"My brother and father might cause you a bit of a headache, but, please, be nice to them."
―Rosalind, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Rosalind (ロザリンド・レムナンド・ヴィヴィアージュ, Rosalind Remunando Viviaajyu) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

She is Herman's spoiled but sweet daughter. She loves to cook and is very good at it. She is also intelligent and likes to invent things; many of her requests involve her requesting your help testing her inventions. As part of Alvarna's wealthy De Sainte-Coquille family, Rosalind's requests initially offer a lot of money. However, as Kyle's relationship with Rosalind grows the money becomes more scarce.

Rosalind is also serious about clothes and shares this interest with Julia. When Rosalind cannot be found inside her house, she can be found hanging out with Julia and Dorothy inside the church (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or with Julia outside the bathhouse.

If Kyle chooses not to marry Rosalind, she will marry Ray and have twins named Sera and Serena. The Rival Marriage of Ray and Rosalind is scheduled to occur on 17th Spring of Year 3.



Rosalind's engagement item is a bouquet of roses that Max heard about inside a book, as it was Rosalind's favourite growing up story. Almost asking Kyle if he could be her fairytale's knight, then, Max send him onto an impossible quest to solve, who require to gather 100 of a variety of flowers called the 'Geschule'. "However, a single 'Geschule' flower goes for 68 000 G at the market." Asking you, if you are ready to do anything for the happiness of her sister, then being the only one who could afford that kind of gift, Max propose you to lend them in exchange for a favor; " Just bring me 9 fresh ripped and juicy TOMATOES in exchange.".

 If married to Kyle

Rosalind House

Rosalind in the House in Generation II

After marrying Rosalind, one day will skip and the next day, the two of us will live together at Kyle's house.

Everyday will be the same dialogue for her until Rosalind feels sick and announces that she is pregnant and will have a baby soon. She will ask Kyle what he thinks the gender of the baby will be, and there are three choices:

  • Boy.
  • Girl
  • Neither of the two.

If the player chose Boy/Girl, he will get a baby of the selected gender. If "neither", the baby's gender will be randomised.

Rosalind Baby

Having a Baby

The player will just know that Rosalind delivers the baby when she is now carrying the baby and will have a conversation with him.

This is the time that you should complete building the School to have time-skip event and be in Second Generation of this game which will make one complete the storyline.


First generation
Alvarna - East End Mon 8h20 - 11h
Alvarna - West End Wed 14h30 – 17h
Alvarna Chapel (as a friend) Mon 12h – 17h30
Fri 15h – 17h30
Alvarna Chapel The, Thu 9h – 11h
Wisdom Bathhouse Wed 18h – 20h
Weekends (Alvarna - East End) 11h30 – 17h
(Mon) Rainy days De Sainte-coquille Manor
Second generation
Alvarna - Port Tue Thu 12h – 14h
Wisdom Bathhouse Thu 15h – 16h30
(Mon) Rainy days Weekends Alvarna Clinic



"Thank you. If you'd given this to me on my birthday, I'd really have liked it." (When given on a day that isn't her birthday)

Hot Milk

Favorite Gifts:

"That's my favorite! Thank you!"

Grape Liqueur, 4-Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato


"You're giving this to me, [Name]? Umm... Thank you?"

Steamed Gyoza, Boiled Gyoza, Fruit


"This...isn't really..."




  • If not married to Kyle, she will live in the Clinic with her husband, Ray. She can be often be seen at the Second Floor of the Alvarna Clinic and sometimes may go out and hang out with the Villagers.
  • Rosalind is one of the only characters with unique dialogue every day after getting married but before having her child.
  • Sometimes, when being gifted by Kyle, She will mistake him for one of his children. This seems to be a translation error in the US version of the game, since it can happen in the first generation.