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Spoken Dialogue

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First Meeting

[000022C7] Hello there.{end}

[000022C8] Hey!{end}

[000022C9] Oh, are you the guy who moved into the Sharance Tree?{end}

[000022CA] That'd be me.{end}

[000022CB] Ah, my intuition was right! My name's Sakuya. Nice to meet you!{end}

[000022CC] I'm ❾ヒーロー❾. Nice to meet you.{end}

[000022CD] Anyway, that was so mean of Shara...{end}

[000022CE] Huh? What was...?{end}

[000022CF] We could've had an extra customer if she'd had you stay here instead of in that tree.{end}

[000022D0] I... I guess that's true...{end}

[000022D1] Well, I'll just have to talk to Shara later.{end}

[000022D2] Huh? Talk to her about what?{end}

[000022D3] To make sure she recommends our inn from now on!{end}

[000022D4] Ah... Gotcha...{end}

[000022D5] Well, I hope you stop by our inn soon! See you later!{end}

[000022D6] Won't the baby come soon?{end}

[000022D7] Ugh...!{end}

[000022D8] W-What?! What is it?! Wait... Really?!{end}

[000022D9] Oh no, we need Marjorie to come see you!{end}

[000022DA] Boy.{end}

[000022DB] Girl.{end}

[000022DC] Either one.{end}

[000022DD] Oh, that's right. Your birthday is today, right?{end}

[000022DE] Congratulations.♪{end}

[000022DF] Oh, and, here's a little something I got you.{end}

[000022E0] Hope you enjoy it.{end}

[000022E1] Th-Thank you.{end}

[000022E2] Oh. It smells good. I like it.{end}

[000022E3] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. That's...{end}

[000022E4] What's the matter?{end}

[000022E5] Actually...well, looks like I'm...{end}

[000022E6] What?{end}

[000022E7] Well... Honestly! You're going to make me say it?! I'm pregnant!{end}

[000022E8] What?! Really?!{end}

[000022E9] Yes...{end}

[000022EA] Really...?!{end}

[000022EB] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. Do you think it'll be a boy or a girl?{end}

[000022EC] A boy? I feel like he'll be an indecisive kid.{end}

[000022ED] What? And who is that supposed to be like?{end}

[000022EE] A girl? I'm sure she'll grow up to be stunningly beautiful.{end}

[000022EF] Like Shino?{end}

[000022F0] And why did you say that?{end}

[000022F1] just popped into my head...{end}

[000022F2] Seriously, you are so indecisive.{end}

[000022F3] But I suppose it doesn't matter either way.{end}

[000022F4] I just hope it's born healthy. I can't wait to see it.{end}

[000022F5] Yeah.{end}

[000022F6] Speaking of which, we need to come up with a name.{end}

[000022F7] Well... I'll leave the naming up to you.{end}

[000022F8] What?!{end}

[000022F9] Well, I trust you, ❾ヒーロー❾. Good luck.♪{end}

[000022FA] Naming someone is a great responsibility.{end}

[000022FB] I feel like you're putting a lot of pressure on me...{end}

[000022FC] Oh, it kicked! It kicked!{end}

[000022FD] What?! Let me feel!{end}

[000022FE] Oh, no. It stopped because you came.{end}

[000022FF] What?!{end}

[00002300] Just kidding.{end}

[00002301] ❾子供0❾ has really grown.{end}

[00002302] I bet it can start doing arithmetic.{end}

[00002303] ❾子供0❾'s going to be an important weapon.{end}

[00002304] ...{end}

[00002305] Well, today's ❾子供0❾'s birthday!{end}

[00002306] Of course, I'll be accepting presents for me, too.{end}

[00002307] To add to the festivities...{end}

[00002308] ❾ヒーロー❾, it's our wedding anniversary.{end}

[00002309] So, what are you going to get me?{end}

[0000230A] Love.{end}

[0000230B] S-Sorry...{end}

[0000230C] That's... I get enough of that.{end}

[0000230D] Wait, you didn't forget, did you?{end}

[0000230E] Ha ha...{end}

[0000230F] Did you?{end}

[00002310] I'm sorry...{end}

[00002311] I've come to talk.{end}

[00002312] I've come to buy.{end}

[00002313] Read my fortune.{end}

[00002314] Never mind.{end}

[00002315] I've come to talk.{end}

[00002316] I've come to buy.{end}

[00002317] Never mind.{end}

[00002318] Yes.{end}

[00002319] No.{end}

[0000231A] Welcome to Sakuya's Souvenir Shop! Buy something!{end}

[0000231B] Thank you very much! Please come again!{end}

[0000231C] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[0000231D] I've started reading fortunes! Why don't you give it a try?{end}

[0000231E] Fortunes?{end}

[0000231F] Yes, it's a tradition from my homeland! I can tell you how your day will go!{end}

[00002320] "Excellent" is the best reading, followed by "Great," "Good," "Average," and "Uncertain."{end}

[00002321] However, if your reading is "Poor" or "Horrible," something bad will happen!{end}

[00002322] Wait... Something bad...?{end}

[00002323] Well, the chances of that are low, so I think it's worth the risk!{end}

[00002324] I think so, at least...{end}

[00002325] Sounds, um, interesting...{end}

[00002326] It'll cost ❾0❾ gold to read your fortune. Is that okay?{end}

[00002327] Thanks!{end}

[00002328] Here, shake this!{end}

[00002329] Um... Okay...{end}

[0000232A] Hey! You don't have enough money!{end}

[0000232B] I see. Do you need anything else?{end}

[0000232C] Do you need anything else?{end}

[0000232D] Nice! It says "Excellent"!{end}

[0000232E] I see... You should see "them" more often today, then...{end}

[0000232F] "Them..."?{end}

[00002330] ❶Treasure chests❶.{end}

[00002331] Oh, really? That's great!{end}

[00002332] Great! It says "Great"!{end}

[00002333] That means more items will be coming your way.{end}

[00002334] What does that mean?{end}

[00002335] It means that enemies will drop more items than usual.{end}

[00002336] Congratulations!{end}

[00002337] Uh... Thanks...{end}

[00002338] It says "Good."{end}

[00002339] That means you'll have good luck today.{end}

[0000233A] In what way, exactly...?{end}

[0000233B] Uh, try smashing rocks? It might go better than usual...{end}

[0000233C] I see...{end}

[0000233D] Huh? It says "Fishing Luck"...{end}

[0000233E] That means you should have better luck fishing.{end}

[0000233F] Oh, really?{end}

[00002340] Yeah! It's pretty useful, huh?{end}

[00002341] It says "Average."{end}

[00002342] Hm... Monsters should behave differently towards you today.{end}

[00002343] What do you mean?{end}

[00002344] You should be able to befriend them more easily than usual.{end}

[00002345] Oh, I see...{end}

[00002346] It says "Uncertain"...{end}

[00002347] That means your luck is neither good nor bad.{end}

[00002348] Which means...?{end}

[00002349] Uh, nothing, really...{end}

[0000234A] Oh no... It says "Poor"!{end}

[0000234B] Oh... That's too bad... Your blows won't hit as hard today...{end}

[0000234C] What?!{end}

[0000234D] Oh, don't worry... It should be okay... I mean, you'll live.{end}

[0000234E] Th-That's true...{end}

[0000234F] Oh no! It says "Horrible"!{end}

[00002350] I'll take another ❾0❾ gold, then...{end}

[00002351] Wait, what?!{end}

[00002352] Well, when it rains, it pours, right?{end}

[00002353] Your money has been taken!{end}

[00002354] Thanks again!{end}

[00002355] Oh, you only have ❾0❾ gold...{end}

[00002356] Oh, right...{end}

[00002357] Hm...{end}

[00002358] Well, I'll just take whatever you have left!{end}

[00002359] Hey!{end}

[0000235A] Oh, what an expensive table!{end}

[0000235B] Nice chair!{end}

[0000235C] What...? Studying the classics are important.{end}

[0000235D] The classics...?{end}

[0000235E] Spectator number one.{end}

[0000235F] A statue?!{end}

[00002360] Oh! You look like you're cold!{end}

[00002361] It is a snowman...{end}

[00002362] You're pretty prickly.{end}

[00002363] Because it's a cactus.{end}

[00002364] A brazier. They explode eggs.{end}

[00002365] What?!{end}

[00002366] Uhh. I guess there are some crazy people who would buy this.{end}

[00002367] That crazy person would be right in front of you.{end}

[00002368] Oh! This is our inn's!{end}

[00002369] Yes. I bought it from Evelyn...{end}

[0000236A] I see. So if I secretly sold ours, then...{end}

[0000236B] Shino would get pretty upset. Without a doubt.{end}

[0000236C] Hey, what a stylish anchor.{end}

[0000236D] Yes.{end}

[0000236E] Wait, what's the deal with this?!{end}

[0000236F] A stuffed wooly...{end}

[00002370] How do you like it? ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002371] W-What do you mean?{end}


[00002372] Will you marry me, Sakuya?{end}

[00002373] I love you!{end}

[00002374] What?! Is this an engagement ring?!{end}

[00002375] ...{end}

[00002376] Wow! I wonder how much I could sell this for... Heh, I'm just kidding... Of course I'll marry you!{end}

[00002377] I love you, too, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[00002378] It doesn't matter to me if you're a human or a monster...{end}

[00002379] This...{end}

[0000237A] No, I can't take it here...!{end}

[0000237B] This is an engagement ring...?!{end}

[0000237C] ❾ヒーロー❾, I wanted to marry you, too!{end}

[0000237D] Wait we're already married!{end}

[0000237E] Wah...!{end}

[0000237F] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾... Why would you give this as a gift...?{end}

[00002380] I like ❶unusual items❶, not garbage...{end}

[00002381] Wah...!{end}

[00002382] I'm happy to get a gift, but not ❶eggs❶...{end}

[00002383] I love stews, but just knowing eggs are in it ruins it...{end}

[00002384] What? For me? Thanks!{end}

[00002385] By the way, I really ❶like❶ sashimi.{end}

[00002386] And I ❶love❶ items that are hard to come by. They make for nice souvenirs to sell.{end}

[00002387] I'll think about it...{end}

[00002388] What?! Is this for me?!{end}

[00002389] Thanks. I really ❶like❶ these.{end}

[0000238A] Now, to get a price tag on it... I'm just kidding. Thanks, ❾ヒーロー❾!♪{end}

[0000238B] Hey, this is sashimi!{end}

[0000238C] I'm so happy. I really like sashimi.{end}

[0000238D] Thanks, ❾ヒーロー❾!♪{end}

[0000238E] What?! Is this for me?!{end}

[0000238F] I really ❶love❶ these! Thanks so much!{end}

[00002390] Why is it? When I look at ❾アイテム9❾ and stuff,{end}

[00002391] it reminds me of family.{end}

[00002392] Or, a quiet battle with Pia...{end}

[00002393] Heh heh, it's like I have you protecting me.{end}

[00002394] Ah, ❶unusual items❶ are just the best.{end}

[00002395] They're like tiny little dreams.{end}

[00002396] What? Drink it? Well, okay.{end}

[00002397] ... It's not great, it's not bad. Hm...?{end}

[00002398] W-What? Stop staring...{end}

[00002399] You're making me blush...{end}

[0000239A] Ah...?! For me...?{end}

[0000239B] Thank you... But ❶eggs❶ for my ❶birthday❶ is a little...{end}

[0000239C] What? For me?{end}

[0000239D] Thanks! Today's actually my ❶birthday❶. Did I already tell you?{end}

[0000239E] What? I can really have this?{end}

[0000239F] I really ❶like❶ these. I'm so happy to get something like this for my ❶birthday❶.{end}

[000023A0] I can't wait to sell it in my shop.{end}

[000023A1] What?!{end}

[000023A2] Just kidding. Thanks, I'll take good care of it.{end}

[000023A3] What? I can really have this?{end}

[000023A4] Thanks! I really ❶like❶ these.{end}

[000023A5] I'll be sure to have it with my ❶birthday❶ dinner! Thanks!{end}

[000023A6] What?! Is this for me?! Are you sure?!{end}

[000023A7] Yay! This is great! I really ❶love❶ these!{end}

[000023A8] I can't believe that I got something this great for my ❶birthday❶...{end}

