In Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, there is a system of "requests," much like in many previous Rune Factory games.

Villagers make requests on the town's bulletin board (located at the Inn). They will give a small summary of the request, and then Aden/Sonja will then go to speak to the villager about the full details of the request. Requests constantly change throughout the game, as you befriend villagers and complete other requests. Most need to be unlocked by befriending a villager or by completing a part of the main story.

Request difficulty is stated on the bulletin board, by the number of turnips that are next to the request. There are 1, 2, and 3 level requests, each with it's own increased difficulty. If the request has a green turnip, it's a personal request. When a turnip is yellow, it means that the request is story line related - usually revealing a new island. Only one request at a time can be taken, and can be cancelled at any time. Once cancelled, you will need to restart the quest over again, but it doesn't disappear from the bulletin board. Below is a list of requests.

Quests by Character


Request Difficulty Description How to Complete Reward Notes
"Your first request"

One Turnip (Regular)

Let me explain how to use the bulletin board. Come and see me. Buy 1 Medicinal Herb at the Gemini General Store and return to give it to Lily. You are given 10G to buy it with. 500G
"I have an errand for you."

One Turnip (Regular)

Lilly asks for one piece of iron and one piece of scrap metal. You can buy them at the blacksmith's. 1,000G
"Can you get ingredients for me?" One Turnip (Regular) I don't have time to get them myself. Lily will request a strawberry, a squid, and an apple. Squid can be caught in shallow water/at the beach, strawberries can be grown on Spring Island, and apples purchased from the General Store.
"A sea chart for an explorer."

One Turnip (Gold)

"Oh dear.."

One Turnip (Regular)

Lily has left her watch with Elena, and will ask you to retrieve it. Speak to Elena and turn the watch into Lily.
"A small old island to investigate."

Three Turnips


I want to know the details of the small island to the north. Can you help? Lily will mark the spot E-2 on your Sea Chart. This is the Wind Spirit Shrine. Visit the island and report back to Lily to finish the request. Charm Blue (x5)

Unlocks after completing Jocelyn's "Mystic Ruins" request.

I Need a Few Things

Odette wont give me the ingredients since I'm still learning to cook, can you get them for me? Rice and Eggs

Reward: Silver  Hairpin


Request Difficulty Description How to Complete Reward
"Will you come with me?"

One Turnip


There's somewhere I want to go, and Im looking for someone to go with me. Speak to Odette, and the two of you will automatically transfer to the Seaside Cave. There will be an event that takes place, so sit back and watch. Pot Recipes (Level 2)
"I'll give you a deal."

One Turnip


Odette has some left over fried rice and contrary to the request, the rice is not free. She will charge you a reduced price for the items. The rice is your prize.
"Looking for somebody with good taste!"

One Turnip


Odette wants to poll customers on the food they provide at the Inn. Simply answer the questions she asks and recieve your reward based on the answers.
"Earn a free meal!"

One Turnip


Odette sends you on an errand to pick up rice from the general store. Return to her with the rice.

Frying Pan Recipes (Level 2)

Pancakes x3

Festival Request: Cherry Blossom Festival (Spring 7), between 12-6PM. James will mention that Odette is looking for you.

Odette is in the Inn's kitchen cooking for the festival. She's missing some ingredients that haven't arrived and asks you to go and find them. The ingredients are random (from random people). They include:

An ingredient from Electra, who should be in the rear yard of the Mayor's Manor.
An ingredient from Bismark, who will be at the beach.
An ingredient from James, who is in the plaza from 12-6pm.

When you talk to each person they will forget what Odette ordered and ask you to pick the correct ingredient from three choices. When you have all of the ingredients, return to Odette.

Reward: Fried Rice x 1


Request Difficulty Description How to Complete Reward
"I'm looking for medicinal herbs."

One Turnip


Violet will ask for two medicinal herbs. These can easily be purchased from either the Gemini Store, or you can buy it from the clinic before accepting the request (she doesn't give you the option of buying from the clinic while this quest is active).

Recovery Potion


"I have something to give."

One Turnip


Violet wants to give you a recipe book for medications. Talk to her to complete the request and to get your reward.
"Not urgent, but.."

One Turnip


Violet wants someone to clean up the Dragon Shrine. Go up to the shrine and run around collecting weeds. Once all the weeds are collected, return to Violet to complete the quest.
"I need help with a patient."

One Turnip


Violet wants to ask for a favor. If you'd like to help, go and speak to her.

