Sechs Empire
Spring area (はじまりの森, Hajimari no Mori) is a location in Rune Factory 4.





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Sechs Empire
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Ethelberd's "Floating Empire"




Sech, (Zzyzxian?)





"A technology-driven "evil empire" bordering Norad, lorded over by the fiendish Emperor Ethelberd. Where Norad boasts a high degree of magical prowess and bountiful natural resources, Sechs is unrivaled in industrial growth." ~ Official Website Description .

The Sechs Empire was one of the two largest nations located on the continent of Adonea; the other largest nation is the Kingdom of Norad. The empire was shortly renamed to the Zzyzx Empire, but was once again renamed to "Sechs" as historians suggest that the short-lived name was a practical joke or was caused by illness in its ranks. The empire had been seen as an enemy to multiple protagonists throughout Rune Factory. The empire was led by Emperor Ethelberd before he was defeated by Lest/Frey and disappeared to the Forest of Beginnings. Following his disappearance, a revolution broke out within the empire, thus causing it's government to collapse from the chaos and the former empire became a republic.


Little is known about the Sechs Empire or it's inhabitants as they are intend to be hostile toward any visitors from any foreign nations. However, it is known that before the events of Rue Factory, the Sechs had been invading villages (such as Kardia and Selphia ) along the Norad-Sechs border, indicating that the Kingdom of Norad and the Sechs Empire have been at war for many centuries. The Sechs Empire was part of the plot being directly involved or being mentioned (indirectly) in four of the six Rune Factory games.

Rune Factory

The Sechs Empire are the main antagonists of the game. During the main storyline an agent of the empire, Lynette, is sent to investigate a way to summon and control the Earth Dragon Terrable. For this purpose she sets many artificial gates in dungeons as testing for the summoning of Terrable, and caused the amnesia of the protagonist Raguna. Despite her plans Raguna manages to stop the empire and defeat the corrupted Terrable. Ethelberd himself appears to chide Lynette into suicide due to her failure and gloats to Raguna that his army will destroy Kardia. Raguna rushes to defend the town but before the invading army closes into Kardia the dragon Terrable summons vegetation to stop their machines and roars from the sky, scaring off the enemy soldiers.

Rune Factory 2

The empire does not make any appearances, but they are mentioned once within the game. During one of Alicia's quests, it is mentioned by her that she does not want to be with a guy who comes from Sech Empire.

Rune Factory Frontier

Rune Factory 3

Although the Sechs Empire is indirectly explained in Zaid's explanation to Micah on why he hates humans was when he recalls the day his town was destroyed and most of his clan was exterminated during the attack, though he does not know who exactly did the attack. It was later revealed that in the second arc of Rune Factory 4, the Sechs Empire was held responsible for the attack.

Rune Factory 4

The Sechs Empire is directly involved in the plot of the second arc of Rune Factory 4. However, at the end of the arc, the empire enters a state of chaos and collaspes after the disappearance of Emperor Ethelberd. The former empire then becomes a republic and the continet of Adonea enters a state of peace as relations between the new republic and the Kingdom of Norad start to improve.

Zzyzxian Era

After the events from Rune Factory occurred, the Sechs began a mass production of its war machine in order to defeat the Kingdom of Norad and conquer the rest of the continent. The term "zzyzx" is defined as "being the last place on earth", probably stating that Adeona was the only suitible area to settle on earth and Ethelberd wanted to control the continent. It is possible that during this era that the Floating Empire was built to invade Norad by air, but with the build-up of the armed forces, the empire was possibly on the verge of bankruptcy and heavily had to taxed their citizens. There may have been an uprising within the empire, but due to the massive arms build-up, the rebellion did not last long. Eventually, the "Zzyzxian" Era ended as the preparations to invade Norad (particularly Selphia) were starting to be executed by Ethelberd himself.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Ethelberd: Emperor of Sechs and main antagonist of the series. Initially bent on a conquest campaign against the Kingdom of Norad, after his failure to invade Kardia and control the dragon Terrable he turns his attentions on the extermination of the Earthmates. He is stopped and sent to the Forest of Beginnings at the end of Rune Factory 4.
  • Lynette: Former Lieutenant of the Sechs Empire. She is the direct antagonist for most of the first game. After her defeat at the hands of Raguna, she is ordered to commit suicide but chooses exile instead and relocates to Kardia. She is an optional bachelorette, available only after finishing the main storyline.
  • Edward: Was a citizen of the Sechs Empire before moving to Kardia. Has very little love for the empire.
  • Camus: Was a citizen of the Sechs Empire before moving to Kardia. Unlike his father he intends to return to Sechs someday.
  • Kross: Was a soldier of the Sechs Empire by the name of Weber before going AWOL and moving to Trampoli. None in Trampoli know of his past.
  • Brodik: A special agent of the Sechs Empire (then renamed Zzyzx Empire) who came to Trampoli looking for a renegade soldier. He mistakes Raguna for said soldier and harrasses him constantly because of it.
  • Doug: Used to live with his father somewhere in the Sechs Empire before his clan was wiped out. Later he was tricked into becoming a Sechs spy and sent to Selphia, later betraying the empire.
  • Zaid: Dialogue hints that he's a member of the same dwarven clan as Doug. The actions of the empire has given him a bad opinion on humans.


The Sechs Empire was known to have weaponry that were designed to match with Norad's magical ablities as they were not only to invent these weapons, but also to produce them in massive numbers. 

Rune Factory

When Raguna enters the boss room inside Danaan Cave , he is confronted with a Sech Battle Tank. This tank, at the time, required railroad tracks to move around.

Rune Factory 4

When Lest/Frey are flying toward the Floating Empire in the town's airship, but he/she is encountered by monsters who board it in order to stop him/her. Among the raiding parties were machines known as Hover Soldiers. Once Lest/Frey arrive and explore the floating fortress, they encounter various machines designed by the Sechs and he/she destroys them in large numbers. In the southern area of the fortress, there is a mini-boss known as the Armored Tank +. This mini-boss is probably an innovation based off the Battle Tank from Rune Factory, but this tank can move around move freely and will shoot a beam of light at Lest/Frey if "rage" mode is activated. The western part of the map is filled with Hover Soldiers, Hover Warriors, and Gashams. Upon entering the mini-boss room, Lest/Frey fight a larger Gasham, named the Sech Tank.