[000023A9] Thanks so much!{end}


[000023AA] Talk.{end}

[000023AB] Remove from party.{end}

[000023AC] Never mind.{end}

[000023AD] What is it?{end}

[000023AE] Where should I go?{end}

[000023AF] No, I can still go on.{end}

[000023B0] This isn't good... It might be getting tough...{end}

[000023B1] See ya.{end}

[000023B2] Oh, I should get going. My mom's scary when you skip out on work!{end}

[000023B3] Sakuya, do you want to go somewhere with me?{end}

[000023B4] I'm sorry. I'm busy right now. Maybe next time.{end}

[000023B5] Okay. Where we going?{end}

[000023B6] Huh? You already have someone with you.{end}

[000023B7] Okay. Where we going?{end}

[000023B8] How about we go to ❾マップ0❾ and see the ice flowers?{end}

[000023B9] Morning!{end}

[000023BA] Morning, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000023BB] Morning, ❾ヒーロー❾.♪{end}

[000023BC] Welcome!{end}

[000023BD] Hi, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[000023BE] Hi!{end}

[000023BF] Hello.{end}

[000023C0] Hi there.{end}

[000023C1] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000023C2] ...{end}

[000023C3] M-Monster?!{end}

[000023C4] Wait, or is it a golden ❾アイテム0❾?{end}

[000023C5] Bah?!{end}

[000023C6] What a nice day.{end}

[000023C7] Rain is the enemy of business...{end}

[000023C8] Snow is pretty to look at, but it's such a pain... {end}

[000023C9] You can't let a little storm hold you back if you wanna run a business!{end}

[000023CA] We should all stay inside during a blizzard. You might get lost out there.{end}

[000023CB] I bet it's gonna rain today!{end}

[000023CC] I bet it's not gonna rain!{end}

[000023CD] How's this?! ❾アイテム0❾! Lunch turned out great today!{end}

[000023CE] Ha ha... Lunch didn't turn out so great today. I'm sorry.{end}

[000023CF] ❾アイテム0❾: ❾数字0❾ Gold{end}

[000023D0] ❾アイテム1❾: ❾数字1❾ Gold{end}

[000023D1] ❾アイテム2❾: ❾数字2❾ Gold{end}

[000023D2] Never mind.{end}

[000023D3] Yes.{end}

[000023D4] No.{end}


[000023D5] I was able to recoup some of last year's losses with my New Year's present.{end}

[000023D6] Wait, should businessmen really be relying on New Year's presents to bail them out...?{end}

[000023D7] The ❾カレンダー0❾ isn't about winning or losing.{end}

[000023D8] Now, where'd I put my practice beans...?{end}

[000023D9] You seem pretty eager to win...{end}

[000023DA] You're a nice guy, you shouldn't need to get hit by the beans, right?{end}

[000023DB] You don't think so? But then what about you, Sakuya...?{end}

[000023DC] No, not me.{end}

[000023DD] I'm being an ogre right now.{end}

[000023DE] What?!{end}

[000023DF] Congrats, ❾ヒーロー❾...{end}

[000023E0] I'm going to make sure I post a profit this year...{end}

[000023E1] Must have been in the red.{end}

[000023E2] I can't believe I won!{end}

[000023E3] Now our sales are certain to go up! Heh heh...{end}

[000023E4] I don't know if I'd count on that...{end}

[000023E5] Ah... I guess luck wasn't with me this year...{end}

[000023E6] Maybe someone around me is giving me bad luck...{end}

[000023E7] Really?{end}

[000023E8] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾!{end}

[000023E9] It'd be okay to eat a lot just for one day, right?!{end}

[000023EA] I-I think so...{end}

[000023EB] I don't care about winning.{end}

[000023EC] I'm just happy to eat as much as I can!{end}

[000023ED] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000023EE] I'm happy for you...{end}

[000023EF] Hey, I won?!{end}

[000023F0] Pretty cool, right...?{end}

[000023F1] W-Why are you so depressed?!{end}

[000023F2] I know I shouldn't be eating so much...{end}

[000023F3] I knew it, but...{end}

[000023F4] Tomorrow's the ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[000023F5] Chasing woolies around is fun!{end}

[000023F6] ❾アイテム0❾, huh? I've got plenty of capital right now...{end}

[000023F7] No, I won't be calculating my profits at the festival. I was just doing some math.{end}

[000023F8] Seems like you're doing exactly that...{end}

[000023F9] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000023FA] So, how much did you make from your winnings?{end}

[000023FB] Um...{end}

[000023FC] ❾カレンダー0❾, huh?{end}

[000023FD] I'd be more happy getting the turnips thrown at the festivals.{end}

[000023FE] Today is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[000023FF] I'm rooting for you.{end}

[00002400] ❾ヒーロー❾, congrats.{end}

[00002401] But I don't condone the violent use of perfectly good sales items.{end}

[00002402] They're food, really.{end}

[00002403] There's not much point in me winning, but...{end}

[00002404] Well, I do like getting the prize.{end}

[00002405] It's ❾カレンダー0❾ tomorrow.{end}

[00002406] Oh, I remember tricking Pia, telling her that turnips with ketchup are easier to dodge.{end}

[00002407] Well, it didn't turn out so well...{end}

[00002408] But if it was jam instead...{end}

[00002409] Sakuya?{end}

[0000240A] You know the festival today, if you put jam on the turnips, they'll be easier to--{end}

[0000240B] Wait, Daria might step in front of them.{end}

[0000240C] I really don't think that'd happen.{end}

[0000240D] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000240E] I guess you didn't need jam.{end}

[0000240F] I like fishing, so I'm going to try my hardest tomorrow!{end}

[00002410] I don't want Pia to see me, though...{end}

[00002411] Mom sometimes cooks the fish we catch for me.{end}

[00002412] But Pia always gets upset when she does that...{end}

[00002413] Well, why don't you and your mom just cook them in private?{end}

[00002414] And not invite Pia to dinner? I couldn't do that!{end}

[00002415] Fishing is a sound economic investment! You have the choice of eating or selling whatever you catch! You win either way!{end}

[00002416] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[00002417] Just be careful what you say to Pia...{end}

[00002418] Yeah, I'll be sure to tell her I let all the fish go...{end}

[00002419] ❾カレンダー0❾, huh.{end}

[0000241A] I'm fine with catching a lot, but then the real fight begins.{end}

[0000241B] I like sashimi, but Pia loves fish. She hates them being eaten as food.{end}

[0000241C] Well, I usually sneak some over to Blaise and have him cook up something.{end}

[0000241D] If it's just about size, then I might be able to win by only catching ❶squid❶...{end}

[0000241E] Oh, but then it'd be better to sell it...{end}

[0000241F] Heard you won. Congratulations!{end}

[00002420] But it'd be better if you didn't brag to Pia. It'd be a pain.{end}

[00002421] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[00002422] And with it, the commotion at home.{end}

[00002423] I'm going to go all out today!{end}

[00002424] I don't have to hold back with ❶squid❶!{end}

[00002425] Alright! I've got my sights set on ❶squid❶!{end}

[00002426] Or would a true comedian strive to catch anything OTHER than squid?{end}

[00002427] What should I do?!{end}

[00002428] Do what you want.{end}

[00002429] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000242A] Winning comes down to your ability to handle stress.{end}

[0000242B] And I failed!{end}

[0000242C] Don't worry about it.{end}

[0000242D] Alright! Time to celebrate! The ❶squid contest❶ is the greatest!{end}

[0000242E] Was it that kind of festival?{end}

[0000242F] Ah, it's great. The ❶squid contest❶.{end}

[00002430] Was it that kind of festival?{end}

[00002431] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[00002432] Fish aren't just for eating!{end}

[00002433] You can sell them, too!{end}

[00002434] No joke!{end}

[00002435] If you do catch a lot of fish...{end}

[00002436] You think you'd be able to sell them all on your own...?{end}

[00002437] If you can't...{end}


  • gulp*...{end}

[00002439] Very impressive, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000243A] So, what type of deal would you give me if I bought them all?{end}

[0000243B] You ready, ❾ヒーロー❾?{end}

[0000243C] What?{end}

[0000243D] Don't give me that! ❾カレンダー0❾ is an important festival!{end}

[0000243E] Today is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[0000243F] Of course, you're participating, too, aren't you?{end}

[00002440] My vegetable turned out all right.{end}

[00002441] Well, it's the best I could do.{end}

[00002442] ???{end}

[00002443] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002444] I'm targeting 1st place this year. As a supplier.{end}

[00002445] What?!{end}

[00002446] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[00002447] So, I'm looking forward to your vegetable!{end}

[00002448] I wonder what she meant by that?{end}

[00002449] Today is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[0000244A] There's no way you're not entering, right?{end}

[0000244B] What do you mean by that?{end}

[0000244C] My vegetable...{end}

[0000244D] Well, you'll have to find out.{end}

[0000244E] ❾ヒーロー❾, congrats.{end}

[0000244F] You plan on opening a vegetable stand?{end}

[00002450] Ha ha...{end}

[00002451] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[00002452] How's it going? Your field, that is.{end}

[00002453] ...{end}

[00002454] Today is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[00002455] ❾ヒーロー❾, you think you'll win?{end}

[00002456] Wait, you already decided I was going to enter?{end}

[00002457] I wonder who's going to win this year.{end}

[00002458] You're really something. Growing a vegetable like that...{end}

[00002459] You want to go into business together?{end}

[0000245A] What?!{end}

[0000245B] ❾カレンダー0❾ is an important event.{end}

[0000245C] So, ❾ヒーロー❾. You confident?{end}

[0000245D] Today is ❾カレンダー0❾.{end}

[0000245E] Let's go for the win, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000245F] You already decided to enter me?!{end}

[00002460] Seems like everyone's enthusiastic this year, too.{end}

[00002461] You're sure to fetch a high price for that ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[00002462] Nice!{end}

[00002463] Thanks.{end}

[00002464] Way to go, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002465] By the way, don't you ever think about helping out at our inn?{end}

[00002466] What?!{end}

[00002467] Summer's almost here! It's gonna get busy!{end}

[00002468] I'm gonna swim a whole bunch and catch a bunch of fish!{end}

[00002469] Oh...don't tell Pia about that last bit.{end}

[0000246A] The lake is finally open for swimming.{end}

[0000246B] I need to take Pia swimming again this year!{end}

[0000246C] Tomorrow is ❾カレンダー0❾. Come by and see me, I'll have good items.{end}

[0000246D] I'm still getting ready.{end}

[0000246E] I sold a lot this year!{end}

[0000246F] Welcome! Feel free to take a look!{end}

[00002470] ❾アイテム0❾ is ❾数字0❾ gold. is that okay?{end}

[00002471] Th-Thanks!{end}

[00002472] (I can't believe my cooking sold...){end}

[00002473] (I'm so happy...){end}

[00002474] Please enjoy!{end}

[00002475] Thanks.{end}

[00002476] Wait, you don't have enough money!{end}

[00002477] Isn't it a little expensive?{end}

[00002478] What are you talking about? You know how hard I worked to get each one?{end}

[00002479] This is the least I can charge.{end}

[0000247A] I'm sold out! Thanks a lot!{end}

[0000247B] Now, I'll need to check my wares for tomorrow...{end}

[0000247C] What? You're opening your store even on ❾カレンダー0❾?{end}

[0000247D] I wouldn't do anything like that.{end}

[0000247E] I just need to be able to say what I have in case someone asks.{end}

[0000247F] Alright! I'm all ready!{end}

[00002480] Sakuya... There's a ❾アイテム0❾ peaking out of your bag...{end}

[00002481] Those horn people seemed kinda mad when I tried to peddle my products!{end}

[00002482] do have a lot of monsters horns and hides for sale, you know!{end}

[00002483] Darn right! And those horn people should know a good deal on horns when they see it!{end}

[00002484] Whew! That was exhausting!{end}

[00002485] What did you think of the ❾カレンダー0❾?{end}

[00002486] I'm not sure they understood me. But they tried, which is all I can ask!{end}

[00002487] I shouldn't sell monster items to the settlement folk...{end}

[00002488] So... Hmmm, what should I take them then?{end}

[00002489] After a lot of thinking, I thought I'd sell my home cooking.{end}

[0000248A] Look, ❾ヒーロー❾. I made lunch for today. ❾アイテム0❾!{end}

[0000248B] Oh! Hold on! Be very careful or it might crumble.{end}

[0000248C] Crumble...?{end}

[0000248D] ...?!{end}

[0000248E] After all the trouble of making it, my ❾アイテム0❾ was really unpopular...{end}

