First Generation Requests

Please Find Me Some Lamp Grass

Rosalind Request

Rosalind's First Request

"Could you please supply me with some Lamp Grass? (See me for details)"

Quick Guide:

  • Talk to Rosalind
  • Retrieve the lamp grass from Trieste Forest: Spring Clearing and return it to Rosalind
  • Receive 2,000 G
Lamp Grass Req

Lamp Grass

Rosalind will say that she needs Lamp Grass. You need to go to the Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing and go to the east spot of the location and a dialog will appear.

There will be a choice after the dialog that appears in the screen:

  • Take it.
  • Leave it be.

If you chose the second choice, the box will disappear and you can reappear the dialog again. If you take it, you can now bring it to Rosalind to fulfill the request and claim the reward.

Please Find Me an Apple

"I need a special kind of apple from a specific place. Could you please go and pick one for me? (See me for details)"

She said special apple, but it's actually just the regular APPLE you can pick from the apple tree in Trieste Forest.

Reward: 4000 G, HARVEST BASKET tool

Please Deliver Something for Me

"Could you please deliver a letter to someone for me? (See me for details)"

She gave you a secret mission of delivering a letter to Byron. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not Barette is in the house though.

Hiring Research Assistant

Reward: 8000 G

"Now hiring a scientific research assistant. Please inquire for details."

She wants to do some human experimentation. You need to catch a cold. Stay up until past 3:00 AM for two days in a row to catch a cold (you will have a blue snowflake sign underneath your HP/RP). The best way to complete this quest is by catching a cold before taking the quest for real.

Private Message 1

Please come see me at your earliest convenience.

Please Capture a Monster

"Could you please capture a monster for me? (See me for details)"

She actually wants a SMALL FLEECE. You can capture a Wooly and prepare the item beforehand.

Magical Assistant Needed

"I need an assistant to help test some new magic for me. Please inquire for details"

Start the quest, and then talk to Rosalind in front of Trieste Forest. Mission complete.

Please Get Some Rare Ingredients

Reward: 20,000 G

"I would really appreciate it if someone could find these rare ingredients for me. (See me for details)"

Get the quest from Rosalind, and she said that she wanted a GOLD CABBAGE. You can't plant it in the first generation, but if you talk to her again she said that Max might have a clue and you should talk to him while he's in his room. He's generally in his room at evening, either past 5 PM or 9 PM depending on days and weather. Another thing to note is that if you want to see him past 9 PM, you need to befriend Herman first to be allowed night visit (but this is not needed if you can catch Max in his room at 5 PM). Max will give you the item for free, and you just need to deliver it to Rosalind.

Private Message 2 (URGENT)

Please come see me immediately after reading this. (It's very important)

Private Message 3

Please come see me at your earliest convenience.

Second Generation

First Request : Can You Get Me Some Food?
Reward: 10,000G


Hello, Freya. I suppose you saw the bulletin board?

Aaron/Aria :

Yup. How can I help you?

Rosalind :

Ah, thank you. Sorry for the short notice, but could you catch a SALMON for me? I'll give you 10,000G. I hope that's all right. Thanks so much for your help.

Rosalind :

Thank you, Freya. Nice work! Here's your payment of 10,000G.

Second Request : Can you Get Something for Me?
Condition : a friendship level between 2 and 3
Reward: 20,000G


This time, could you find me some relax tea leaves?