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Sechs Territory (帝国領, Teikoku) is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Sechs Territory

Field 1

Sechs territory field 1.jpg
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Sealy Diamond Ore, Rune Crystal Go west to enter cave C5.
A2 Orc Viking, Sealy - Blue Lever in this room.
B1 - - Miracle Axe (Recipe)
B2 Emperor Penguin - There is a hidden path on the left side of the area.
B3 Ogre Viking, Tundra -
B4 Tundra - The tree in this area may contain Tree Seeds.
B5 - X1 Box
B6 Emperor Penguin, Ogre Viking, Orc Viking, Snowy Diamond Ore
B7 Sealy, Tundra -
C1 Mammoo, Orc Viking, Tundra -
C2 - -
C3 Emperor Penguin, Ogre Viking, Orc Viking Diamond Ore
C4 Ogre Viking, Orc Viking - This room is split in half by a line of trees. You cannot pass through it.
D1 Mammoo, Ogre Viking - There is a hidden path at the bottom of the area.
D2 Mammoo Diamond Ore, X2 Boxes Go east from this area to acess the Light Blue Lever.
D3 - - Go north to enter cave A1
D4 Emperor Penguin, Orc Viking X4 Boxes

There is a hidden path on the right side of the area.

Purple Level accessed by going left from this area.

D5 - X3 Water Crystal, Big Crystal As soon as you open the treasure chest, a hoard of Sechs Helicopters ambush you.
E1 - - Clearing mosters opens warp to G1
E2 Blue, Mammoo, Ogre Viking, Sealy, Tundra -
E3 Ogre Viking,Sealy -
E4 Snowy Diamond Ore Passed out Silver Wolf.
E5 Mammoo, Ogre Viking, Orc Viking, Sealy -
F1 - -
F2 Emperor Penguin, Mammoo - Wind will blow you east in this area, and boulders will fall at random.
F3 - - Red Lever in this area.
F4 Ogre Viking, Orc Viking -

Yellow Lever in this area.

There are hidden paths on the left and right sides of this area.

F5 - White Grass

The woman living in this area will give you a random dish each day.

Snowman in front of house may give item (carrot, ice cream, water crystal); item can regenerate every time you reenter the area.

F6 Ogre Viking X2 Boxes
F7 Snowy White Grass
F8 - - Steel Heart
G1 - Diamond Ore, X2 Boxes Green Lever in this area.
G2 - White Grassm X2 Boxes There is a hidden path on the left side of this area.
G3 - - Master Cure If you enter this room from the north side, you can only push a pressure switch. If you enter from the east side, you can explore the room.
G4 Orc Viking, Sealy, Tundra -
H1 Orc Viking -
I1 - - -Save Point-
I2 - - Go east to enter Maya Road.


Rune factory 4 Cave.png
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 - Gold Ore, Sapphire Ore, Diamond Ore The left hole in this area goes to B1, the right goes to C1
B1 - - The left wall in this area is an illusion.
B2 - Rune Crystal, X2 Boxes There's a hidden room south of this room, containing a Rune Crystal.
B3 - - There's a hidden room north of this room, containing a chest with Giga Swing skill.
B4 Little Wizard -
C1 Death Stalker -
C2 Death Stalker -
C3 Death Stalker - Fishing area
C4 Death Stalker -
C5 - -

Go east to Field 1 A1

D1 Rune Ability: Giga Swing
D2 Death Stalker Rune Crystal

Field 2

Sechs Territory 3.png

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Aquameleon -
B1 - White Stone
B2 - -
B3 - - There is a hidden path at the bottom of this area.
B4 Mammoth -
B5 - X2 Boxes -Save Point-
C1 Flowey Crystal, Little Wizard -
C2 Titan -
C3 Titan -
C4 Flower Crystal, Little Wizard, Sealy - To go west from this area, your spouse and child must be in your party at the time.
C5 Flower Crystal, Hunter Wolf,  Little Wizard -
C6 Hunter Wolf - Explosion, Twin Attack (Skill) Wind blows south in this area, and boulders will fall at random.
D1 Flower Crystal, Little Wizard -
D2 Little Wizard - You can exit from this area to the north, but a wall will prevent you from entering from that direction.
D3 Flower Crystal, Hunter Wolf X4 Boxes Wind blows you south in this area.
E1 Flower Crystal, Hunter Wolf, Sealy -
E2 Hunter Wolf, Silver Wolf - You can enter this area from the north, but a wall will prevent you from exiting that direction.
E3 Flower Crystal, Hunter Wolf - Straight Punch (Skill) Clear room for chest to show.
F1 - White Grass -Save Point-


  • Orge Viking
  • Orc Viking
  • Sealer
  • Sechs Hover Soldier
  • Titan
  • Tundera
  • Death Stalker
  • Hunter wolf
  • Flower Crystal
  • Blue
  • Penguin
  • Mamoth
  • Snowy
  • Little Wizarrd


  • Light gate
  • Ice gate


  • Sechs Dragon
  • Sechs
  • Sechs Cat
  • Sechs Sorcerer
  • Aquaticus
  • Crystal Mammoth




Wooden Box