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A list of rune abilities that appear in Rune Factory 5.


The protagonist can gain Rune Abilities and Spells as random drops from defeating Monsters and as prizes in treasure chests.

Most spells can be upgraded. After expanding The Crystalabra twice, Lucas will begin offering upgrade services. The cost and materials required to upgrade a rune ability vary. See individual item pages for details.

Upgrading Magic Abilities

Magic abilities can be upgraded by 'gifting' them to Lucas after the Crystalabra has expanded twice. Only elemental/healing spells may be upgraded in this manner. Weapon skills and monster 'music' skills cannot be upgraded unless obtained randomly from a chest. The price for level upgrades is as follows:

1→2: 500G

2→3: 3000G

3→4: Sapphire

4→5: Platinum

5→6: Orichalcum

6→7: Crimson Fur

7→8: Dragonic Stone

8→9: Rune Crystal

9→10: Small Crystal

List of Rune Abilities

Short Sword

Name Buy Sell Description
Power Wave 1300G 130G Charge power to release shock waves.
Dash Slash 2000G 100G Close the gap between enemies in an instant. Follow up while dashing to execute an additional attack.
Rush Attack 3800G 190G Press the button repeatedly for additional attacks and a finisher.
Round Break 6900G 345G A cyclone attack that blows away foes. Great to use when surrounded.
Mind Thrust 2800G 140G Find and attack your enemy's weak point. May inflict status ailments as well.

Long Sword

Name Buy Sell Description
Wind Slash 3400G 170G A vertical jump-spin attack. Keep pressing the button to increase the number of spins.
Flash Strike 9800G 490G Blow away foes with one swing. Covers wide areas very effectively.
Naive Blade 5500G 275G Anticipate your enemy's attacks and quickly strike back.
Steel Heart 3800G 190G Become strong enough not to stagger when attacked, but take more damage.
Delta Strike 1500G 75G A fluid attack of lunging and cutting.


Name Buy Sell Description
Hurricane 2100G 105G A fancy attack with a toss, a spin, and a juggle.
Reaper Slash 2700G 135G Mow down enemies in a wide area. Best used when surrounded.
Millionstrike 8800G 440G A swift stab. Creates shockwaves to hit multiple times.
Axel Disaster 3200G 160G A spinning attack that bores into foes. Must face the enemy head-on to inflict continuous damage.
Thousand Thrusts 3000G 150G Deliver a flurry of thrusts in front of you. The number of thrusts increases as you level it up.


Name Buy Sell Description
Stardust Upper 1900G 95G Knock enemies into the air. They can also be attacked while spinning.
Tornado Swing 2400G 120G Spinning lunge attack. Keep pressing the button to increase the number of spins. Just don't make yourself dizzy!
Grand Impact 5700G 285G Hit the ground and cause an earthquake. Press the button for multiple hits.
Giga Swing 11000G 550G Knocks enemies back with its incredible strength. You can send them flying with a big hit.
Terra Swing 3000G 150G Knock enemies out of the park with a full swing. Creates a shockwave that sends nearby enemies flying.

Dual Blades

Name Buy Sell Description
Gust 2600G 130G Jump up and soar in the air. Also useful for dodging attacks.
Storm 4500G 225G Execute continuous attacks in the air. Keep pressing the button for additional moves.
Rail Strike 3800G 190G A jump-spin attack. Dynamic and hard to counter.
Twin Attack 1700G 85G Stab, twist, pull—like a psychotic mantra. Simple, but effective.
Blitz 8400G 420G Speed up attack rate by sharpening concentration.


Name Buy Sell Description
Upper Cut 3000G 150G Launch enemies into the air.
Double Kick 7800G 390G Spin and kick enemies so hard.
Straight Punch 9000G 450G Concentrate to deliver a powerful punch.
Neko Damashi 6500G 325G A legendary technique using palm of the hand to cause distress and surprise all in one!
Rush Punch 5800G 240G Punch many times at high speed. Your enemies are already dead.
Cyclone 12000G 600G Blow away your enemies by spinning your body super fast.
Rapid Move 9800G 490G Instantly close in on an enemy. Mainly used for support.

