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Roy (ロイ, Roi, Roy[1]) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. He is the son of Tanya, the town blacksmith.



Roy is a rambunctious boy who is often breaking things or getting into trouble and is far more interested in playing than almost anything else. He gets easily distracted and is spontaneous in his conversation. He's also a hyper-active kid, and has broken things around the house more than once from rushing around.


His hair is green, he has blue eyes and he usually wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a vest and matching sweater tied at the waist over brown pants. He has sturdy boots for running around and wrist wraps that match his jacket. He wears a heavy necklace with stones in it.


Roy is Tanya's son, and he helps maintain the Forge along with Jake. Roy is often playing with his best friend Cammy, and the two alternate between playing in the park or in the church.


In the first generation, Roy is a rambunctious child, and Kyle spends most of their interactions getting him out of trouble. He often breaks things at home from running around, and needs dungeon items to fix them.

Second Generation

He and Cammy are the oldest children in the second generation, and help out in the school during Mana's classes. Even though he has gotten older, Roy is still rambunctious and often skips school to goof off. His mother says he can't sit still and struggles to stick with school.

Mock Wedding

Roy is a Mock Wedding candidate for Aria.


Gift Preferences
French Fries
Loved "I sure love POTATO. Thanks a bunch."
Liked "You rememered I like this! Thanks a bunch. "
Ice Cream, Steamed Gyoza, Panther Claw
Neutral "This is for me? Thanks, [name]. "
All other items


First Generation

Roy can usually be found with Cammy, either in the church or in De Sainte-Coquille Park on sunny days.

Second Generation

Roy is in school, but only during Mana's classes (9:00AM - 12:00 AM). After school, he can be found helping his mother in the Sharper Edge Blacksmith and on holidays/special event days, he stands just outside the general store.




  • Roy's struggle to stick with school or blacksmith training, and his mother's comments that he's too hyperactive to sit still hint that he may have ADHD.