[0000248F] Next year, I thought I'd sell them as ❾カレンダー0❾ lunches...{end}

[00002490] Maybe I should've said it was black from the squid ink. I couldn't think up of any excuse.{end}

[00002491] Uh...hello, Horn Woman.{end}

[00002492] My name is Kuruna.{end}

[00002493] Oh, I didn't mean any disrespect! I'm Sakuya.{end}

[00002494] Oh, by the way, I have a question about that thingie on your shoulder!{end}

[00002495] What about him?{end}

[00002496] Have you thought of using him as a ventriloquist's dummy? I bet it'd be a real moneymaker!{end}

[00002497] A ventriloquist's dummy?{end}

[00002498] WHAT A DUMMY! WHAT A DUMMY!{end}

[00002499] Let's see, my financial statement this year...{end}

[0000249A] Is in the red again.{end}

[0000249B] A count down... I have a slight phobia of numbers going down.{end}

[0000249C] Why?{end}

[0000249D] It reminds me of my finances...{end}

[0000249E] Oh...!{end}

[0000249F] Too late?{end}

[000024A0] Competition isn't all about winning. What matters is the prize you get!{end}

[000024A1] Or at least, that's what some people think. Certainly not me, though. Nope, not at all.{end}

[000024A2] People spend lots of money at festivals, so they're a great time to make money!{end}

[000024A3] I just have to watch my own spending!{end}

[000024A4] I caught myself some tasty looking fish!{end}

[000024A5] But Pia's going to be such a pain...{end}

[000024A6] What?{end}


  • sigh*... I didn't catch a single

fish today...{end}

[000024A8] But I guess I won't be fighting with Pia later, so that's good.{end}

[000024A9] I never thought that my vegetable would do this well!{end}

[000024AA] Now, I wonder who I can sell it to?{end}

[000024AB] Now the list is complete.{end}

[000024AC] Oh, I've got you down as someone not involved in the festival.{end}

[000024AD] What are you talking about?{end}

[000024AE] What did the pomme pomme say to the wooly?{end}

[000024AF] Go! Fight! Win! Team!{end}

[000024B0] No, not "pom-poms"...{end}

[000024B1] Are these jokes supposed to be...funny?{end}

[000024B2] Uh, yeah! Real knee-slappers!{end}

[000024B3] Pia, let me know if you find beans. They can vanquish ogres and bring in good fortune.{end}

[000024B4] Okay! That's awesome!{end}

[000024B5] It sure is!{end}

[000024B6] It's time to get out of the red!{end}

[000024B7] Exactly.{end}

[000024B8] We're in this together!{end}

[000024B9] Y-Yeah...{end}

[000024BA] It's the ❾カレンダー0❾. It's okay to eat as much as I want for one day, right?{end}

[000024BB] Yeah!{end}

[000024BC] Shino said that it was a day that resets everything!{end}

[000024BD] ...{end}

[000024BE] A wooly...{end}

[000024BF] It's so cute! I want to hug it!{end}

[000024C0] Why don't you...?{end}

[000024C1] There's so many turnips, they could at least let me have some.{end}

[000024C2] You're right! They'd be nice to float in the bath!{end}

[000024C3] Honestly, is there anything you wouldn't put in the bath?{end}

[000024C4] Nope!{end}

[000024C5] Don't put turnips in.{end}

[000024C6] Okay.{end}

[000024C7] ❾カレンダー0❾, huh? Pia got in trouble for putting ketchup on turnips.{end}

[000024C8] That's because you told me they'd be easier to dodge.{end}

[000024C9] And, you'd make more money with the bathhouse.{end}

[000024CA] Sakuya...{end}

[000024CB] I couldn't help myself...{end}

[000024CC] Hey, Pia! How do you think I should cook up this...{end}

[000024CD] If you even THINK of nibbling any of the fish, you'll pay for it!{end}

[000024CE] ...{end}

[000024CF] ❾ヒーロー❾, do you like sashimi?{end}

[000024D0] I do.{end}

[000024D1] Not really.{end}

[000024D2] Huh? What is it, ❾ヒーロー❾?{end}

[000024D3] It's nothing.{end}

[000024D4] I'm looking forward to it.{end}

[000024D5] What?{end}

[000024D6] I've never had really good sashimi.{end}

[000024D7] Sashimi should be fresh fish, cut with--{end}

[000024D8] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾! What is it?{end}

[000024D9] can't throw them away. It's just a waste!{end}

[000024DA] Sakuya, why are you crying?{end}

[000024DB] ...{end}

[000024DC] Pia, let's go!{end}

[000024DD] Yeah!{end}

[000024DE] We're getting a big haul!{end}

[000024DF] Yeah!{end}

[000024E0] You're enthusiastic.{end}

[000024E1] Now, let's go catch a bunch!{end}

[000024E2] Sakuya!{end}

[000024E3] Ah, no, no. I'm just taking you somewhere nice. OK?{end}

[000024E4] You're talking about fishing, right...?{end}

[000024E5] Pia, was there anyone with good vegetables?{end}

[000024E6] Hmmm.{end}

[000024E7] I'm counting on you. We need to be scouting for some good items.{end}

[000024E8] So, how about moving vegetables?{end}

[000024E9] Moving?!{end}

[000024EA] How about it, Pia? Were there any vegetables worth noting?{end}

[000024EB] Umm, well.{end}

[000024EC] Well? How about something that caught your interest?{end}

[000024ED] Yeah. There was one that talked!{end}

[000024EE] Huh...?{end}

[000024EF] Now, how about growing some nice vegetables that we could market...?{end}

[000024F0] Hey, Sakuya.{end}

[000024F1] What? No talking or moving vegetables.{end}

[000024F2] Oh well, What about ones that bite?{end}

[000024F3] Maybe if they didn't have any teeth... No, that's still not a good idea.{end}

[000024F4] Now, what investment sector do I need to keep my eye on?{end}

[000024F5] Heeeeeeey! Something's running.{end}

[000024F6] ...{end}

[000024F7] No, I didn't see anything.{end}

[000024F8] Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't sell monster horns to the horn people.{end}

[000024F9] Why not?{end}

[000024FA] Well, I wouldn't try to sell you fish, right?{end}

[000024FB] It just seems like it hits a little too close to home, maybe.{end}

[000024FC] That's WAY different! Fish aren't food!{end}

[000024FD] Uh, neither are horns...{end}

[000024FE] Countdown. An approaching deadline, diminishing time...!{end}

[000024FF] Sakuya, why are you pressing your ears?{end}

[00002500] To escape reality...{end}

[00002501] Did you see the letter?{end}

[00002502] Yes.{end}

[00002503] Good. I wanted you to get me some ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[00002504] One of my customers said he's never had it before.{end}

[00002505] ❾アイテム0❾? Yeah, okay.{end}

[00002506] Really? Then how do you harvest ❾アイテム0❾?{end}

[00002507] Pull it out.{end}

[00002508] Hit with hammer.{end}

[00002509] Dig it up with hoe.{end}

[0000250A] If you could do that, I'd really admire you.{end}

[0000250B] You need to dig up its roots with a ❶hoe❶ to get ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[0000250C] Well, thanks for doing this for me.{end}

[0000250D] Hmmm, close.{end}

[0000250E] You need to dig up its roots with a ❶hoe❶ to get ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[0000250F] Well, thanks for doing this for me.{end}

[00002510] Exactly. Very impressive, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002511] Well, thanks for doing this for me.{end}

[00002512] Don't you think it's such a shame if you haven't had ❾アイテム0❾ before?{end}

[00002513] Do you like ❾アイテム0❾?{end}

[00002514] Hm? Not really.{end}

[00002515] ...{end}

[00002516] Well, could you get some fresh ❾アイテム0❾ for my customer?{end}

[00002517] Oh, these are some nice ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[00002518] You've proven that you can be counted on.{end}

[00002519] Oh, it wasn't much...{end}

[0000251A] So I've got something for you!{end}

[0000251B] Now, pick one.{end}

[0000251C] Sweet smelling box.{end}

[0000251D] Spicy box.{end}

[0000251E] Good smelling box.{end}

[0000251F] I've got a different souvenir in each. Find out what you get after opening.{end}

[00002520] Different souvenirs... You really do go a lot of different places.{end}

[00002521] Well, it is my job. You have to travel around, getting to know the different places.{end}

[00002522] Although, I pretty much just love to travel.{end}

[00002523] Ha ha...{end}

[00002524] This ❾アイテム0❾ will be a good souvenir. Thanks a lot.{end}

[00002525] You're welcome. Just let me know if you need anything.{end}

[00002526] Yes. Well, thanks again.{end}

[00002527] Well, I'll let you know if I need something like this again.{end}

[00002528] Did you see my letter?{end}

[00002529] Yes.{end}

[0000252A] I actually had orders from Blaise and Marjorie.{end}

[0000252B] But I have something else I needed to do. Do you think you could deliver them for me?{end}

[0000252C] That's fine.{end}

[0000252D] Thanks! I knew I could count on you.{end}

[0000252E] ...{end}

[0000252F] Well, this ❾アイテム0❾ goes to Blaise,{end}

[00002530] this ❾アイテム1❾ goes to Marjorie.{end}

[00002531] Yeah, okay.{end}

[00002532] Well, thanks for doing this for me.{end}

[00002533] ❾アイテム0❾, for Blaise, and ❾アイテム1❾ for Marjorie.{end}

[00002534] You'll have to fix it on your own if you give it to the wrong person.{end}

[00002535] You're not...kidding, are you?{end}

[00002536] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾! Yay! You came to take a bath!{end}

[00002537] What?! No...{end}

[00002538] Ms. Innkeeper? Can we get the bath ready for one?!{end}

[00002539] Of course not.{end}

[0000253A] Well, here's a special offer! One free voucher to the women's bath--{end}

[0000253B] What's the deal?{end}

[0000253C] ...{end}

[0000253D] You seem disappointed.{end}

[0000253E] Wait...what are you doing?{end}

[0000253F] I thought we'd do some stand-up comedy to draw customers in,{end}

[00002540] but it's not going too well.{end}

[00002541] What's the deal?{end}

[00002542] Wait, what are you talking about?{end}

[00002543] ...{end}

[00002544] Is about how well it's going...{end}

[00002545] Um, so...{end}

[00002546] Oh, well.{end}

[00002547] Anyway, you got them delivered? Thanks.{end}

[00002548] Well, here's your compensation.{end}

[00002549] Received a free voucher to the women's bath.{end}

[0000254A] What's the deal?{end}

[0000254B] Yes, that's the timing! Pia, you remember that.{end}

[0000254C] Robert!{end}

[0000254D] Who's that? It's Roger!{end}

[0000254E] ...{end}

[0000254F] Well, this is your real compensation.{end}

[00002550] Lost the free voucher to the women's bath.{end}

[00002551] Thanks, again.{end}

[00002552] Ah...{end}

[00002553] ...{end}

[00002554] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. This is about the letter, right?{end}

[00002555] Yes.{end}

[00002556] Well, do you think you could get some ❾アイテム0❾ for me?{end}

[00002557] I'm not big on monsters...{end}

[00002558] What?{end}

[00002559] Well, it's not that I hate them...{end}

[0000255A] But they tend to take my food and things.{end}

[0000255B] I see...{end}

[0000255C] So, you going to go?{end}

[0000255D] Oh, sure.{end}

[0000255E] Thanks!{end}

[0000255F] Oh, ❾アイテム0❾s get dropped by ❾キャラ0❾.{end}

[00002560] Well, thanks--{end}

[00002561] What do we have here?{end}

[00002562] Sakuya, haven't you been relying on ❾ヒーロー❾ too much?{end}

[00002563] What?{end}

[00002564] I don't really mind...{end}

[00002565] It's an issue of will.{end}

[00002566] You'll never be a respectable innkeeper with that kind of attitude.{end}

[00002567] ...{end}

[00002568] You're right, maybe I was relying on him too much.{end}

[00002569] Sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾, I'll try to manage on my own today.{end}

[0000256A] Are you sure this is okay, Shino?{end}

[0000256B] Yes.{end}

[0000256C] She won't be able to take over as innkeeper with such half-hearted efforts.{end}

