Roy (ロイ, Roy) is the son of Tanya, the town blacksmith. He's often seen playing with Cammy, the youngest daughter of Gordon, and the two alternate between playing in the park or in the church. On rainy days, he can be found helping his mother in the smithy and on holidays/special event days, he stands just outside the general store. Roy is a rambunctious boy who is often breaking things or getting into trouble and is far more interested in playing than weapons (or studying in the second generation).

Roy likes Ice Cream, Panther Claw, Potato, and Steamed Gyoza. He hates Pike. He and Cammy are the oldest children in the second generation.



"Hehe heh heh, that's my favorite. Maybe someone will give it to me for my birthday...?" (when given on a day that is not his birthday)

French Fries

Liked Gifts:

"I just love [item]. Thanks a bunch. "



"This is for me? Thanks."

"This is for me? Thanks, [name]. "

Fruit, Trash