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Seed (シード, Shido) is an organization in the Rune Factory series.


SEED is a peace-keeping force founded after the collapse of the Sechs Empire and based in Norad's capital city. Its symbol is a stylized tiara whose central ornamentation resembles a bloming flower.


Due to long-lasting conflicts and the collapse of the Sechs Empire, the borders of each country found themselves embroiled in various conflicts, and the aftermath reached the inside and outside of each country.

Especially in areas that were out of sight of each country, vigilantes appeared to protect smaller areas, but due to individual interests and turf wars, this only exacerbated the conflicts.

To create peace across the realms, Gideon organized the vigilantes into a single security organization. The organization, named SEED, grew in size, supported by all the conflict-affected countries. Eventually, it even gained the confidence of those who had thought total security impossible.



SEED HQ is located in the capital of Norad, Palermo. It also has an outpost in Rigbarth, known locally as the Silo.


All members of SEED are organized under their Outpost's Commander. Commanders, in turn, answer to the Warden. SEED Rangers may increase their privileges by earning SEED Crests, which are awarded for hunting down unruly monsters, helping townsfolk, and otherwise contributing to the area's harmony.

  1. Warden
    1. Gideon
  2. Commander
  3. Ranger
  4. Recruit


  • Lucy: This town is called Rigbarth. It's kept safe from monsters by SEED, an organization dedicated to protecting people.