Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is the second installment in the Rune Factory series for Nintendo DS. It brought many features to the series, such as the request board tasks. The game even contains many references to the original Rune Factory and it as been many many years since the events of the first game due to Cecilia being grown up in this game and a child in the original, but her being an half-elf makes it incertain as of the time that has actually passed: for all we know, it could have been a couple decennies or even a human life-time.


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In the first generation of the game, the protagonist will be Kyle. He will have to raise a successful ranch, woo his future wife, the bachelorette of your choice, befriend villagers, attend festivals, conceive his future child, and build the school, which will be in Cherry Blossom Square. There isn't much of a story or a goal, but it becomes apparent later on in the game, after you've finished building the school (which costs 100,000g and takes 1000 wood to build), that Rune Factory 2 has much more in store.

After Kyle has built the school and inaugurated it, the second generation will begin with a new opening. The game will then skip to seven years later and there will be a scene where Kyle's son/daughter wakes up to find their father, who is about to leave home, as he has finally remembered why he came to Alvarna. He gives them scriptures and tells them they will be able to read when the time is right. The next day, the character's mother will wake them up for school. She will say not to be discouraged, go to school and be a good child. Even though Aaron/Aria agrees to do this, he/she will secretly try to find their father.

Second Generation

The 2nd generation is actually the main plot in Rune Factory 2; everything in the 2nd generation is substantially more important than the 1st generation. The 2nd generation is more about uncovering the mysteries and magic of the dungeons to uncover Kyle's disappearance. Per example, Kyle's children could invest into 3 school's expansions who will give them new opportunity's. Then they would be able to practice their skills more than just in a school's book.

Rune Factory 2 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon Plot item or Key Item

Now, with a smaller build, Aaron or Aria can sneak past the fences in dungeons that were blocked off  when playing as Kyle. Additionally, Aaron/Aria can now also find bosses, which will have to be beaten in order. The first boss is at Trieste Forest - Wooded Paradise. The second is at Blessia Island - Old Ship Deck. The third is located at Messhina Valley - Bridge to Shrine. And last, but not least, Padova Mts. - Ice Field is where the final boss is hidden. 

After defeating all four of the bosses, Aaron/Aria must expand the Monster Barn until all the levels have been added. When Aaron/Aria ask him/her-self the question: Is there a way to go below the village? The latest expansion of the barn is this way!

The last floor of the Barn will have a hole at the bottom and from there Aaron/Aria will enter Palmero Shrine, which is where they will have to battle through several floors, use switches, complete tasks, and see Kyle before fighting Firesome. After defeating the dragon, Kyle will make one more appearance to inform Aaron/Aria that he was infused with Firesome and also must go to The Forest of Beginnings.


The End

There is a way to bring Kyle back. Trieste Forest, Blessia Island, Messhina Valley, and Padova Mts, each dungeons contain a locked shire who unlock upon solving special mysteries, during the Palermo shrine parts.

Now that shrines are accessible, by completing all the levels of the Shrines Aaron/Aria would be able to summon Kyle back. As launching a spell though they won't realize it worked until the morning after they cast it. Completing the main story for good.

Side story

Rival bachelors can also marry a spouse of their choice after a certain amount of years. In the second generation, Aaron/Aria can also "marry" their choice of Bachelors/Bachelorettes.

In the second generation:


Kids last request on the bulletin board, correspond to "marriage"; they will ask Aaron/Aria if he/she likes them. Acting as the ground up, if Aaron/Aria says yes, the couple will go to the church. Sera and Serena need Aria or Aaron to find something before they are eligible for marriage.

The "weddings" are just play weddings, as Aaron/Aria and his/her romantic interest are only kids. Their "spouse" will not live with them; they will just thank Aaron/Aria for playing with them after the "wedding". However, like a marriage in the first generation, the player will regain control of Aaron/Aria a day after the "marriage". Aaron/Aria can "marry" more than once.





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