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Rigbarth (リグバース, Rigubasu) is a location in Rune Factory 5.

A town that lies between a kingdom and a previously existing empire. In addition to former inhabitants of the kingdom and the old empire, various races live here. As a normal town with a small population, Seed is currently stationed in town to maintain its peace and livelihood of the town. Simone, a female doctor and current mayor, is working to enrich the town. The results are beginning to be seen, little by little, such as the opening of a new inn and restaurant[1].


RF5Guide Rigbarth.png

# Name Residents
1 Seed Station Ares, Alice, Livia, Scarlett
2 Terry's Detective Agency Terry
3 Ichigo Ichie Murakumo
4 Rigbarth Clinic Simone, Lucy, Julian
5 At Your Fancy Fuka
6 Happiness Randolph, Yuki
7 Sparkle General Store Misasagi, Hina
8 Strike Dogu
9 Palmo's Atelier Palmo, Lyka
10 Schiller Heinz
11 Cutie Rose Ludmila
12 Martin and Cecil's House Martin, Cecil
13 Elsje's House Elsje, Priscilla
14 House
15 Lucas' House Lucas
16 Empty House -
17 Belfa Ruins Beatrice, Reinhard
18 Busy Space -
19 Big Tree
20 Ripple Beach



  1. ある王国とかつてあった帝国の境界にある町。王国出身者のほか、旧帝国からやってくる人など、さまざまな種族が住んでいる。平凡な町ゆえに人口が減少し、現在はSeedが駐留して町の平和と生活を維持している。女医のシモーヌが町長を兼務し、町を豊かにしようと活動しており、新しく旅館やレストランができるなど、その成果は少しずつ見えはじめている。