an elder butler named Volkanon, and must then act as the town's prince/princess.

The Castle

This is where you'll live in Selphia. This large building in the center of the map is also home to Volkanon, Vishnal, Clorica, and Ventuswill. The building can also have expansions; you can add five extra rooms, but no more than that.

The left most door, entering from the front, is where the butlers live and sleep. Clorica is in the top left, Volkanon on the top right, and Vishnal on the bottom right. If someone is in this part of the castle, they will appear in the top left corner of the icon.

The center door is where Ventuswill resides, as well as the Order symbol where the player can spend their Prince/ss points to get licenses, expansions, and do things for the town. People who are in this part of the castle will appear just to the left of the center door on the map.

The right most door is where the protagonist sleeps. There is a bed and a diary provided, and the Trophy Rooms are down the stairs to the left. The main room can be expanded to add extra rooms via the Orders, and each expansion takes gold, prince/ss points, lumber, and stone, and will increase with each expansion.

Each section of the castle has a door leading to the back of the castle, where the farm is located. Expansions can be made here as well, and this is where Monster Barns would be built. Going up from the farm leads you to Airship Way.

See also, Selphia Castle


Bell Hotel

Where Lin Fa, Xiao Pai, and later Leon (after rescuing him from Leon Karnak), will live. The baths are to the left of the stairs, Women on the left and Men on the right. You will lose Prince/Princess points if you go into the wrong bath. You must talk to Lin Fa or Xaio Pai in order to use the bath, which will be free for the first five times. After that, the first bath of the day will cost 300 gold, the second will cost 500 gold, the third will cost 1100, and it goes up from there. You may be able to go into the baths as much as you want at no charge after you have nationalized the bathhouse at 35000 Prince/Princess points.

The Jeweler and Fish Merchant will also reside in the lobby should the protagonist choose to invite them to Selphia. And occasionally, Raven or Barrett will be there or be on the second floor in a room.

Porcoline's Kitchen

The large building on the right of Airship Way is Porcoline's Kichen. Porcoline, the chef, will work behind the counter and Margaret, when she is working there, will provide music. When Dylas moves in to the town, Porcoline will take him in and give him a job as a waiter. In order to buy anything from here, the protagonist needs to talk to either Porcoline or Dylas. Talking to Margaret will trigger a normal conversation.

To the right, the second door which is labeled Sainte-Coquille Manor, is where Arthur works. Here, the protagonist can see what he has to trade, view the Harvest Report, or trade Play Coins. 10 Play Coins each day can be exchanged for G, at a certain rate per coin, which varies each day. (If you have less than 10, Arthur will not exchange them.)

The second floor are the bedrooms, with Dylas to the left, Porcoline in the middle, and Arthur to the right.

Tiny Bandage Clinic


Jones and Nancy own the Tiny Bandage Clinic in Selphia, with Dolce helping once she has been moved in. If the main character faints, he/she will appear here. Upon waking up, you'll be expected to pay a clinic fee. The fee will increase each time you faint, and go up at a steeper rate depending on the difficulty level you are playing on. (There is a price cap for easy and normal mode, but prices in hard mode can go up as high as you can fill your wallet.) If your spouse is with you when you pass out, you'll get a couple's discount.

The only time you will not pay a fee for fainting is when Nancy is working at the clinic.

You can buy various medicines and, once you unlock it, the chemistry set here.

Sincerity General Store

Blossom runs the Sincerity General Store with Doug. This is where the protagonist can buy vegetable seeds, groceries, and later on furniture (once ordered with the Order Symbol). As you complete quests, more seeds will become available. The furniture provided here are things such as a Storage Box, Weapons Rack, Closet and Tool Box. In order to buy these, lumber and stone must also be provided.


This is Selphia's flower shop, where Illuminata and later Amber will live and work. Here, the protagonist can buy flower seeds and nutrients for the soil. As you complete quests, more seeds will become available.

Blacksmith "Meanderer"

Where Bado works and lives. Here the protagonist can buy weapons, armor, accessories, and farm tools; you may also get the forge and crafting table here once you unlock them. Bado will also start selling some items as bargains once ordered at the Order Symbol, however these are not actually "bargains" as the prices listed are the same as the normal price.

The protagonist can buy items even if Bado is not currently in the building, by going to the front table.


Houses appear on both sides of the Town Square, Melody Street to the right and the Housing Area to the left. At first, some will be vacant, however once ordered with the Order Symbol, travelers will move in and set up shops in these empty houses.

Melody Street

To the right of the Town Plaza, this is where Sincerity's General Store and Carnation's are located. It is also where Margaret lives, and where a merchant selling Rune Abilities will live once ordered to at the Order Symbol.

Housing Area

To the left of the Town Plaza is where the Blacksmith and Tiny Bandage Clinic is, as well as where Kiel and Forte live. Once ordered to do so, a merchant that sells furniture will move in to the empty house. The furniture sold here are things to make the protagonist's room look more like a home--such as tables, chairs, plants, toys, and decorations. It should be noted that none of these items have a preview, so once bought it is with them until they decide to break it.

Dragon Lake

At Dragon Lake, while the house is not available to go in to at the start, once ordered a house will appear there and the merchant inside will sell Magic.

Selphia Plains

In Selphia Plains, two merchants will move in here after being ordered to do so at the Order symbol. To the right of the entrance is where the Fashion Store will sell clothing. The clothes that change the color of the protagonist's main outfit will not change in the character sprite, however Pajamas provide a different sprite.

To the left of the Water Ruins is where the Fortune Teller is, and he will tell the compatibility between the protagonist and whoever is in their party at the time. Player findings have shown that the fortune teller's readings will be completely random every day no matter what your FP/LP is with the specific person. It has been theorized for the most part to serve only as humorous flavor text and nothing more.