[0000256D] But for her not to get any help...?{end}

[0000256E] Oh? Whoever said that?{end}

[0000256F] What?{end}

[00002570] I just said that she was relying on you too much.{end}

[00002571] Then I can help...?{end}

[00002572] That's not for me to decide.{end}

[00002573] I see...{end}

[00002574] ❾キャラ0❾ should be around here...{end}

[00002575] This is Sakuya's bell!{end}

[00002576] Sakuya must be here, too...{end}

[00002577] (There she is...){end}

[00002578] Ah... I don't know if I can do this...{end}

[00002579] But I want to be able to run the inn like Mom...{end}

[0000257A] (...){end}

[0000257B] And then open up a franchise, corner the inn market and wait for the money!{end}

[0000257C] What should I do?{end}

[0000257D] ...{end}

[0000257E] But I can't find the ❾アイテム0❾ anywhere.{end}

[0000257F] I usually just find items on the ground while I'm running away from the monsters...{end}


  • Sigh*, what am I

going to do...?{end}

[00002581] (I want to help, but how can I get the item to her?){end}

[00002582] I wonder if there are any ❾アイテム0❾ on the ground...{end}

[00002583] (I want to help her.){end}

[00002584] (But I’m sure she wouldn't take it if I just handed it to her.){end}

[00002585] Hmmm. I won't be able to help her like this.{end}

[00002586] But it's too dangerous to leave her alone...{end}

[00002587] Is there any way I could get it to her?{end}

[00002588] I can't find any ❾アイテム0❾ at all.{end}

[00002589] (Hmmm. I might be able to help if she doesn't know it was me.){end}

[0000258A] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾! Did you come to help me?{end}

[0000258B] Well...{end}

[0000258C] No! I want to be like Mom and be able to run an inn on my own.{end}

[0000258D] And...{end}

[0000258E] Eventually open a franchise and corner the inn market!{end}

[0000258F] You have big dreams...{end}

[00002590] And that's why I need to overcome this trial alone.{end}

[00002591] So could you let me be by myself.{end}

[00002592] But...{end}

[00002593] Come any closer, and I'll never talk to you again!{end}

[00002594] Okay... (I won't be able to help her at this rate.){end}

[00002595] (But it's too dangerous to leave her alone...){end}

[00002596] If you come any closer...{end}

[00002597] Yeah, I know...{end}

[00002598] (She just can't know it was me...){end}

[00002599] She might find me if I get closer...{end}

[0000259A] Hm...hey, a ❾アイテム0❾! Wait...{end}

[0000259B] That figure there, it's you, isn't it, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[0000259C] I thought I told you! I don't need help!{end}

[0000259D] So she found out it's me. If only there was some way to disguise myself.{end}

[0000259E] Ow!{end}

[0000259F] Hey, it's a...❾アイテム0❾! Was it, ❾ヒーロー❾...?{end}

[000025A0] What's that...?{end}

[000025A1] ...{end}

[000025A2] What are you doing?! ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[000025A3] You stupid wooly!{end}

[000025A4] Oh, Sakuya. Did you find a ❾アイテム0❾?{end}

[000025A5] Yes. But...{end}

[000025A6] What's the matter?{end}

[000025A7] Oh, well, never mind.{end}

[000025A8] Anyway, I need to get back to work. Oh, this is for bothering you today.{end}

[000025A9] What?! {end}

[000025AA] You know, since I made you come out for nothing.{end}

[000025AB] Wait, why are you so shocked?{end}

[000025AC] Oh, no reason...! (I thought she knew it was me...){end}

[000025AD] Well, see ya.{end}

[000025AE] Bye.{end}

[000025AF] Whew... It all worked out.{end}

[000025B0] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. I've been waiting.{end}

[000025B1] About the bulletin board?{end}

[000025B2] That's right. You ready, Pia?{end}

[000025B3] Yup. All ready!{end}

[000025B4] Alright. Then you mind coming with us? We'd be in everyone's way here.{end}

[000025B5] Hm? Okay.{end}

[000025B6] Well, I'd like to start now.{end}

[000025B7] Uh.{end}


  • cough*.{end}

[000025B9] Well, thank you all for coming today.{end}

[000025BA] Huh...?{end}

[000025BB] Please just sit down and make yourselves comfortable.{end}

[000025BC] Tuna should come by, too!{end}

[000025BD] But then how would they be able to breathe?{end}

[000025BE] Well, I'm going to sing a song!{end}

[000025BF] Why?!{end}

[000025C0] What?! But you said you liked my song!{end}

[000025C1] Oh, honestly! Pia, you need to follow the script!{end}

[000025C2] Oh, yeah! I forgot, this was that! The, um, s...{end}

[000025C3] Squid show.{end}

[000025C4] Stand-up comedy.{end}

[000025C5] Is this part of the act...?{end}

[000025C6] We don't have a unique draw, so we thought we could draw in people with stand-up.{end}

[000025C7] What did you think?{end}

[000025C8] Well, umm...{end}

[000025C9] Boring.{end}

[000025CA] N-Not bad?{end}

[000025CB] Well, I didn't really need to ask.{end}

[000025CC] ...{end}

[000025CD] If only I were smarter, I could come up with better material.{end}

[000025CE] You know, I heard there was some medicine that could help...{end}

[000025CF] Oh, I'm just glad to get your opinion. We'll work on it some more.{end}

[000025D0] You, too, Pia! You can't rely on ❾ヒーロー❾ so much either.{end}

[000025D1] Okay!{end}

[000025D2] Oh, but, I made it this far...{end}

[000025D3] No. No!{end}

[000025D4] Y-Yes. Okay...{end}

[000025D5] (But I'm worried they might go fighting monsters if I left them be...){end}

[000025D6] (Medicine...Maybe I should ask someone about it.){end}

[000025D7] W-What is it...? (My body feels hot...){end}

[000025D8] What's this?! (I'm transforming?!){end}

[000025D9] I-I need to get back to human-form...{end}

[000025DA] Oh.{end}

[000025DB] ...!{end}

[000025DC] Ahhh! So cute!!{end}

[000025DD] B-Bah! (I-I can't escape!){end}

[000025DE] What's going on?{end}

[000025DF] I-It's a monster!{end}

[000025E0] Yup! It's so cute!{end}

[000025E1] No, not that...{end}

[000025E2] You're the wooly that helped me the other day...{end}

[000025E3] ...{end}

[000025E4] But a monster is a monster. Shoo it away.{end}

[000025E5] What?!{end}

[000025E6] What if something happened to a customer?{end}

[000025E7] Go on now.{end}

[000025E8] Bah... (...){end}

[000025E9] Huh? ❾ヒーロー❾, why are you transformed?{end}

[000025EA] Oh, well...I don't...{end}

[000025EB] Hey! He must have come for a bath! I mean, it's way more comfy that way!{end}

[000025EC] What? No, not--{end}

[000025ED] I heard there was a medicine that made you smarter, but...{end}

[000025EE] Medicine...? (Who would know about that...?){end}

[000025EF] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000025F0] Huh? Why's Marian here?{end}

[000025F1] Marian came to make sure Sakuya didn't take the medicine.{end}

[000025F2] What?!{end}

[000025F3] I'm home, Sakuya.{end}

[000025F4] Welcome back.{end}

[000025F5] Huh? ❾ヒーロー❾. Why are you transformed?{end}

[000025F6] Well, I turned like this when I drank Marian's medicine...{end}

[000025F7] "Medicine"?{end}

[000025F8] Oh...{end}

[000025F9] Oh, there you are.{end}

[000025FA] Huh? Hey, it's Marian.{end}

[000025FB] ❾ヒーロー❾, Sakuya hasn't taken that medicine, yet, has she?{end}

[000025FC] What?!{end}

[000025FD] It seems like it creates an unbalance of rune energy in the body.{end}

[000025FE] Grandma said that ❾ヒーロー❾ might be okay, but Sakuya might not be.{end}

[000025FF] Oh... (That's why I transformed.){end}

[00002600] Hmmm. So Marian's telling the truth?{end}

[00002601] Oh!{end}

[00002602] I said you just had to watch. I'm sure it was for someone else, wasn't it?{end}

[00002603] Oh...well...{end}

[00002604] I heard it was for you, Sakuya.{end}

[00002605] Why did you have to mention that?!{end}

[00002606] Hmmm. For me? What's that mean?{end}

[00002607] Oh, well...{end}

[00002608] What's so wrong with that?{end}

[00002609] ❾ヒーロー❾ did all of that for you.{end}

[0000260A] You're the one that told me to stop relying on him so much.{end}

[0000260B] That was about before.{end}

[0000260C] Come on!{end}

[0000260D] Well, let's all calm down...{end}

[0000260E] ❾ヒーロー❾,{end}

[0000260F] can you be quiet?{end}

[00002610] I'm sorry...{end}

[00002611] I'm going to sing now!{end}

[00002612] Why?!{end}

[00002613] Ah, they're all at it again.{end}

[00002614] Well, I'm going home.{end}

[00002615] What?! Th-Then I'll go home, too...{end}

[00002616] Whew...{end}

[00002617] A kind but intense innkeeper, a great businesswoman, and a strange staff member.{end}

[00002618] I'm pretty sure this inn is plenty unique without needing a stand-up routine...{end}

[00002619] I've been waiting. You mind coming with me?{end}

[0000261A] Sure... But what are you looking for?{end}

[0000261B] I'll tell you when we get there. Well, let's go to ❾マップ0❾.{end}

[0000261C] ?{end}

[0000261D] Hey, Sakuya. What are you looking for?{end}

[0000261E] I'll tell you when we get there. Now, let's go to ❾マップ0❾.{end}

[0000261F] Hmm, it should be around here...{end}

[00002620] Hey, Sakuya. What are you looking for?{end}

[00002621] Well, there was actually someone that helped me around here.{end}

[00002622] What?!{end}

[00002623] I-It wasn't me. There's a lot of other woolies around...{end}

[00002624] I don't remember saying it was a ❶wooly❶ that helped me.{end}

[00002625] Oh...{end}

[00002626] It was you, wasn't it?{end}

[00002627] Sorry... I know you told me not to, but I was still worried.{end}

[00002628] Well, that's fine.{end}

[00002629] What?{end}

[0000262A] By the way.{end}

[0000262B] I'm looking for some wool that can be made into golden string.{end}

[0000262C] Hm? Y-You don't mean...{end}

[0000262D] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000262E] Let me shave you.{end}

[0000262F] No!{end}

[00002630] Okay...{end}

[00002631] Shaving myself...that's too terrible!{end}

[00002632] So I'll shave you. Then it'd be okay?{end}

[00002633] ...{end}

[00002634] I can trust you?{end}

[00002635] It won't hurt?{end}

[00002636] I see... Even though you broke our promise.{end}

[00002637] Uh...{end}

[00002638] Thanks! Great.{end}

[00002639] Then let's do it over there.{end}

[0000263A] Okay...{end}

[0000263B] Now, relax. First, we'll...{end}

[0000263C] Ah! Th-That tickles...{end}

[0000263D] And cut here... Next, we'll do this.{end}

[0000263E] Oh...! W-Wait.{end}

[0000263F] Hm?{end}

[00002640] D-Don't shave too much or I'll be naked...{end}

[00002641] Naked...?{end}

[00002642] W-What are you talking about?!{end}

[00002643] What? I just thought I'd be cold without some wool...{end}

[00002644] I-I know that!{end}

[00002645] (You just made me imagine it...){end}

[00002646] Something the matter?{end}

[00002647] N-Never mind...!{end}

[00002648] Yeah, this should be enough.{end}

[00002649] It feels so breezy...{end}

[0000264A] Thanks, ❾ヒーロー❾. Here's a token of my appreciation.{end}

[0000264B] Well, I'll let you know if I need some more.{end}

[0000264C] Please don't.{end}

[0000264D] What is it?{end}

[0000264E] Oh, umm...{end}

[0000264F] Hmmm...{end}

[00002650] And its wool was gold, so I thought I could shave it.{end}

[00002651] Shave it?!{end}

[00002652] I see. I've never seen a golden wooly before. I'm sure its wool would fetch a high price.{end}

