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SEED Crests (SEEDマーク, SEED maku) are a game mechanic introduced in Rune Factory 5. SEED Crests can be unlocked by joining Seed or capturing Wanted Monsters, with each crest giving the player a different ability or bonus, such as faster monster riding. At first only one SEED Crest can be equipped, though a second can be unlocked later.


Crests Description Unlocking Effects
MieruMark.PNG Foresight Crest Can't find hidden treasure chests? No problem! This crest allows you to see them by borrowing the power of the spirits. You'll also have an easier time finding items while on your own. Capture a 3 star Wanted Monster Find hidden items
HintMark.PNG Hint Crest People around Rigbarth will provide hints about where to find wanted monsters and assist in your investigations. Capture a 2 star Wanted Monster Get hints on Wanted Monster locations from townsfolk. Townsfolk involved are Cecil, Terry, Dug and Heinz
BeginnerMark.PNG Beginner's Crest A crest for rookie rangers. Increases your VIT, and even lets you use the baths for free! But it's only for newbies, which means you can't use it once you start climbing the ranks. Become a member of Seed Free baths + physical fitness upStops working when you reach LVL 20.
PatrolMark.PNG Patrol Mark Capture all 5 star Wanted Monsters Increase Seed points earned Request fulfillment x20, otherwise x1.5
RiderMark.PNG Rider Mark Capture all 4 star Wanted Monsters Increases movement speed when riding monsters
AccompanyingMark.PNG Companion Crest The power of this crest lets you bring townspeople along on your adventures, even if you're not on friendly terms! They might not feel too happy about that, but why should you care? Capture all 1 star Wanted Monsters Invite townsfolk with a friendship level of less than 3 to follow you
SurveyMark.PNG Investigation Crest Allows you to barge into people's homes whenever you like. Remember, you're not being a nuisance. You're just doing your job. Capture all 2 star Wanted Monsters Enter residents' houses after curfew
SPMark.PNG SP Mark Capture a 5 star Wanted Monster Receive escort requests from residents
InsuranceMark.PNG Insurance Crest If you're ever knocked out while battling a wanted monster, this crest will cut your medical fees in half after you wake up in the clinic. Capture a 4 star Wanted Monster Hospital treatment costs are halved Only for treatments incurred after fainting while fighting Wanted Monsters
CooperationMark.PNG Cooperation Crest Capture all 3 Star Wanted Monsters Friendship gained with following townsfolk increased