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Sakuya (咲耶, Sakuya) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Sakuya is a friendly, determined girl who wishes to be more independent. She enjoys traveling, being said to frequently go on trips, and sells many of her findings at her mother's inn. Being very money-oriented, she always examines items with an eye for profit, but is usually in the red. In spite of this, she actually proves to be very reliable: many of the older residents in town are grateful for her travels, as she always brings back specific items that can't be found locally. She dreams of one day running the inn and is always trying to find new ways to attract customers.

Sakuya is a very adaptable person. Despite her adaptability, however, she lacks luck. Eggs she touches sometimes explode.


Sakuya has dark hair and pink eyes. Her Eastern attire is inspired by traditional Japanese clothing.


Sakuya moved to the town with her mother, Shino, from the East and took in Pia, who is like a sister to her. She is afraid of monsters, but won't let it deter her from getting what she wants. Sakuya is constantly trying to impress her mother so that Shino will trust her to take over the inn in the future.


Sakuya: Can you help?
Sakuya: Help again?
Sakuya: Help yet again
Sakuya: Want to show
Sakuya: Looking for
Sakuya: Date
Sakuya: That thing
Sakuya: Teach cooking
Sakuya: Spend a night
Sakuya: [Simple Request] Souvenirs
Sakuya: [Simple Request] Souvenirs
Sakuya: [Simple Request] Souvenirs

Request 1: Can you help?

There's something I want you to get.

Unlock: ❤ 1 | Completed Carmen's request (Fishing!)
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Get Sakuya a RF3Bamboo Shoot.png Bamboo Shoot for one of her customers.
Reward: Sakuya offers a choice of three different boxes, which each contain souvenirs from her travels:

Request 2: Help again

There's something I want you to deliver.

Unlock: ❤ 2
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Sakuya has acquired the items her customers have ordered but is too busy to deliver them herself, so she asks Micah to deliver them in her stead. Give the Heavy Spice to Blaise and the Tomato to Marjorie. Go back to the inn afterwards to watch Sakuya and Pia's stand-up comedy routine.
Reward: Small Fleece

Request 3: Help yet again

There's something I want you to get again.

Unlock: ❤ 3 | Cleared Privera Forest
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Secretly give Sakuya a RF3Cheap Cloth.png Cheap Cloth.
Reward: Insect Skin x3

Sakuya asks Micah to get her a cheap cloth. She would go get one personally, but she isn't very fond of monsters. When Micah accepts, however, Shino interrupts. She scolds her daughter for relying so much on Micah and passing off the work she doesn't want to do onto him instead of making an effort to do things herself. Realizing she needs to be more independent, Sakuya takes back her request and apologizes to Micah, then heads outside on her own. Micah worries whether it's really okay to leave her alone. Shino then subtly hints that she never forbade Micah from helping—she was only making sure Sakuya would harden her own resolve.

Sakuya went to Privera: The Island. If Micah, in his human form, tries to throw her a cheap cloth, Sakuya will get upset and won't accept it, saying that she has to do this by herself. Micah has to disguise himself. If he transforms into a wooly and throws the cheap cloth at her then, Sakuya will be surprised, but she will accept it.

Back at the inn, Micah waits for her by the bridge. When Sakuya arrives, he smiles and innocently asks if she managed to get a cheap cloth. Sakuya answers tentatively that she did, but decides not to go into the details. She then leaves Micah a gift. At first, he panics, wondering whether she figured out that he had helped her. However, she clarifies that this is in fact an apology gift, as she had ended up calling him for no reason. With that, she heads back inside.

Request 4: Want to show

Could you come see me?

Unlock: ❤ 4
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Sakuya is struggling to find a way to attract new customers to the inn. Talk to Sakuya to watch her and Pia's stand-up comedy routine. Sakuya talks about a medicine to make her smarter so that she can come up with better ideas—talk to Marian. After being forced to ingest her new concoction, head towards the inn. On the way, Micah suddenly transforms into a wooly. After Sakuya shoos Micah away, not knowing it's him, transform back into a human, then go back to the inn.
Reward: None

Request 5: Looking for

Could you help me find something?

Unlock: ❤ 5
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Go to Privera: Lightway with Sakuya. Sakuya is looking for the golden wooly to sell its wool. After continuously trying to pretend he couldn't hear her, Micah has to allow himself to get shaved.
Reward: Silver Hairpin

Request 6: Date

If you have the time, could you come see me?

Unlock: ❤ 6
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Sakuya wants to practice giving tours for customers at the inn. Go together to at least 2 "tourist spots" outside of town:
Reward: Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Water Crystal

Request 7: That thing

I need you again.

Unlock: ❤ 7
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk to Sakuya, who wants to sell more golden wool. Micah wards her away, assuring her that he would get her the wool himself. When he is in wooly form inside the Sharance Tree, about to shear his own wool, Sakuya walks in. After realizing that the wooly is Micah and that he has been lying to her all this time, she runs away. To find her, talk to Shino and/or Pia. Then go to Oddward: Bamboo Cliffs and have an honest talk with one another.
Reward: Field Pendant
Note: If this request is accepted after the Unity Festival is held, the sequence of events is much more amicable, with Sakuya herself inviting Micah on a date to the Bamboo Cliffs after shearing off his wool, and they have an honest talk with one another.

Request 8: Teach cooking

Umm...I'm a really bad cook.

