//I came to talk.
//I came to ask you out.

//Before 9 PM

//After 9 PM


//Today's box lunch is

Rosetta :
Rosetta :
Ask me out...?

Raguna :
Yeah. I was thinking
maybe the Night
of Holies?

Rosetta :
The Night of Holies?!

Raguna :
Is that a no...?

Rosetta :
Oh, sorry. That's not
what I meant. I just
didn't think you'd ask me.
I was a little surprised...

Rosetta :

  • giggle* I'll gladly accept
your invitation, Raguna.

Raguna :
How does meeting up
at the entrance to
the forest behind the
church at 9pm sound?

Rosetta :
9 pm on the 24th of
winter, right?
Rosetta :
My, you're early...
Coming early to wait
for the lady? Not bad.
Rosetta :
Hey, tonight being the
Night of Holies and all,
I kinda want to take
a walk in the forest.
Rosetta :
It's so quiet,
it feels like we're
the only ones left
in this world...

Raguna :
It feels like we're
in a dream...

Rosetta :
Oh yeah!
I made snacks for us
today with the best

Raguna :
This looks great.
Rosetta :
How is it? Good?
Be honest.

Choice :
It's delicious!
This is...Um...

Rosetta :
It makes me happy
to hear that.

Rosetta :
Thank you... for today.
I'm glad I got to spend
tonight with you...

Raguna :
Oh, no. I should be
thanking you for joining
me. I had a great time
with you.

Oh, Rosetta...If I want to confess,I'll make you the happiest
I can no longer controlI must do it now!woman alive. I swear it...
my feelings for you... 
Rosetta - proposal at Night of Holies


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