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Russell (ラッセル, Russel) is one of the very few people in Kardia who has read every book in the library, which he is the head of. You can see him for new spell books. He adopted the high elf child, Cecilia, when she was orphaned by the previous war. Russell's library also holds the books printed with magic spells, which you'll find on the back wall of the building. He also sells books used for crafting if you talk to him from Monday-Friday.

If you befriend Russell, he will tell you that he was once a member of Norad's army. He stumbled upon Cecilia one day in the aftermath of a battle and took her in, leaving service and settling down in Kardia.


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In the beginning of the game, Neumann can't understand how Russell can stand being in the library all day, as he prefers to be woken up in the morning and working all day.


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  • Russel is lactose intolerant