Unlock: ❤ 8 | Held the first Unity Festival
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Give Sakuya a Large Egg.
Reward: Love Crystal and Super Fail

Request 9: Spend a night

Could you come stay at our inn as a monster?

Unlock: ❤ 9
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Sakuya has negotiated with her mother that Micah would spend a night at the inn with her as a "pet" monster, and if their stay passes with no incident, her mother would consider allowing monsters to stay at the inn. Talk to Sakuya and transform into a wooly. During their stay, a customer faints, and Marjorie, who comes in to examine him, says that she needs a RF3Wooly Furball.pngWooly Furball. Sakuya and Micah decide to help. Give a Wooly Furball to Sakuya.
Reward: None


Sakuya aspires to become as great an innkeeper as her mother, Shino. From time to time, they might clash over opposing views, and Sakuya evidently has a hard time winning any argument against Shino, but they mostly get along well. They both share a love for sashimi and stay in touch with their cultural roots.

Sakuya is Pia's best friend as well as adoptive sister. They form a slapstick duo where Sakuya is the straight man who hits Pia, the comic, after she says something absurd. Sakuya and Shino have to eat sashimi in secret because of Pia's love for fish.



What?! Is this for me?! I really love these! Thanks so much! Ah, unusual items are just the best. They're like tiny little dreams.

What?! Is this for me?! I really love these! Thanks so much! Heh heh, it's like I have you protecting me.

Charm, Raccoon Leaf, Dragon Bones, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur, Ice Shard, Ammonite, Chest Hair, Ice Nose, Dragon Fin, Chimera Tail, Grimoire Scale

What?! Is this for me?! Thanks. I really like these. Now, to get a price tag on it... I'm just kidding. Thanks, Micah!♪

Hey, this is sashimi! I'm so happy. I really like sashimi. Thanks, Micah!♪

Lover Sashimi, Snapper Sashimi, Cherry Sashimi, Masu Trout Sashimi, Fire D. Scale, Earth D. Scale, Golem Slate, Song Bottle, Electric Crystal, Moving Branch, Legendary Scale, Cheap Bandage, Wooly Furball
Neutral Sakuya: What? For me? Thanks! By the way, I really like sashimi. And I love items that are hard to come by. They make for nice souvenirs to sell.
Micah: I'll think about it...
Veg, Fruit, RF3Toyherb.png Toyherb, RF3Moondrop.png Moondrop, Pink Cat, Charm Blue, Medicinal Herb, Antidote Herb, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, White Grass, RF3Cherry Grass.png Cherry Grass, RF3Lamp Grass.png Lamp Grass, RF3Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal, RF3Emery Flower.png Emery Flower, RF3Ironleaf.png Ironleaf, RF34-Leaf Clover.png 4-Leaf Clover, RF3Fireflower.png Fireflower, RF3Green Crystal.png Green Crystal, RF3Noel Grass.png Noel Grass, RF3Autumn Grass.png Autumn Grass, RF3Pom-Pom Grass.png Pom-Pom Grass, RF3Red Crystal.png Red Crystal, RF3White Crystal.png White Crystal, Protein Boost, Mental Supplement, Vital Gummi, Heart Drink, Antidote Potion, Para-Gone, Roundoff, Cold Medicine, Formuade, Love Potion, Invinciroid, Levelizer, Heavy Spice, Sweet Powder, Sour Drop, Mixed Herbs, Curse Charm, Made, Baked Rice Ball, Salted Masu Trout, Wood, Small Milk

Wah...! I'm happy to get a gift, but not eggs... I love stews, but just knowing eggs are in it ruins it...

Wah...!! Hey, Micah... Why would you give this as a gift...? I like unusual items, not garbage...

RF3Weeds.png Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed, Trash, Weeds, Withered Grass, Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal, Small Egg, Pudding


Tactic: East Fire

  • Sakuya always attacks any foes in sight with her Exploding Eggs(Big Fire) magic. When engaging herself in direct melee combat, she dashes towards them and attacks with normals attacks, Petalchaser and even with the Exploding Eggs sparringly. She has good agility and resistance against knockbacks (relative to most characters). This is the result of her almost everyday life running and fleeing from monsters.
  • Usually, it is notable that when an enemy is away from her melee range, she would casts Exploding Eggs. Afterwards, she would dash towards them and use Petalchaser. Then, she would either use Petalchaser again to perform Adazakura or she would use Silkmoon for a powerful, wide circular swing attack.

[Melee]> Yen Fire (regular attack) (2 hits)

[Melee]> Petalchaser[Delta Strike] (mostly and sparringly with Yen Fire) > [Twice] = Adazakura

[Any range]> Exploding Eggs[Big Fire] (mostly and sparringly)

Special Skill: Silkmoon/ Rangetsu-Denbu

  • Sakuya, like her mother, Shino, is one tough cookie. She can operate the Longswords ultimate attack almost repeatedly in between her latency. She runs towards the enemy using her Rangetsu-Denbu skill. This compensates for her lack of Longswords rush attacks. She may use this skill either sparringly, rapidly or barragely. This technique is used by her very frequently, especially when she is surrounded by multiple enemies (usually 3 and more).

[Melee]> Silkmoon[Longsword Ultimate Attack] (barragely) > [Twice] = Rangetsu-Denbu

  • Note that Sakuya wouldn't have access for her Silkmoon/ Rangetsu-Denbu skill and wouldn't also have better morale after the Unity Festival.
6 111 11 0 0 0 15 18 19
Default Claymore
Type Long Sword


Sakuya works at the town's inn.