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Rune Factory Frontier (ルーンファクトリー フロンティア, Rūn Fakutorī Furontia) is a simulation/role-playing video game developed by Neverland Co. and published by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan, Marvelous Entertainment USA and XSeed Games in North America, and Rising Star Games in Europe for the Wii video game console. On July 11, 2008, Marvelous Entertainment USA and XSeed Games announced that they were both bringing Rune Factory Frontier to North America, with a date of March 17, 2009.

This is the first game in the Rune Factory series not to be brought to North America by Natsume. It is the also first of the Rune Factory games to be played on the Wii. It is also the first game to be released within a few months, less than four months to be exact, making it the fastest released Rune Factory game in the entire series. It is the direct sequel of the original game. Despite what some were led to believe, this is neither a port nor remake.


Carrying the plot on from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Raguna tells of how he was saved by Mist and how she provided him with a new life. One day, she mysteriously left without saying a word. The very next day, Raguna set out to find her. He eventually comes to Trampoli and decides to rest there. He comes to the church and meets Stella. She offers to let him rest for the night. The next day, as he is about to set out again, Mist suddenly enters to church. Raguna tells her that everyone is worried about her, but she says she can't return because "Someone is calling for [her]." She instead suggests that he should stay in Trampoli as well. Though he is reluctant, there is an abandoned farm next to her's that he can stay in. Stella asks that he come back and see her afterwards.

On the way there, Raguna spots something in the sky. Mist explains that it's Whale Island and it's always in the sky over Trampoli Village. She shows him to the farm and gives him a cheap hoe and can, and turnip seeds. She says she looks forward to eating them.

Talking to Stella once again, she requests that he take a bamboo shoot to Turner at the inn. There, Raguna meets Eunice. From there, he gives the bamboo shoot to him and is asked to talk to Ganesha about fixing his kitchen knife. There, she agrees to go over but requests that he give Danny of the General Store the payment for her tab. At the general store, Danny asks that he do something for him at Erik's.

Talking to Stella, she may mention a strange plant growing around the clock tower. If Raguna waters it, it will immediately grow into a giant bean stock, allowing Raguna to climb it to Whale Island. Whale island greets Raguna, explaining its consciousness had been awakened by the concentration of spirits on the island, and begs him to help restore the runes inside of it otherwise it will lose its ability to fly and cause the destruction of the town. The whale guides you to an important stone that says "The melody of trust grows within 12 maidens." Twelve orbs of light then manifest from the stone and burst off into separate directions. Later, Mist will mention the man's voice that calls to her in her dreams again and how he seems to be in a lot of pain. She decides that she will direct the voice to his dreams as she believes he can help out. That night, the voice shows up in Raguna's dreams and says to him, "Help... Please help me... A great power flows into me from somewhere. I don't want this power... Help... Please help..."

Eventually Mist will request Raguna to sickle her front yard, which is overrun with weeds. While mowing her lawn he comes across the Green Ruins. Once defeating the boss of the Green Ruins Raguna will notice a strange tree growing along the Mountain Road. Kanno explains that beyond the tree there are old ruins of a laboratory that previously researched the peaceful usage of Runes as well as plants that grow with Runes. He explains that the strange tree is one of the surviving members of those plants. Raguna places a Tree Rune Stone into the tree, accelerating its growth, and opening the Lava Ruins.

During his visits to Whale Island Fin, Raguna happens across an elusive girl who appears to have an affinity toward flowers. He decides to grow a patch of Moondrop Flowers right outside her house as Rosetta had informed him that the flowers bloom beautifully in the moonlight. Once the flowers bloom under the moonlight, Raguna is able to meet Iris. During his many visits to Whale Island, the consciousness of the island speaks to Raguna and thanks him for his company, asking for him to visit often.

In the night Raguna is subjected to a second dream where he hears a voice that is represented by the color green: "...Ah, you're awake. Good morning. I am... Hm... I am your maker... I guess I'm something like a father to you. First of all, congratulations. No... Thank you for being born. To artificially create magical creatures using the Spirit energy of Runes... to make what are referred to as monsters in this world... you are the first step. What I am saying... There's no need for me to tell you such things. Why don't I start off by presenting you with a name? It will be..."

During one of Raguna's visits to Iris, a mysterious man by the name of Gelwein exits the tower and unlocks the gate to Whale Island Flank that had previously been locked. The consciousness of the Whale speaks to Raguna again and asks him to put a stop to a monster located in the water tower who has recently gotten very violent.

After defeating the boss of the Lava Ruins, Raguna finds a stone tablet known as a Relic and places it into the large monument located east of the library. With the aid of the Relic the monument moves to the side to reveal the Snow Ruins. Next, when Raguna visits the Whale its consciousness informs him that the Rune within him is dissipating at an alarming rate and it is now critical to have his help, else he will plummet from the sky.

At night, Raguna experiences yet another dream, this time involving the green voice but now with two others in purple and maroon. Maroon exclaims that Rune levels are critically low in the Basic Experimental Facility. Purple reveals the same incident at the Cryogenic Faclility. Green urges them to release backup Runes but it seems to be having no affect. It becomes evident that things are quickly entering dangerous territory if they don't do something. Green speaks to an unknown person, urging them to go on being the innocent self they have always been. He tries to reassure them that things will work out but even he knows that at this rate the the runes will completely disappear from the world. And when that happens...

