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"It's a real nice town. Beautiful air and scenery, an' got a great atmosphere. You can feel the protection o' the god when you're standin' on them roads."
— Joyful Captain

Selphia (セルフィア, Serufia) is a location in Rune Factory 4.

It is located in the Kingdom of Norad, and is ruled by the Divine Wind Dragon, Ventuswill.

Rune Factory 4 takes place in a town called Selphia after the protagonist (Lest/Frey) falls out of an airship and loses his/her memory. He/she is then saved by an elder butler named Volkanon, and must then act as the town's prince/princess.

Inner Locations

Melody Street

To the right of the Town Plaza, this is where Sincerity's General Store and Carnation's are located. It is also where Margaret lives, and where a merchant selling Rune Abilities will live once ordered to at the Order Symbol.

Housing Area

To the left of the Town Plaza is where the Blacksmith and Tiny Bandage Clinic is, as well as where Kiel and Forte live. Once ordered to do so, a merchant that sells furniture will move in to the empty house. The furniture sold here are things to make the protagonist's room look more like a home--such as tables, chairs, plants, toys, and decorations. It should be noted that none of these items have a preview, so once bought it is with them until they decide to break it.

Dragon Lake

At Dragon Lake, while the house is not available to go in to at the start, once ordered a house will appear there and the merchant inside will sell Magic.

Selphia Plains

In Selphia Plains, two merchants will move in here after being ordered to do so at the Order symbol. To the right of the entrance is where the Fashion Store will sell clothing. The clothes that change the color of the protagonist's main outfit will not change in the character sprite, however Pajamas provide a different sprite.

To the left of the Water Ruins is where the Fortune Teller is, and he will tell the compatibility between the protagonist and whoever is in their party at the time. Player findings have shown that the fortune teller's readings will be completely random every day no matter what your FP/LP is with the specific person. It has been theorized for the most part to serve only as humorous flavor text and nothing more.