[00002653] Yes... That's...true...{end}

[00002654] What's the matter? You don't look well.{end}

[00002655] I-I'm fine.{end}

[00002656] Okay then.{end}

[00002657] But I don't see that golden wooly anywhere.{end}

[00002658] Yeah...{end}

[00002659] (Wool...){end}

[0000265A] I can't.{end}

[0000265B] Never mind.{end}

[0000265C] (I could shave myself...?){end}

[0000265D] (That's just, too... Anything but that!){end}

[0000265E] (That's...){end}

[0000265F] I thought golden wooly wool would fetch a high price...{end}

[00002660] ...{end}

[00002661] No way.{end}

[00002662] I better not.{end}

[00002663] (Even if Sakuya wants it...){end}

[00002664] (I'll act like I didn't hear her...){end}

[00002665] (You can't buy pride with money...){end}

[00002666] (I'll pretend I didn't hear her...){end}

[00002667] Alright then!{end}

[00002668] I've decided I'm not going home until we find that golden wooly!{end}

[00002669] ...{end}

[0000266A] It was no use.{end}

[0000266B] I didn't want to.{end}

[0000266C] Seems like it'll be cold tonight...{end}

[0000266D] What?{end}

[0000266E] Oh, well...I don't... you mind waiting a second?{end}

[0000266F] Okay...?{end}

[00002670] Oh.{end}

[00002671] Golden wooly...?{end}

[00002672] S-Stop right there!{end}

[00002673] Good boy. It'll all be over in a second.{end}

[00002674] Bah. (Do as you please...){end}

[00002675] ...{end}

[00002676] You're just a regular wooly, aren't you?{end}

[00002677] ?!{end}

[00002678] I mean, of course he is.{end}

[00002679] B-Bah... (That scared me.){end}

[0000267A] Alright. Well, we'll start here...{end}

[0000267B] B..ah...! (Ah, it's cold...){end}

[0000267C] Now, this side... This is harder than I thought...{end}

[0000267D] ... (It tickles...){end}

[0000267E] Alright, now this side.{end}

[0000267F] Ba?! Bah bah bah...?! (Wait, if she shaves this much...){end}

[00002680] Hm?{end}

[00002681] Bah!! (Noooo!){end}

[00002682] Hey, if you don't stop fighting...{end}

[00002683] S-Stop! Where are you touching?!{end}

[00002684] B-Bah...?! (Wait, I didn't mean to...){end}

[00002685] Honestly, you naughty little...! I'll shave you bald as punishment!{end}

[00002686] Baaaaaaaaaah!{end}

[00002687] Yeah, this should be enough.{end}

[00002688] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002689] Where did you run off to?{end}

[0000268A] I just...had a thing...{end}

[0000268B] You don't look well, did something happen?{end}

[0000268C] Well, just something that really cut me to the core.{end}

[0000268D] Hmmm...{end}

[0000268E] Oh, anyway! Look!{end}

[0000268F] Tadaaa! I found the golden wooly and shaved it.{end}

[00002690] Oh, yeah.{end}

[00002691] Where's your enthusiasm?{end}

[00002692] What?! O-Oh, I just wish I could've seen him too...{end}

[00002693] I see...{end}

[00002694] ...{end}

[00002695] Oh, well. Anyway, thanks for today.{end}

[00002696] Here's just a token of my appreciation.{end}

[00002697] Hope I can count on you again.{end}

[00002698] Y-Yeah...{end}

[00002699] I didn't mean...{end}

[0000269A] Of course.{end}

[0000269B] It's nothing to be embarrassed about!{end}

[0000269C] What...?! Y-You don't have to be so cavalier about it...{end}

[0000269D] It kind of takes the fun out of it...{end}

[0000269E] Hey, Sakuya. It's about the letter...{end}

[0000269F] Oh, you saw that?{end}

[000026A0] I thought I could start giving tours of the town to our customers.{end}

[000026A1] So I wanted you to come with me on a practice run.{end}

[000026A2] Oh, I see.{end}

[000026A3] Huh? Were you expecting something else?{end}

[000026A4] Oh, well. So, will you do it?{end}

[000026A5] Yes. But where are we going?{end}

[000026A6] Any tourist spot outside of town.{end}

[000026A7] Tourist spot?{end}

[000026A8] Like ❾マップ0❾, ❾マップ1❾, ❾マップ2❾ or ❾マップ3❾.{end}

[000026A9] So we just need to go to one of those?{end}

[000026AA] That's right. We should go by two of them at least.{end}

[000026AB] So let's go.{end}

[000026AC] ❾マップ0❾, ❾マップ1❾, ❾マップ2❾, ❾マップ3❾?{end}

[000026AD] That's right. And I thought we could go back to the inn after going to see them all.{end}

[000026AE] Thanks a lot. Hope I can count on you again.{end}

[000026AF] O-Okay...{end}

[000026B0] time.{end}

[000026B1] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Did you read my letter?{end}

[000026B2] Yes... But I'm not really sure what you meant by it.{end}

[000026B3] You know, we went to find some golden wool the other day.{end}

[000026B4] Oh...{end}

[000026B5] Well, the merchant I sold it to said she wanted some more.{end}

[000026B6] I thought we could look for it again...{end}

[000026B7] S-So...{end}

[000026B8] ...{end}

[000026B9] Sakuya?{end}

[000026BA] Well, let's head to ❾マップ0❾ then.{end}

[000026BB] Oh, okay...{end}

[000026BC] Oh, don't be like that.{end}

[000026BD] Let's go!{end}

[000026BE] Oh...but, um...{end}

[000026BF] Well, To the ❾マップ0❾ then! Let's go!{end}

[000026C0] ...{end}

[000026C1] We won't need to...{end}

[000026C2] What?{end}

[000026C3] Actually, umm... I have an idea where the golden wooly is.{end}

[000026C4] Really? You know him?{end}

[000026C5] Well, something like that.{end}

[000026C6] So I'll go alone this time. Besides, dungeons are dangerous.{end}

[000026C7] I see...{end}

[000026C8] Well, I'll leave the wooly to you then.{end}

[000026C9] O-Okay!{end}

[000026CA] ...{end}

[000026CB] Whew...{end}

[000026CC] Well then, I guess we'll get this over with...{end}

[000026CD] ...{end}

[000026CE] Why didn't you tell me?{end}

[000026CF] Huh...?{end}

[000026D0] Is it because you knew I didn't like monsters?{end}

[000026D1] Well...{end}

[000026D2] I actually had a hunch about it.{end}

[000026D3] Huh...?{end}

[000026D4] That you were the wooly. But I didn't want to admit it.{end}

[000026D5] Not that you were a monster.{end}

[000026D6] But I didn't want to admit that you were hiding something from me...{end}

[000026D7] Sakuya...{end}

[000026D8] I'm still not a fan of monsters. They usually chase me around when I travel...{end}

[000026D9] But...{end}

[000026DA] But I also realize that they're not all bad monsters out there.{end}

[000026DB] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. Could you tell me the truth?{end}

[000026DC] Could you trust me a little more?{end}

[000026DD] ...{end}

[000026DE] Actually...{end}

[000026DF] Half-human and half-monster?{end}

[000026E0] Yes. I'm half wooly.{end}

[000026E1] That's why you can transform into a wooly...{end}

[000026E2] I'm sorry for not telling you sooner...{end}

[000026E3] ...{end}

[000026E4] I guess I can't stay mad at you.{end}

[000026E5] What?{end}

[000026E6] Actually, it's not that I hate monsters.{end}

[000026E7] I just hate that they get in the way of my business.{end}

[000026E8] Sakuya...{end}

[000026E9] Wait. Then...{end}

[000026EA] ?{end}

[000026EB] I see. I wonder why I never realized that sooner.{end}

[000026EC] What's the matter?{end}

[000026ED] Well, it's not a big deal. I just thought of something really funny.{end}

[000026EE] Funny...?{end}

[000026EF] Let's get home. Mom might be getting worried.{end}

[000026F0] Oh, Sakuya--{end}

[000026F1] What was so funny?{end}

[000026F2] Well, you'll just have to wait and see.{end}

[000026F3] Thanks for everything today.{end}

[000026F4] This is for you. I mean, I got my wool and everything.{end}

[000026F5] I'll be sure to get a good price for your wool.{end}

[000026F6] Thanks...{end}

[000026F7] Well, see ya.{end}

[000026F8] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Did you read my letter?{end}

[000026F9] Yes... But I'm not really sure what you meant by it.{end}

[000026FA] Remember, you gave me some of your golden wool?{end}

[000026FB] Oh...{end}

[000026FC] Well, the merchant I sold it to said she wanted some more.{end}

[000026FD] You think you could help me out again?{end}

[000026FE] S-So...{end}

[000026FF] O-Okay...{end}

[00002700] time.{end}

[00002701] Well then, don't mind if I do.{end}

[00002702] Don't worry, it'll grow back soon. Let's get to it then.{end}

[00002703] W-Wait a minute! I need to get in the right frame of mind...{end}

[00002704] Hmmm, yeah. I guess I can't just shave you here, let's go to your place.{end}

[00002705] Wait, it's not about that...{end}

[00002706] ❾マップ0❾. I'm sure there will be mushrooms there.{end}

[00002707] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. It's about the letter...{end}

[00002708] Did you read it?{end}

[00002709] Yes. I'd be happy to help.{end}

[0000270A] Thanks. We're a small inn, so we can't hire our own cook.{end}

[0000270B] So I'll need to be able to step up when I need to...{end}

[0000270C] Hmmm, well, how about we start with trying to make ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[0000270D] ❾アイテム0❾...? That might be setting the bar too high.{end}

[0000270E] Umm... Well, yeah, it might be...{end}

[0000270F] Well, do you mind waiting? I'll go get you the ingredients.{end}

[00002710] ❾アイテム0❾? I wonder if I can do it...{end}

[00002711] A-Anyway, I'll go get you the ingredients. You just get ready.{end}

[00002712] I really hate small snacks.{end}

[00002713] So let's make it a big meal.{end}

[00002714] ❾アイテム0❾ was returned.{end}

[00002715] Hmmm, don't you think it'd be better if it were bigger?{end}

[00002716] ❾アイテム0❾ was returned.{end}

[00002717] Oh, this is it! I feel like I might be able to do something with this!{end}

[00002718] ...{end}

[00002719] Anyway, it looks like we're all ready.{end}

[0000271A] Yes. But we'll need a stove to cook on...{end}

[0000271B] We can do it in my mom's room.{end}

[0000271C] Alright, let's give it a try then.{end}

[0000271D] First, put some water in the pot.{end}

[0000271E] Okay.{end}

[0000271F] Next, add a little salt to the water. Then wait until it boils, then add the ❶egg❶ in the pot.{end}

[00002720] There we go. The pot might be a little small...{end}

[00002721] Yeah...{end}

[00002722] Wait, why are you putting it in?! The water hasn't boiled at all!{end}

[00002723] Oh...{end}

[00002724] Okay, my first mistake, I guess.{end}

[00002725] Anyway, what's next?{end}

[00002726] Well, I guess not everyone agrees when to put the egg in, but...{end}

[00002727] All you have to do is put it on medium heat and wait about 10 minutes.{end}

[00002728] For 10 whole minutes?! How am I supposed to wait that long...?{end}

[00002729] I got it! How about we just turn the heat up?{end}

[0000272A] Wait, if you raise the temperature suddenly!!{end}

[0000272B] It exploded...{end}

[0000272C] Yes...{end}

[0000272D] I wonder why?{end}

[0000272E] Well, if you can't even think of why, I think that's your problem.{end}

[0000272F] That's why I hate ❶eggs❶.{end}

[00002730] What's going on?!{end}

[00002731] Oh, Shino...{end}

[00002732] Well, I thought I'd make a ❾アイテム0❾, but the egg exploded.{end}

[00002733] Oh...{end}

[00002734] Well, why don't you take a bath? I'll clean this up.{end}

[00002735] I'm sorry...{end}

[00002736] But Sakuya, why did you suddenly want to cook?{end}

[00002737] You said an innkeeper doesn't have to be able to cook.{end}

[00002738] Th-That was a long time ago.{end}

[00002739] Are you giving up on your dreams of being an innkeeper?{end}

[0000273A] No. Actually, I thought I should be able to cook to become one.{end}

[0000273B] Because my dream is to be able to run an inn that monsters can stay in.{end}

[0000273C] What?!{end}

[0000273D] What are you talking about?! I won't let you do that!{end}

[0000273E] What?!{end}

[0000273F] Why not?! There are some good monsters out there!{end}

[00002740] And how are you going to convince all of your customers of that?!{end}

[00002741] W-Well...{end}

[00002742] ...{end}

[00002743] (Is Sakuya doing this for me...?){end}

[00002744] If you insist, go do it somewhere else. I won't be a part of it.{end}

[00002745] What...?!{end}

[00002746] Please wait!{end}

[00002747] Shino, please trust Sakuya.{end}

[00002748] I don't care what you say, I won't be letting any monster stay in my inn.{end}

