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Sakuya (咲耶, Sakuya) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

She is the daughter of Shino and the best friend of Pia.

She travels a lot and sells some items at her mother's inn. She is very money-oriented and is usually in the red. She dreams of one day running the inn.

Sakuya is a friendly, stubborn girl who wishes to be more independent. She moved to the town with her mother, Shino, from the East and took in Pia, who is like a sister to her. She is afraid of monsters, but won't let it deter her from getting what she wants. She is constantly trying to impress her mother. She works at the town's hotel/bath house. She loves eating sashimi, but has to do it in secret, along with her mother, because of Pia's love for fish. Sakuya and Pia form a slapstick duo, where Sakuya is the straightman who hit Pia, the comic, after she says something absurd.

Sakuya is a very adaptable person. She has a special ability to treat all kinds of things as profit. Despite her adaptability, she lacks luck. Eggs she touches sometimes explode.






Request 1: Can you help?

There's something I want you to get.

Objective: Give Sakuya a Bamboo Shoot
Reward: Choose between Strawberry Jam (sweet smelling box), curry powder (spicy box), or salmon sashimi (good smelling box).

Request 2: Help again

There's something I want you to deliver

Request 3: Help yet again

There's something I want you to get again.

Request 6: Date

If you have the time, could you come see me?

Request 7: That thing

I need you again.      Objective: Talk to Sakuya After She talks with you in your house, talk to Shino in human form. Then go Then go to oddward valley.

Request 8: Teach cooking

Umm...I'm a really bad cook.

Objective: Give Sakuya a Large Egg

Request 9: Spend a night

Could you come stay at our inn as a monster?



Sakuya has a special response to Love Potion,


Tactic: East Fire Sakuya always attack any foes in sight with her Exploding Eggs(Big Fire) magic. When engaging herself in direct melee combat, she would dash towards them and attacks with normals attacks, Petalchaser and even with the Exploding Eggs sparringly. She has good agility and resistance against knockbacks(comparatively with most characters). This is the result of her almost everyday life running and fleeing from monsters.</span>
Usually, it is notable that when an enemy is away from her melee range, she would casts Exploding Eggs. Afterwards, she would dash towards them and use Petalchaser. Then, she would either use Petalchaser again to perform Adazakura or she would use Silkmoon for a powerful, wide circular swing attack.

[Melee]> Yen Fire (regular attack) (2 hits)

[Melee]> Petalchaser[Delta Strike] (mostly and sparringly with Yen Fire) > [Twice] = Adazakura

[Any range]> Exploding Eggs[Big Fire] (mostly and sparringly)

Special Skill: Silkmoon/ Rangetsu-Denbu

  • Sakuya, like her mother, Shino, is one tough cookie. She can operate the Longswords ultimate attack almost repeatively in between her latency. She runs towards the enemy using her Rangetsu-Denbu skill. This compensates for her lack of Longswords rush attacks. She may uses this skill either sparringly, rapidly or barragely. This technique is used by her very frequently, especially when she is surrounded by multiple enemies(usually 3 and more).

[Melee]> Silkmoon[Longsword Ultimate Attack] (barragely) > [Twice] = Rangetsu-Denbu

  • Note that Sakuya wouldn't have access for her Silkmoon/ Rangetsu-Denbu skill and wouldn't also have better morale after the Unity Festival.
6 111 11 0 0 0 15 18 19
Default Claymore
Type Long Sword