Rune Factory Wiki


First Generation

I Need a Favor. Come Over?

Reward : Steamed Bread

I Need Something Else

Reward : Pudding

"Something else happened... Stop by for a little?"

SHOULDER PIECE is dropped from Ork Viking in Padova Mountain.

I Could Use Your Help

Reward : Charm

There's Something I Really Want

Roy: Hey, you've come at the perfect time, Kyle! have a request I wanted to make.

Kyle: What do you need?

Roy: I'd like it if you could go get me a RUBY. Cammy's got one, and she keeps rubbing it in my face. I wanna get one for myself and give her a taste of her own medicine! So you think you could find a RUBY for me?

Kyle: All right, I'll go get one.

Roy: Awesome! I'll be waiting for you!

(Upon giving Roy a Ruby...)

Roy: All right! A RUBY!

Wait till Cammy sees this! This’ll show her!

I knew I could count on you, Kyle.

Here, take this. It's the least I can do.

Second Generation

I Lost Something in My House

Reward : Raisin Bread

Talk Some Sense into My Mom!

Reward : A page for spell book Sonic Wind : Missing Page 1.

I'm Trying to Study

Condition : Play as Aria.

Reward : Salad

I Have a Secret Plan!

Condition : Play as Aria. If not, Cammy would have a similar request.

Come to My House

Condition : Play as Aria.