[00002749] Is that...?{end}

[0000274A] So I can't stay at this inn, either?{end}

[0000274B] ...{end}

[0000274C] Mom, you really hated monsters that much?!{end}

[0000274D] ❾ヒーロー❾, could you please turn back to a human?{end}

[0000274E] If you don't, then you can leave.{end}

[0000274F] Mom!{end}

[00002750] (She didn't seem to mind during the Unity Festival, so why...?){end}

[00002751] ❾ヒーロー❾. Please.{end}

[00002752] Okay...{end}

[00002753] ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[00002754] Mom, this doesn't make sense! You never said anything before!{end}

[00002755] Trust her.{end}

[00002756] Can you do it?{end}

[00002757] Wait, ❾ヒーロー❾!{end}

[00002758] I promise. I'll do whatever I need to convince her.{end}

[00002759] So...{end}

[0000275A] Yeah! Leave it to me!{end}

[0000275B] Hey! I can do anything when I set my mind to it!{end}

[0000275C] Oh, that's right. Here, this is for everything today.{end}

[0000275D] I'm really sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[0000275E] So, you just wait. I'm going to convince Mom one way or another!{end}

[0000275F] Just wait. I'm going to convince Mom one way or another.{end}

[00002760] Didn't I write to come earlier?{end}

[00002761] Come back early tomorrow.{end}

[00002762] I'm happy that you came, but I wish you'd come earlier.{end}

[00002763] We wouldn't be able to enjoy it much if we started now.{end}

[00002764] Huh...?{end}

[00002765] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾, you saw my letter?{end}

[00002766] Yes.{end}

[00002767] Although, I thought I wrote to come as a monster.{end}

[00002768] And are you?{end}

[00002769] I-I'm sorry...{end}

[0000276A] Well, you can do it later.{end}

[0000276B] Actually...{end}

[0000276C] Mom told me she'd think about it, if you spent the night as a wooly without incident.{end}

[0000276D] Then Shino forgave you?{end}

[0000276E] That's great!{end}

[0000276F] I'm a skilled negotiator!{end}

[00002770] But, the only catch is that you'll be staying as my pet.{end}

[00002771] A p-pet?!{end}

[00002772] Yeah. Fun, right?{end}

[00002773] Uh...w-what is?{end}

[00002774] Well, when you feel like it, come back after transforming into a wooly.{end}

[00002775] I'll be waiting.{end}

[00002776] When you feel ready, could you talk to me again after transforming into a wooly?{end}

[00002777] I'll be waiting.{end}

[00002778] When you feel ready, come talk to me again after transforming into a wooly.{end}

[00002779] Seems like you made up your mind. Well, let's go then!{end}

[0000277A] Yes... But are you sure this is okay?{end}

[0000277B] Stop.{end}

[0000277C] What?!{end}

[0000277D] You're a wooly right now, you can't use human words.{end}

[0000277E] Oh...sorry.{end}

[0000277F] How many times do I have to say it?{end}

[00002780] B...bah...{end}

[00002781] Very good.{end}

[00002782] Eek...?!{end}

[00002783] Excuse me, is there a room available?{end}

[00002784] Yes. And how many is it for?{end}

[00002785] One human and one monster.{end}

[00002786] Well, could you please sign in your names.{end}

[00002787] Okay.♪{end}

[00002788] W-Why is there a monster...?{end}

[00002789] ...{end}

[0000278A] This is our room.{end}

[0000278B] You'll be playing my pet for a while.{end}

[0000278C] Bah... (I'm not so sure about this...){end}

[0000278D] Well, you want to grab a snack from downstairs?{end}

[0000278E] We have some meals made by Blaise. I'm sure you'll like them.{end}

[0000278F] Bah!{end}

[00002790] ... (Ah, I feel like a pet...){end}

[00002791] Hm? Did something happen?{end}

[00002792] What is it, Marjorie?{end}

[00002793] Hm. This is...{end}

[00002794] It would be fine if I had some ❾アイテム0❾...{end}

[00002795] I see...{end}

[00002796] Well, could you get me a towel?{end}

[00002797] Yes, right away.{end}

[00002798] Let's go get it, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002799] Bah. (Okay.){end}

[0000279A] Well, I'll go see if someone has a ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[0000279B] Then I'll go get one from a ❶wooly❶.{end}

[0000279C] Stop.{end}

[0000279D] What?{end}

[0000279E] ❾ヒーロー❾. What do we say when we're a wooly?{end}

[0000279F] B-Bah... (Her smile is terrifying.){end}

[000027A0] ❾ヒーロー❾. Did you forget your promise? Why are you back in human-form?{end}

[000027A1] Oh...umm...{end}

[000027A2] ...{end}

[000027A3] I-I'll turn back into a wooly right now!{end}

[000027A4] I'm sorry! Does any one have a ❾アイテム0❾?!{end}

[000027A5] ❾ヒーロー❾. If you find a ❾アイテム0❾, hand it to me.{end}

[000027A6] It'd be strange if a monster took a ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[000027A7] B-Bah.{end}

[000027A8] Go find a ❾アイテム0❾! Just to be clear, not a ❾アイテム1❾.{end}

[000027A9] ❾ヒーロー❾, go find a ❾アイテム0❾! Just to be clear, not a ❾アイテム1❾.{end}

[000027AA] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. You found it.{end}

[000027AB] Then let's go get it to them!{end}

[000027AC] But before that, haven't you forgotten something?{end}

[000027AD] ...{end}

[000027AE] Alright.{end}

[000027AF] Bah... (I know it's a rule, but can't I at least...){end}

[000027B0] Hm? You say something?{end}

[000027B1] B-Bah!{end}

[000027B2] I thought so.{end}

[000027B3] I brought a ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[000027B4] Oh, did you go and get one? Let me see...{end}

[000027B5] Hmmm...{end}

[000027B6] Sorry, this doesn't look like it will do.{end}

[000027B7] Bah?!{end}

[000027B8] What?!{end}

[000027B9] It needs to be higher quality. Something fluffier.{end}

[000027BA] A high-quality, fluffy ❾アイテム0❾...?{end}

[000027BB] B-Bah...? (I just got a chill.){end}

[000027BC] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. ❾アイテム0❾, she said.{end}

[000027BD] Baaah... (I'll go back to the forest and find something better.){end}

[000027BE] So I guess it has to be pretty fluffy.{end}

[000027BF] Baaah... (Yeah, we'll need to search carefully.){end}

[000027C0] By the way...{end}

[000027C1] Your wool is pretty fluffy.{end}

[000027C2] Ba?!{end}

[000027C3] Let's go!{end}

[000027C4] Baaaaaaaaaah!{end}

[000027C5] Oh? This is?{end}

[000027C6] It's his wool. You'll be able to make your medicine with this, right?{end}

[000027C7] Hm. Hold on.{end}

[000027C8] Hmm...{end}

[000027C9] This looks like it'll do. I'll get it ready, just wait here.{end}

[000027CA] That's good.{end}

[000027CB] Bah.{end}

[000027CC] Shino. I'll make a pillow right now. Could you lend me a needle?{end}

[000027CD] Yes, right away.{end}

[000027CE] Pi...?{end}

[000027CF] ...Bah? (llow?){end}

[000027D0] Thank you.{end}

[000027D1] Thank him. He literally gave the clothes off his back.{end}

[000027D2] Bah. (Literally.){end}

[000027D3] But I didn't know it was just insomnia...{end}

[000027D4] I'm sorry for causing so much trouble. Changing pillows really makes a difference.{end}

[000027D5] And this pillow! I can't believe I slept so well!{end}

[000027D6] Do you think I could get some for my whole family?!{end}

[000027D7] Well, actually, he doesn't like getting shaved.{end}

[000027D8] Would this be enough to cover the expense?{end}

[000027D9] This much?!{end}

[000027DA] Ba?!{end}

[000027DB] I will take this into consideration. I will contact you with more details later.{end}

[000027DC] Bah...{end}

[000027DD] Ah, we made a killing.{end}

[000027DE] Bah... (I'm cold...){end}

[000027DF] Oh, you cold? Then you can come sleep with me.{end}

[000027E0] Ba?!{end}

[000027E1] I-I'm joking! But, if you insist, I'll think about it...{end}

[000027E2] Sakuya. I'm coming in.{end}

[000027E3] Y-Yes?!{end}

[000027E4] ❾ヒーロー❾, I'm terribly sorry to test you like that yesterday.{end}

[000027E5] But monsters and humans think in different ways. They can't communicate.{end}

[000027E6] And every problem that occurs here is the innkeeper's responsibility.{end}

[000027E7] Mom...{end}

[000027E8] I was uneasy. As an innkeeper and a mother. I wasn't sure if this was the right thing.{end}

[000027E9] ...{end}

[000027EA] But I realized certain problems can only be solved by monsters.{end}

[000027EB] And I also realized how much Sakuya trusts you.{end}

[000027EC] Then...?!{end}

[000027ED] Sakuya.{end}

[000027EE] Good luck with your dream of becoming an innkeeper for both monsters and humans.{end}

[000027EF] Okay...!{end}

[000027F0] ❾ヒーロー❾, please continue taking good care of my daughter.{end}

[000027F1] Bah.{end}

[000027F2] Bah...?{end}

[000027F3] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾ is playing his part as a wooly right now.{end}

[000027F4] I see. Well, then...{end}

[000027F5] I can hug you, can't I?{end}

[000027F6] What?!{end}

[000027F7] Ba?!{end}

[000027F8] To be honest, I wanted to do that all day.{end}

[000027F9] He's so cute. I had to stop myself several times today.{end}

[000027FA] Bah bah bah?!{end}

[000027FB] W-What are you thinking?! Of course you can't! Hurry up and get back to work!{end}

[000027FC] You meanie. Come on, just a little. Please?{end}

[000027FD] Some things you just can't! Hey, get away!{end}

[000027FE] B-Bah...{end}

[000027FF] I'm sorry the way things ended up...{end}

[00002800] Oh, it's fine...{end}

[00002801] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. Come back and stay again when I become a respectable innkeeper.{end}

[00002802] Of course, as a human or a monster!{end}

[00002803] Okay...!{end}

[00002804] See ya then. Thanks, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002805] Oh, wait a second.{end}

[00002806] Would you mind humoring me a little?{end}

[00002807] ?{end}

[00002808] Come back soon, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002809] ...!{end}

[0000280A] I'll be right back.{end}

[0000280B] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Thanks for coming.{end}

[0000280C] I've bought souvenirs for everyone.{end}

[0000280D] Do you want one?{end}

[0000280E] Yes. Thanks, I do.{end}

[0000280F] That'll be ❾数字0❾ gold then.{end}

[00002810] What?!{end}

[00002811] If you don't pay, you don't get a souvenir. So, what do you say?{end}

[00002812] Oh, good decision! I knew you would!{end}

[00002813] Oh, good decision! I knew you--{end}

[00002814] Wait, you don't have enough money!{end}

[00002815] Honestly. Fine, I'll let it slide this time.{end}

[00002816] So, here's your souvenir. Pick which box.{end}

[00002817] Which one do you want?{end}

[00002818] That's the safe choice, I guess.{end}

[00002819] Oh, adventurous, aren't we?{end}

[0000281A] Don't get caught up in the details. So, which do you want?{end}

[0000281B] Alright then. No take backs now, you're stuck with whatever's inside.{end}

[0000281C] W-What's inside?{end}

[0000281D] Find out after opening.{end}

[0000281E] Well, I'll let you know if anything else comes up.{end}

[0000281F] Oh, that's too bad.{end}

[00002820] Well, Let me know if another opportunity comes up.{end}

[00002821] I'll be waiting with an open wallet.{end}

[00002822] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. I've been waiting.{end}

[00002823] I didn't know how to give you your souvenir. I hope you like it.{end}

[00002824] Oh, but before that.{end}

[00002825] ?{end}

[00002826] There's no such thing as a free lunch.{end}

[00002827] So instead of paying me, could you bring me something a ❶monster drops❶?{end}

[00002828] Then I'll trade the souvenir for it.{end}

[00002829] Wait, I don't think that's called a souvenir any more...{end}

[0000282A] Oh, but don't make it food or weapons. Some ❶material item❶. Or an ❶ore❶.{end}

[0000282B] Could you bring me something a ❶monster drops❶?{end}

[0000282C] We'll trade for a souvenir.{end}

[0000282D] Oh, but don't make it food or weapons. Some ❶material item❶. Or an ❶ore❶.{end}

