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Rigbarth (リグバース, Rigubasu) is a location in Rune Factory 5.

A town that lies between a kingdom and a previously existing empire. In addition to former inhabitants of the kingdom and the old empire, various races live here. As a normal town with a small population, SEED is currently stationed in town to maintain its peace and livelihood of the town. Simone, a female doctor and current mayor, is working to enrich the town. The results are beginning to be seen, little by little, such as the opening of a new inn and restaurant[1].


RF5Guide Rigbarth.png
# Name Residents
1 Rigbarth Outpost (SEED) Ares, Alice, Livia, Scarlett
2 Terry's Detective Agency Terry
3 The Blue Moon Murakumo
4 Rigbarth Clinic Simone, Lucy, Julian
5 Lackadaisy Fuuka
6 Sweet Hearth Randolph, Yuki
7 Serendipity General Store Misasagi, Hina
8 True Strike Smithy Darroch
9 Studio Palmo Palmo, Ryker
10 The Crystalabra Heinz
11 Flowerstruck Ludmila
12 Martin and Cecil's House Martin, Cecil
13 Elsje's House Elsje, Priscilla
14 Professor Monster & The Renamer
15 Lucas' House Lucas
16 Abandoned House -
17 Belpha Ruins Beatrice, Reinhard
18 Festival Grounds -
19 Great Tree Plaza
20 Ripple Beach



  1. ある王国とかつてあった帝国の境界にある町。王国出身者のほか、旧帝国からやってくる人など、さまざまな種族が住んでいる。平凡な町ゆえに人口が減少し、現在はSeedが駐留して町の平和と生活を維持している。女医のシモーヌが町長を兼務し、町を豊かにしようと活動しており、新しく旅館やレストランができるなど、その成果は少しずつ見えはじめている。