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Whale Island

So you've been going to Whale Island?
I guess boys like to go on adventures but make sure you don't get yourself killed!


During this season, it feels the best when you drink a cocktail with flowers in it. what I heard but this village only has wine.

Are you cooking on your own?
No. I don't have any tools to cook at home...
Oh, really?
Why not buy some from Lute, then?
He's a traveling peddler who comes once a week. Why don't you try going to the square during the day on holidays.
He'll be a guy in weird clothes pushing a cart.
Not only does he sell cooking utensils, there's a lot of other stuff that's worth a look.
But I've never cooked before...
Perfect opportunity then. Then take that as your chance to start.
You can have this. There are some simple recipes in it. [You got quick step cooking]
Just stick with the recipe and you can make pretty good dishes.
Thank you so much for everything.
Don't mention it.

What's up? Is there something on my face?

It's spring. I really feel like taking it easy.
I should take a lunchbox with me and have a drink outside.