[0000282E] Oh, a ❾アイテム0❾. Looks like you found one.{end}

[0000282F] Well, I guess I'll need to hold up my end of the deal.{end}

[00002830] Now, pick one of these three boxes.{end}

[00002831] Oh, yeah. Ummm...?{end}

[00002832] It's important to be adventurous sometimes.{end}

[00002833] Oh, brave, aren't we?{end}

[00002834] Although I still think you're crazy for picking it.{end}

[00002835] Well, Well, this is your souvenir then.{end}

[00002836] Oh, and we don't offer refunds.{end}

[00002837] What?{end}

[00002838] Well, I'll let you know if anything else comes up.{end}

[00002839] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. I bought souvenirs for everyone again.{end}

[0000283A] Yes. I saw the letter.{end}

[0000283B] Good.{end}

[0000283C] Well, why don't you go get a ❾アイテム0❾ for me.{end}

[0000283D] What? Wait, it's a souvenir, right?{end}

[0000283E] Anyway, thanks!{end}

[0000283F] ...{end}

[00002840] Go get a ❾アイテム0❾ for me.{end}

[00002841] Oh, a ❾アイテム0❾. Looks like you found one.{end}

[00002842] Well, I guess I'll need to hold up my end of the deal.{end}

[00002843] Now, pick one of these three boxes.{end}

[00002844] Oh, yeah. Umm...{end}

[00002845] Well, I guess it's a burden when they're heavy.{end}

[00002846] Why is it that you feel like you get a deal when it's heavy?{end}

[00002847] Now I bet you'd be upset if it were empty.{end}

[00002848] ...{end}

[00002849] Well, this is your souvenir then.{end}

[0000284A] Thanks.{end}

[0000284B] You're welcome. Well, bye then!{end}

[0000284C] Hey, Sakuya. Are you interested in trying a new medication?{end}

[0000284D] New?! Well, I am curious. I smell business.{end}

[0000284E] It's something Marian made...{end}

[0000284F] I see. Well, forget about business then.{end}

[00002850] What?!{end}

[00002851] Hm? ❾ヒーロー❾...? What's the matter?{end}

[00002852] I thought I'd come introduce you to an amazing doctor.★{end}

[00002853] An amazing doctor?! Must be pretty famous!{end}

[00002854] Marjorie won't make me extra medicine that I can sell off, what about this person?{end}

[00002855] I'll make as much as you want!{end}

[00002856] M-Marian?!{end}

[00002857] Shot time!{end}

[00002858] ...{end}

[00002859] Huh...?{end}

[0000285A] What is this? I feel so anxious.{end}

[0000285B] I feel like I've spread the word enough. I should get back to the general store.{end}

[0000285C] Sakuya. it seems the general store is carrying some unique items.{end}

[0000285D] What?!{end}

[0000285E] And Karina's running it.{end}

[0000285F] Wait, she's a second generation like me. Looks like I have myself a rival...{end}

[00002860] Thanks, ❾ヒーロー❾. I'll need to spy on her.{end}

[00002861] Hey, Sakuya. Do you know anything about Evelyn?{end}

[00002862] Hmm, now that you mention it, I haven't seen her lately.{end}

[00002863] Wait, did she start selling to another store?! What's going on?!{end}

[00002864] No, please calm down...{end}

[00002865] Huh? What are you two doing?{end}

[00002866] Promoting Evelyn's new line of clothes.{end}

[00002867] Ah, those strange ones, huh? I don't think I could wear them.{end}

[00002868] But you already wear pretty ❷normal❷ clothes.{end}

[00002869] What?!{end}

[0000286A] Gaius? We open about noon, but I don't remember ever seeing him around here.{end}

[0000286B] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. What is it?{end}

[0000286C] What do you like?{end}

[0000286D] What does Pia like?{end}

[0000286E] What do I like?{end}

[0000286F] What? What do I like?{end}

[00002870] I looooove sashimi!{end}

[00002871] Pia likes any kind of ❶squid❶.{end}

[00002872] She's a real fanatic for it!{end}

[00002873] Huh? Did you hit your head and lose your memory again?{end}

[00002874] Pia loves ❾アイテム0❾. I bet she'd like it if you took her some.{end}

[00002875] Anyway, I wonder why Pia likes ❾アイテム0❾ so much?{end}

[00002876] I hear it's because they're tuna's enemy.{end}

[00002877] Huh?{end}

[00002878] You're going to give Pia a ❾アイテム0❾, right?{end}

[00002879] Sure. But Pia seems, uh, strange...{end}

[0000287A] Retribution!{end}

[0000287B] You could describe it like that.{end}

[0000287C] What's going on?{end}

[0000287D] Happy New Year! Hope you have a good year.{end}

[0000287E] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Today's my ❶birthday❶.{end}

[0000287F] I see.{end}

[00002880] What do you want?{end}

[00002881] Yeah, that's right.{end}

[00002882] What?! You're gonna get me something?! I feel a little guilty. Then...{end}

[00002883] I'd be happy to get any ❶sashimi❶ or something a ❶monster drops❶.{end}

[00002884] Today's Pia's ❶birthday❶. Maybe I'll go catch a squid for her.{end}

[00002885] Today's Mom's ❶birthday❶... She'll probably like some ❶mushrooms❶, but...{end}

[00002886] Be careful, she'll eat the poisonous ones too...{end}

[00002887] Today is Daria's ❶birthday❶.{end}

[00002888] We celebrated by putting candles in vegetables.{end}

[00002889] In vegetables?!{end}


[0000288E] I heard you avenged my lunch.{end}

[0000288F] What? Um, by lunch, you mean that black mass...?{end}

[00002890] Thanks a lot.{end}

[00002891] Oh... Y-Yes.{end}

[00002892] ❾ヒーロー❾, um...{end}

[00002893] Would you let me shave you?{end}

[00002894] ❶Bah❶?! I mean, shave me?!{end}

[00002895] I don't like monsters, but this is something else... Alright!{end}

[00002896] Sakuya...{end}

[00002897] By the way, ❾ヒーロー❾. What do the settlement folk like?{end}

[00002898] ...{end}

[00002899] Sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾. I think I understand where Marian's coming from.{end}

[0000289A] Sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾. I think I understand where ❾キャラ0❾ is coming from.{end}

[0000289B] Sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾. I think I understand where ❾キャラ0❾ is coming from.{end}

[0000289C] After all, I think we're all still worried about living with the monsters...{end}

[0000289D] ❾ヒーロー❾, Pia was really looking forward to marrying you!{end}

[0000289E] I just can't believe she'd run off on you like that!{end}

[0000289F] Yeah, something's not right here...{end}

[000028A0] Which doors opened? What? Middle of the lake?{end}

[000028A1] Were there ruins there? I smell treasure...{end}

[000028A2] The Sharance Tree has gotten bigger.{end}

[000028A3] There's a legend that the Sharance flowers bring happiness.{end}

[000028A4] Wow. It really grew, the Sharance Tree.{end}

[000028A5] If the legend's true, you might be getting happy soon, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000028A6] What do you want to eat today?{end}

[000028A7] Hmmm, let's see...{end}

[000028A8] Oh, you don't need dinner, do you? It seems you've been spending time with someone else.{end}

[000028A9] Oh...{end}

[000028AA] Ah, Kuruna. She's amazing.{end}

[000028AB] I wonder if she'd ever lend me that thing on her shoulder.{end}

[000028AC] The Sharance flowers bloomed.{end}

[000028AD] So, how about it? Have you become happy?{end}

[000028AE] You're not thinking of making it a tourist attraction, are you?{end}

[000028AF] Let's see, today's schedule...{end}

[000028B0] Oh! I'm missing my stand-up practice!{end}

[000028B1] ❾ヒーロー❾, set up a joke.{end}

[000028B2] What?!{end}

[000028B3] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. Are you happy now?{end}

[000028B4] Yes.{end}

[000028B5] Not at all.{end}

[000028B6] I see.♪{end}

[000028B7] What?{end}

[000028B8] But it seems you haven't hit rock bottom yet. Need help?{end}

[000028B9] Oh, well...I don't...{end}

[000028BA] Hmmm, I'm in the red.{end}

[000028BB] Well, it happens sometimes.{end}

[000028BC] ...{end}

[000028BD] ❾ヒーロー❾. Would you rather be cold or be surrounded by cold?{end}

[000028BE] What?!{end}

[000028BF] Mom said that the training for marriage and innkeeping are similar.{end}

[000028C0] Oh, I see.{end}

[000028C1] I know, I'll cook today.{end}

[000028C2] Oh, but that's...{end}

[000028C3] I wonder what would have happened if Pia wasn't with us.{end}

[000028C4] I might have gone out on a business trip and never returned.{end}

[000028C5] Then you should thank Pia.{end}

[000028C6] Yeah.{end}

[000028C7] I'm trying to think up a new tourist attraction.{end}

[000028C8] Like golden wooly wool...{end}

[000028C9] Hold on now.{end}

[000028CA] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾, you still trusted me even when that dragon was controlling me, right?{end}

[000028CB] Yes.{end}

[000028CC] Not really.{end}

[000028CD] Me, too, actually.{end}

[000028CE] Huh...?{end}

[000028CF] Oh...I see...{end}

[000028D0] ❾ヒーロー❾. Do you want to go somewhere together sometime?{end}

[000028D1] Okay, another tour guide practice?{end}

[000028D2] Nope, I just want to go somewhere with you.{end}

[000028D3] Sakuya.{end}

[000028D4] Bring that over... And move that over there...{end}

[000028D5] Hey, Saku--{end}

[000028D6] I'm going to have to count on ❾ヒーロー❾ again...{end}

[000028D7] ...{end}

[000028D8] Ah, I made a killing.{end}

[000028D9] That's good, Sakuya.{end}

[000028DA] This is all thanks to you!{end}

[000028DB] What? I didn't do...{end}

[000028DC] It fetches a high price. Your wool.{end}

[000028DD] When did you start doing that?!{end}

[000028DE] Hey, Sakuya. Do you still hate monsters?{end}

[000028DF] Well...a little to be honest.{end}

[000028E0] But like I said, I trust you and the folks from the settlement.{end}

[000028E1] That's what it means to be together, right?{end}

[000028E2] Yes... You might be right.{end}

[000028E3] I was dreaming about being kidnapped by that dragon.{end}

[000028E4] I know he was controlling me, but I said some nasty things to you...{end}

[000028E5] It's alright.{end}

[000028E6] It really hurt.{end}

[000028E7] I wanted more.{end}

[000028E8] ❾ヒーロー❾, you're so forgiving.{end}

[000028E9] I'm really glad that I married you.{end}

[000028EA] I see...{end}

[000028EB] Sorry, ❾ヒーロー❾. Please don't hate me.{end}

[000028EC] Wow, you're strange. I actually want to say more nasty things now.{end}

[000028ED] You really want more?{end}

[000028EE] Pia, I wonder what she's doing...?{end}

[000028EF] Are you worried?{end}

[000028F0] Well, you know how she is.{end}

[000028F1] I wonder if she's practicing her stand-up.{end}

[000028F2] That's what you're worried about?{end}

[000028F3] ❾ヒーロー❾, when did you start liking me?{end}

[000028F4] First sight.{end}

[000028F5] After talking.{end}

[000028F6] Never.{end}

[000028F7] So it was love at first sight?{end}

[000028F8] That's how you saw me... Ah...I'm getting embarrassed.{end}

[000028F9] I see.{end}

[000028FA] Me, too. It just happened after getting your help a few times.{end}

[000028FB] What?{end}

[000028FC] Well, um, that's a joke...{end}

[000028FD] What?{end}

[000028FE] I'm sorry...{end}

[000028FF] I want my kids to get out and learn about the world,{end}

[00002900] but I wonder if I'll be able to bear seeing them move out and marry...{end}

[00002901] Yes...{end}

[00002902] Shino is amazing.{end}

[00002903] Yeah...{end}

[00002904] I wonder if the inn's okay...{end}

[00002905] I'm sure it's okay. Pia's there...{end}

[00002906] Yeah. That's what worries me...{end}

[00002907] ...{end}

[00002908] ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[00002909] What?{end}