Right before Raguna is about to enter the boss room in the Snow Ruins both Mist and Candy interject. Mist explains that the voice she has been hearing is coming from inside the boss room asking for her help while Candy explains that the room has accumulated a lot of Spirits, including Spirits from Whale Island, and that they are sad. While Raguna is unable to open the door to the boss room, Mist is. When the trio enter the chamber they find a huge glowing glyph at the center of the room and a Dark Rune at its center. From within it they can hear a feminine Spirit Melody which is soon revealed to be sung by a woman who strikingly resembles Iris. Candy explains that it is the girls Spirit Melody, which has gathered so many spirits into one place, is creating the Rune glyph on the floor. She must be stopped or otherwise Whale Island will crash out of the sky and destroy the town.Raguna attempts to talk the girl out of what she is doing, mistakenly believing her to be the Iris he knows on Whale Island. However, the girl does not know him. At the absence of her singing, Gelwein steps out to angrily criticize and berate her before noticing the trio who have entered the chamber.


Gelwein reveals the truth behind the two girls; that they were once one but split into two out of sheer loneliness. He refers to them as Noire and Blanche. For an undisclosed amount of time Noire and Blanche had been continuously singing their Spirit Melody — one above the world and one below — in order to maintain the balance of Spirits in the world. However, Gelwein had recently put a stop to Blanche's singing on Whale Island in order to accumulate spirits underground and create a Dark Rune.

When Gelwein orders Noire to attack the trio, Iris Blanche uses her power above to speak through Raguna and plead for Iris Noire to stop. It is revealed she is able to do so due to Raguna previously sharing his blood with her. With the presence of Iris Blanche and the blood offering, the Awareness Control that Gelwein had cast onto Iris Noire breaks. Gelwein retreats for the time, stating that he has found someone much more powerful and capable to absorb ruins than even the Iris girls. Raguna passes out, falling into yet another dream.

Green speaks, revealing that they had created life with their own hands. The child, artificially created, was born with a body that endlessly absorbs Runes and is capable of causing the destruction of the entire world. He does not blame the child but knows he must do something to save the world. When Raguna regains consciousness days later, he learns that Mist has gone missing and the inner chamber of the Snow Ruins has been magically sealed. A great and powerful force is drawing the Spirits into that underground chamber and they must put an immediate stop to it as well as find Mist.

Raguna brings Iris Noire to Whale Island where her and Iris Blanche reunite after so many years. The two simultaneously use their Spirit Melody to try and draw as much of the Spirits back up from underground and prevent the floating island from crashing. Raguna returns to the Snow Ruins in hopes that the magical seal against the final door has weaken. However, he is still unable to break the seal and must find a different way in. Back at the town's cemetery Candy asks Raguna for help her. Her and Marco had discovered a hole in the ground and he had gone in to retrieve her treasured doll when it had accidentally fallen inside. Raguna rescues Marco and it subsequently happens to be another, hidden, passage into the main chamber of the Snow Ruins.

Raguna enters the main chamber of the Snow Runes to find Gelwein and an unconscious Mist. It is then revealed that Mist is the artificial child that had been made by human hands all those years ago. Gelwein has placed her into unbearable pain to force her sub-conscious to draw in all the Runes in the area and his ambitions quickly turn from revenge against his colleagues to destroying the entire world with this kind of control and power. Raguna attempts to save Mist, however the Dark Rune is too powerful, quickly absorbing both Mist and Gelwein before it teleports away leaving behind the Grimoire of Time. Raguna hands the book over to Kanno to translate the ancient script.

Raguna has yet another dream. Green speaks to another voice that is represented by blue. He says to her, "I really wish I didn't have to do this... But if I don't quarantine you in a different world, in time you'll absorb all the Runes... making this world uninhabitable for any creature. Although this was your idea, making you take responsibility for everything is just... We are terribly sorry... We are scientists... No. We have failed you as your parents. Please, wait for us. Even if it takes a lifetime... we'll come to get you. Until then..."

The blue voice speaks out, "*sniffle* I don't wanna be alone... But if I don't bear this pain, everyone else will die. I want that even less than being alone, so I need to stay strong... Everyone else will be happy as long as I alone stay strong. As long as I alone..."

Kanno decodes the ancient text and reveals that the book is written about another world called the 'Era of Disconnect' and that Mist has been taken to this other world. Kanno then gives Raguna 12 Crystal Flower seeds that must be grown by 12 maidens for it will guide him to the Era of Disconnect. After the 12 Maidens give their Crystal Flowers to Raguna he places them in the pedestal located at the Clock Tower. However, it is revealed that there are only 11 varieties of the flower due to Iris Noire and Iris Blanche originating from the same person. Raguna does not give up on finding a way to save Mist and happens across the flower she had been growing outside of her house, revealing it to be Mist's Crystal Flower. With the help of Candy singing the Spirit Melody and the poem from the Grimoire of Time, a portal opens to the Era of Disconnect.

Once in the Era of Disconnect, Raguna comes across a monster at the top of the clock tower. The monster pleads for Raguna to leave as it can no longer control itself and hold back. Gelwein appears before Raguna and reveals that he had been using the Dark Rune energy that he had collected from Iris Noire and Mist to fuel the artificial monster seen before them, feeding it with negative energy until it became a monster. Raguna recognizes the monster as being the same voice who had initially asked him for help in his first dream. With Gelwein's taunts of world destruction using the monster as his tool, Raguna decides to defeat the monster before him, which was exactly what Gelwein had been hoping he would do. Gelwein then uses the power of Mist's Dark Rune and his Awareness Control to take over the monsters mind and fuse with it. Raguna attempts to defeat him but in this form Gelwein is too strong. The 12 Maidens show up with the aid of the Spirits from their own world and release Mist from the hold of the Dark Rune by singing the Spirit Melody. With Gelwein no longer able to have control over a powerful Rune, Raguna is able to defeat him. Gelwein separates from the monster and dies. Mist offers the monster to come back with them but it declines. Raguna and Mist return back to their world.