List of Magic Spells

Name Buy Sell Description
Fire Fireball 2200G 110G Hurls small fireballs. Can hurl up to 3 at a time.
Inferno 4400G 220G Hurls large fireballs. Can hurl up to 2 at a time.
Explosion 6600G 350G Hurls giant fireballs that cause explosions on impact, damaging their surroundings.
Gatling Comet 8000G 400G Fires an enormous fireball in front of you that explodes and rains down smaller fireballs over a wide area.
Water Water Laser 2400G 120G Emits a water beam that can penetrate stone. The longer you maintain it, the bigger the impact.
Parallel Laser 4800G 240G Emits 2 water beams that can penetrate stone. The longer you maintain them, the bigger the impact.
Delta Laser 7200G 360G Emits 3 water beams that can penetrate stone. Particularly effective when surrounded by foes.
Impact Laser 7800G 390G Emits an extremely large water beam that can blast through stone with ease.
Earth Rock Screw 2300G 115G Summons a sharp rock to punch your foes. Designed for fighter mages.
Earth Spike 4600G 230G Summons stone pillars that track enemies and strike them from below.
Avenger Rock 6900G 345G Stabs its target with a large rock. Also known as the "drill punch."
Grand Spike 6500G 325G Causes boulders to erupt beneath nearby enemies. Sends land-based enemies into the air, and can damage airborne targets as well.
Wind Sonic Wind 2500G 125G Emits a spinning wind blade that automatically tracks and shred its foes to pieces.
Double Sonic 5000G 250G Emits 2 spinning wind blades. Their arched trajectory makes it hard to attack enemies in front.
Sonic Ricochet 7500G 375G Emits 3 spinning wind blades that move freely in multiple directions, shredding to bits all who get in their way.
Sonic Storm 8800G 440G Creates a vortex of wind around yourself. Holding down the button extends the duration of the spell, turning it into a gale-force tornado that sucks in enemies and sends them flying.
Light Light Barrier 3000G 150G Emits 2 balls of light in front of you, protecting you from enemies.
Shine 6000G 300G Emits 4 balls of light that spin around you, protecting you from enemies.
Prism 9000G 450G Emits spinning balls of light. Provides complete protection from all enemies for a short while.
Sparkle 8800G 440G Emits multiple light orbs that track separate enemies. They have a slight chance of paralyzing their target upon making contact.
Dark Dark Ball 2800G 140G Emits a dark light ball that travels slowly and destroys everything in its way.
Dark Snake 5600G 280G Emits a dark light ball that snakes forward slowly and destroys everything in its path.
Darkness 8400G 420G A forbidden spell that summons an entrance to the depths of darkness.
Dark Absorber 9900G 495G Creates a mystical black hole that draws in all nearby enemies while active. Has a chance of absorbing damage dealt to foes.
Life Cure 1200G 60G Recovers HP. Also heals nearby companions. Doesn't recover much, but also doesn't consume much RP.
Cure All 5800G 290G Recovers a lot of HP, but also consumes a lot of RP. Can heal companions even if they're not nearby.
Master Cure 9800G 490G Greatly recovers HP, but consumes a large amount of RP in the process.
Medipoison 1800G 90G Cures poison. A purifying light will cleanse the toxins in your body.
Mediparalyze 3200G 160G Cures paralysis. A purifying light will allow you to move once more.
Mediseal 4800G 240G Cures seals. A purifying light will bring back your inner power.


Name Buy Sell Description
Greeting Spell 1500G 75G If you say hello, even people who don't like you will say hi back. They'll be your special friends. Your special awake friends.
Bonus Concerto 3800G 190G A musical score that inspires allied monsters to do their best in combat.
Striking March 8000G 400G A musical score that powers up allied monsters' strength until the end of the day.
Iron Waltz 7800G 390G A musical score that powers up allied monsters' defense until the end of the day.