[0000290A] I love you.{end}

[0000290B] ❾アイテム0❾.{end}

[0000290C] What?!{end}

[0000290D] What do you mean?{end}

[0000290E] W-What's the deal?{end}

[0000290F] ❾アイテム1❾{end}

[00002910] No...{end}

[00002911] Come on, you have to give the punch line when I set you up like that!{end}

[00002912] You didn't sell that at all.{end}

[00002913] 30 points.{end}

[00002914] ...{end}

[00002915] What?! A counter joke?!{end}

[00002916] When did you learn such an advanced technique...?{end}

[00002917] Oh, I just thought we were naming fish...{end}

[00002918] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. We're family now, aren't we?{end}

[00002919] That's right.{end}

[0000291A] What's the matter?{end}

[0000291B] Not really.{end}

[0000291C] Yeah...{end}

[0000291D] Oh, it's just that I thought being married would feel more different...{end}

[0000291E] Yeah...{end}

[0000291F] But I guess maybe it looks like it has to everyone else.{end}

[00002920] It might be that.{end}

[00002921] Oh, I see. Not really.{end}

[00002922] Well, I should get home now then.{end}

[00002923] Oh, no, I was kidding!{end}

[00002924] Sakuya. How's your innkeeper training going?{end}

[00002925] ...{end}

[00002926] I've been trying my best to surpass my mother.{end}

[00002927] Yes.{end}

[00002928] But it's not going so well.{end}

[00002929] I think Mom's amazing, but I don't want to become her.{end}

[0000292A] I've finally realized that now.{end}

[0000292B] I see...{end}

[0000292C] Welcome! Are you going to buy something?{end}

[0000292D] Uh, maybe... I'm not...{end}

[0000292E] Well, if you're not going to buy anything, you can always look! Looking's free, after all!{end}

[0000292F] That's true...{end}

[00002930] But a lot of people end up buying something after they take a look, so I recommend it!{end}

[00002931] Um, I'll think about it...{end}

[00002932] I like traveling and buying a lot of souvenirs.{end}

[00002933] But the more I traveled, the more my souvenirs kept piling up in my room...{end}

[00002934] So I decided I should give them away, and I started selling them. Before I knew it, it had turned into a business!{end}

[00002935] Um... Isn't selling them and giving them away pretty different...?{end}

[00002936] Why do you like traveling so much, Sakuya?{end}

[00002937] Hm... Well, I like going to places I've never been before.{end}

[00002938] But I also like how it feels when I come home after a trip.{end}

[00002939] But there's no one reason I like it... I just do!{end}

[0000293A] Well, whatever the reason, it seems to make you happy.{end}

[0000293B] Yup!{end}

[0000293C] ...{end}

[0000293D] Darn, I'm in the red again...{end}

[0000293E] I'm not a big fan of monsters...{end}

[0000293F] They always start chasing me whenever I have food with me...{end}

[00002940] Really?{end}

[00002941] Well, I guess the food was theirs to begin with, but still, isn't that rude?!{end}

[00002942] Inns are places where strangers spend the night together...{end}

[00002943] So even though they're strangers, they're connected in a special way, just once.{end}

[00002944] Isn't that amazing to think about?{end}

[00002945] Yeah, it is!{end}

[00002946] Not really...{end}

[00002947] You should come spend the night here sometime, too, then!{end}

[00002948] Uh...{end}

[00002949] Aw... Where's your sense of wonder, ❾ヒーロー❾?{end}

[0000294A] You know, it's strange.{end}

[0000294B] Whenever my mom asks if they're going home, they always spend another night.{end}

[0000294C] Well...{end}

[0000294D] Pia's fish rescue efforts go one step too far.{end}

[0000294E] Mom and I both like ❶sashimi❶, but we have to eat it in secret...{end}

[0000294F] They say cooking is love. But that's a lie.{end}

[00002950] Well, I guess I can't say that.{end}

[00002951] No, it's totally a lie!{end}

[00002952] Then tell me why I can only manage to make lumps of coal?!{end}

[00002953] Sorry...{end}

[00002954] Do you ever feel lonely?{end}

[00002955] Hmmm...{end}

[00002956] With Pia, we're a three person family,{end}

[00002957] so when I go off to travel alone, sometimes I feel really lonely.{end}

[00002958] Well, I guess that shows how much I love this town.{end}

[00002959] What, nothing that could fetch a high price?{end}

[0000295A] I guess I'll need to go get chased around in a dungeon.{end}

[0000295B] No, that's all you need to get materials...{end}

[0000295C] I just remembered, I had a huge fight with Pia about fish.{end}

[0000295D] Really...?{end}

[0000295E] I was still a kid, and I was upset that I didn't get to eat what I liked.{end}

[0000295F] In the end, Mom let me have some under the table.{end}

[00002960] That ❶sashimi❶ didn't taste very good...{end}

[00002961] By the way, what do you think about monsters?{end}

[00002962] I don't know... Not really a fan, I guess.{end}

[00002963] But they do so much for me, so I have to be somewhat grateful.{end}

[00002964] Since Pia came, dinner has been more lively.{end}

[00002965] Meals taste so much better when eaten with a crowd.{end}

[00002966] Although when sashimi gets served, it becomes a battlefield.{end}

[00002967] ...{end}

[00002968] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾, perfect timing. I actually dropped the bell to my hairclip...{end}

[00002969] ... (I think it'd suit ❾ヒーロー❾.){end}

[0000296A] W-What?{end}

[0000296B] ❾ヒーロー❾, You want to try this hairclip on?{end}

[0000296C] Wait...that's for girls, right?{end}

[0000296D] Well, I thought it might suit you. You know, because you're like a girl.{end}

[0000296E] What?!{end}

[0000296F] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾, what do you like?{end}

[00002970] Forging.{end}

[00002971] Eating.{end}

[00002972] Sakuya.{end}

[00002973] I see. Well, then I'll need to gather up some materials.{end}

[00002974] I'm counting on you.{end}

[00002975] Yeah, leave it to me!{end}

[00002976] Oh, I see.{end}

[00002977] Well then, I can make you something homemade.{end}

[00002978] Huh...?!{end}

[00002979] What...?!{end}

[0000297A] I-I didn't mean that... Well, um, that's good...{end}

[0000297B] What?{end}

[0000297C] H-Honestly...! Never mind!{end}

[0000297D] Pia's baths are the best, but...{end}

[0000297E] Sometimes. Just sometimes.{end}

[0000297F] There's a ❾アイテム0❾ floating...{end}

[00002980] ?!{end}

[00002981] Welcome! You going to buy something?{end}

[00002982] Hmmm...{end}

[00002983] No, I can't...{end}

[00002984] What?{end}

[00002985] You know, when my Mom smiles, no one can turn her down.{end}

[00002986] Mom used to do something dangerous.{end}

[00002987] Something dangerous...?{end}

[00002988] It's something I heard from an old friend of hers...{end}

[00002989] ...!{end}

[0000298A] Sakuya...?{end}

[0000298B] Suddenly I'm getting a chill...{end}

[0000298C] Hey, ❾ヒーロー❾. How do you think I've been doing?{end}

[0000298D] You're reliable.{end}

[0000298E] I like you.{end}

[0000298F] Right?♪{end}

[00002990] My dreams of being an innkeeper are close to being realized!{end}

[00002991] What...?!{end}

[00002992] W-What what are you saying all of a sudden?!{end}

[00002993] Honestly! You shocked me!{end}

[00002994] You know, I go around different towns on business.{end}

[00002995] And sometimes it makes me realize what a great place this is.{end}

[00002996] The people here are kind to people who aren't from here.{end}

[00002997] Yeah, they really are...{end}

[00002998] I don't like monsters, I've been good at running away from them for a long time.{end}

[00002999] I can just sense danger...{end}

[0000299A] Huh...? H-How can you sense that?{end}

[0000299B] I don't quite remember, but I'm sure Mom beat it into me.{end}

[0000299C] Shino's pretty tough...{end}

[0000299D] Why did you become a merchant if you don't like monsters?{end}

[0000299E] My mom took me to a lot of places when I was younger. I guess I liked being on the move.{end}

[0000299F] Well, it's really like a sickness. I like looking around different places. Really.{end}

[000029A0] ...{end}

[000029A1] I'm out of the red.{end}

[000029A2] I wonder if I'll be able to do things on my own like my mom someday.{end}

[000029A3] You can.{end}

[000029A4] No way.{end}

[000029A5] I'll do my best.{end}

[000029A6] I see...{end}

[000029A7] Thanks. I feel like you're right!{end}

[000029A8] What...?!{end}

[000029A9] Forget it! I was stupid to talk to you about it!{end}

[000029AA] You just watch! I'm going to become the greatest innkeeper ever!{end}

[000029AB] What's the deal?{end}

[000029AC] I first met Pia looking out at the sea in ❶Oddward Valley❶.{end}

[000029AD] She was just smiling away while I was really depressed.{end}

[000029AE] Next thing I notice, we're walking back to town together, both of us smiling.{end}

[000029AF] I don't hate cooking.{end}

[000029B0] But eggs...{end}

[000029B1] Why?{end}

[000029B2] No matter what I do, they explode.{end}

[000029B3] Your store doesn't really carry anything very much like a souvenir.{end}

[000029B4] Oh, yeah. I stopped doing that...{end}

[000029B5] You did?{end}

[000029B6] I thought people would like unusual things better...{end}

[000029B7] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Look. I brought some souvenirs.{end}

[000029B8] What?{end}

[000029B9] This is a really rare bug...hey, why aren't you paying attention?{end}

[000029BA] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Look at this! I found this at the ruins!{end}

[000029BB] Umm...what is that spiky, sinister object?{end}

[000029BC] A pillow.{end}

[000029BD] That's a pillow?!{end}

[000029BE] Well, good night.{end}

[000029BF] What?!{end}

[000029C0] When I was young, you know, before we came to live in this town,{end}

[000029C1] inns were special to us. All of us folk who didn't have a place to go home to.{end}

[000029C2] But one day, it suddenly felt like home.{end}

[000029C3] I wonder if Mom opened the inn because she felt the same way.{end}

[000029C4] You know, I'm really grateful to you.{end}

[000029C5] If you weren't here, I feel like there's a lot I wouldn't have found.{end}

[000029C6] Well, I'm grateful to you, too.{end}

[000029C7] And this feeling...{end}

[000029C8] What?{end}

[000029C9] N-Nothing...! A-Anyway, thanks!{end}

[000029CA] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. Hey, it's been a while.{end}

[000029CB] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾...{end}

[000029CC] Why don't you stop by the store more often? I mean, you should come by to see me.{end}

[000029CD] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000029CE] Hey, you haven't talked to me in like forever.{end}

[000029CF] I'm not asking for a date or anything, just some basic interaction here.{end}

[000029D0] I trust you, but I get lonely when you just leave me...{end}

[000029D1] Whew. It's a nice day.{end}

[000029D2] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾. You want to take a swim?{end}

[000029D3] Oh, ❾ヒーロー❾.{end}

[000029D4] What? Did my swimsuit catch your eye?{end}

[000029D5] Yes.{end}

[000029D6] One star.{end}

[000029D7] What...?!{end}

[000029D8] I-I was just kidding! You don't have to be so serious...{end}

[000029D9] Honestly!{end}

[000029DA] Hmmm. What is that supposed to mean?{end}

[000029DB] Um, well, I'm kidding...{end}

[000029DC] Oh.{end}

[000029DD] I-I'm sorry...{end}

[000029DE] This swimsuit's nice, isn't it?{end}

[000029DF] Hey, you don't have to stare so hard! Honestly!{end}

[000029E0] Wait, what should I do then...?{end}

[000029E1] ❾ヒーロー❾! Oh no!{end}

[000029E2] ?{end}

[000029E3] The diner got vandalized!{end}

[000029E4] What?!{end}

[000029E5] I heard it was like a giant lion...{end}

[000029E6] Maybe it's the same one that attacked me...{end}

[000029E7] ❾ヒーロー❾! The diner got vandalized!{end}

[000029E8] Good morning.{end}

[000029E9] Good morning.{end}

[000029EA] Hello.{end}

[000029EB] Good evening.{end}

[000029EC] Pay.{end}

[000029ED] Don't pay.{end}

[000029EE] Unscented box.{end}

[000029EF] Smelly box.{end}

[000029F0] It's peeking out.{end}

[000029F1] Quiet box.{end}

[000029F2] Rustling box.{end}

[000029F3] Smacking box.{end}

[000029F4] Light box.{end}

[000029F5] Heavy box.{end}

[000029F6] Very light box.{end}