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Rice (, a) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

File:RF3Rice.png A beloved staple of the dining table. Goes well with all other foods.
Category Made Sell 50G Buy 100G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
6hrs +30 +5


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Oven Doria 51 Butter Cucumber Rice Onion Medium Milk -
Oven Doria 53 Butter Cucumber Rice Onion Large Milk -
Oven Seafood Doria 58 Butter Butter Shrimp Squid Rice Medium Cheese
Pot Egg Bowl 32 Rice Onion Small Egg - - -
Pot Rice Porridge 33 Rice Mixed Herbs Hot-Hot Fruit - - -
Pot Tempura Bowl 34 Rice Tempura Sour Drop - - -
Pot Egg Bowl 35 Rice Onion Medium Egg - - -
Pot Egg Bowl 38 Rice Onion Large Egg - - -
Pot Milk Porridge 42 Rice Small Milk - - - -
Pot Milk Porridge 44 Rice Medium Milk - - - -
Pot Milk Porridge 46 Rice Large Milk - - - -
Pot Curry Rice 55 Rice Carrot Curry Powder Red Grass Heavy Spice -
Frying Pan Fried Rice 37 Oil Rice Leek Green Pepper Medium Egg -
Frying Pan Fried Rice 39 Oil Rice Leek Green Pepper Large Egg -
Frying Pan Omelet Rice 39 Omelet Rice Ketchup - - -
Frying Pan Risotto 39 Oil Rice Onion Tomato Toy Herb -
Frying Pan Dry Curry 40 Oil Curry Powder Rice Carrot Green Pepper Onion
Hand Rice Ball 6 Rice - - - - -
Hand Bamboo Rice 10 Bamboo Shoot Rice - - - -
Hand Salmon Rice Ball 15 Salted Salmon Rice - - - -


Liked Collette Icon.png Collette
Neutral Marian Icon.png Marian Pia Icon.png Pia Blaise Icon.png Blaise

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

File:RFToDRice.png Type Ingredient HP Recovery 0 Special Effects
Value G RP Recovery 0
Effect Time 0

Rune Factory 4

RF4Rice.png A staple of the dining table.
Category Ready-made Sell 30G Buy 200G
[Effects] HP +30


  • Blossom's Shop - 200G
  • Random Drops from Boxes and Chests


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
No Tool Onigiri 2 Rice
No Tool Salmon Onigiri 20 Salted Salmon Rice
No Tool Bamboo Rice 7 Rice Bamboo Sprout
Frying Pan Fried Rice 30 Rice Oil Egg (S)
Frying Pan Risotto 48 Rice Wine Butter
Frying Pan Omelet Rice 60 Omelet Rice Ketchup
Frying Pan Dry Curry 86 Rice Curry Powder Carrot Onion
Pot Rice Porridge 2 Rice
Pot Milk Porridge 20 Rice Milk (S)
Pot Tempura Bowl 70 Rice Tempura
Pot Egg Bowl 21 Rice Egg (S)
Pot Curry Rice 55 Rice Curry Powder Carrot Potato
Oven Seafood Doria 39 Rice Shrimp Cheese Squid Milk (S)


Liked Lin Fa Icon.png Lin Fa Doug Icon.png Doug Nancy Icon.png Nancy
Neutral Vishnal Icon.png Vishnal

Rune Factory 5

Category Sell G Buy G