Rosetta (ロゼッタ, Rosetta) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


A rough and tumble tomboy, Rosetta also has a bossy streak through her; though, her intentions are always good. She tends to boss her mild-mannered father about the store, picking up on his mistakes. Rosetta also seems to view Mist as a rival, and makes the claim early on that "Mist and I've been friends since childhood, but for some reason she sees me as her rival...". However, Mist doesn't seem to recognize the competitive feelings Rosetta has against her, as Rosetta is also in love with Raguna.

Marriage Requirements

To marry Rosetta, you must give her the White Stone. To find the White Stone you need to read about it in the library then talk to Rosetta about it. After that, search the first floor of Toros Cave until you find it (it's in a pile of snow).


Thank you! I like the ____!

Baked Potato

Thank you! I love the ____! But how did you know that I liked them?
Don't tell me you're... interested in me? Hahaha, Just kidding! But thanks for the gift!

Strawberry, Omelet, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Corn on Cob, Fried Veggies, French Fries, Cherry Grass

You're giving me the _____? Okay...

Baked Riceball, Orange Juice, Fried Eggs, Salted Salmon, Salad, Rice, Chocolate, Wine, Flour, Oil, Curry Powder, Rice Dumplings,


  • Rosetta is the only bachelorette who you can make it impossible to marry, since her one of a kind proposal item can be sold to Lukas.
  • Rosetta is the only bachelorette to be attracted to Raguna from the start, though you still have to raise her Love Points all the way, and she will not admit to having liked you until you've gotten closer to her.
  • She shares the same birthday as Egan from Rune Factory 2, Collette from Rune Factory 3, and Porcoline from Rune Factory 4.