Speak to Violet, who will you to help her with Gerard. Violet will ask you to convince him to drink Grass Juice that she's made. Gerard drinks it with some argument. Talk to Violet to finish the request. Grass Juice (x5)


Rocky Sailing.
{C}One Gold Turnip
{C}Recently there have been a lot of accidents caused by the boulders to the north. Sailors should watch out.

Use Ymir to pick up and throw the boulders to the north of Fenith island.

Reward: 5000G

The legend of the stone flowers.

Two Golden Turnip Difficulty

Electra has herd that in the far far north flowers don't grow, but that their are minerals that grow their like flowers instead. She has also herd their is a island like that near Fenith island and marks it on your sea chart.

Reward: Winter island and a Neck Towel

An important request.

One Turnip Difficulty

Electra asks you to bring a Potion to her mother (Beatrix). Then you talk to Electra once more.

Reward: Head Recipes (Level 3) and 3 Antidote Potions.

This won't be easy.

One Turnip Difficulty

Electra asked you to get Elena to take Cold Medicine, Give the Medicen to Elena.

Reward:Body Recipes (Level 3) and 1 Cold Medicine


A good island for animals
{C}One Gold Turnip
{C}I know where an island used to be.

Supposed to be an hour west of Fenith island

You are given the location of Spring Island, where spring crops can be grown. Visit and report back to Maerwen for the reward.

Reward: Kitchen Recipes (Lv. 2)

A dangerous request.

One Turnip Difficulty.

She wants you to collect 1 insect jaw and 2 iron.

Reward: Frying pan Recipes (Level 3) and 1 Doria

The frozen island

2 Golden Turnip Difficulty

Maerwen wants some information about a new island.

Location: G2



Golem Head Upgrades

You can change the way your golems head looks by giving Elena certain items that she asks for, but she will only ever tell you once what the items are for the upgrade.

  1. MoonDrop and a Toy herb.
  2. Red Grass and Lamp Grass
  3. Maple x2 and Spring Flower x2
  4. Fireflower x2, Pom Pom Flower x1 and Pink Cat x1
  5. 4-Leaf Clover x1, Green Grass x2 and Weeds x2

Something Powerful to juce up a Golem!

One Turnip

Elena needs some items to enhance her golem research. She wants either 1 Magic Powder OR 1 small crystal OR 1 magic crystal.

Reward: Is dependent on what you trade her, and is iron ore x2, silver ore x2 or gold ore x2 (I may have the quantities off for the latter two as I did this quest before small and magic crystals were available)

Golem repair materials!

One Turnip

Elena needs some scrap metal. You can either buy them from her shop, or go looking for the materials elsewhere. She buys them from you for 50G, which means you turn a profit even if you brought them from her shop.

I need to beef up my golem!

One Turnip

Elena needs an insect jaw and an insect skin to create some spare parts for a golem. She will pay you 100G for the items.

Reward: Axe Recipes (Level 2) and 100g

To my rival!

Come and face me if you read this! I will be kind to my enemy!

All you need to do is speak to Elena and she will reward you.

Reward: Sky Hammer


This is a detailed list of Sierra's requests given in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

Requester Request Difficulty Unlocks When...
Sierra "Be my messenger!' Easy

Description: Sierra wants somebody to deliver a message to Odette.

How to complete: Talk to Sierra to start the request. She'll ask you to tell Odette that she wants a cake. Find Odette, who will say that she's too busy to bake a cake at the moment. Return back to Sierra, who wants you to bake her a cake instead! Bake her a cook using the recipe she gave you with with Milk, Flour, Butter, a Strawberry, and an Egg. Alternatively, you can buy the cake at the Three Sisters Inn. Give the cake to Sierra to complete the request.

Reward: Oven Recipes (Level 2), 5000G

The legendary spear!
{C}One Turnip
{C}A Spear with bark as bad as its bite! It'll leave your enemies pining for mercy

On Sale this season only!

Talk to Sierra and buy the spear for 1000G.

Reward: Bunbunir x 1

{C}A ghost in the ocean?

{C}Two Gold Turnips

{C}There's a faint yellow light appearing on the ocean! Is it a ghost? Someone needs to investigate!

Go to the location indicated on the sea chart, use Ymir to raise the temporary island, Gather the Runeys, don't forget to grab the treasure chest at the top of the island up the vines. Return to Sierra.

Reward: Sardine Sashimi x 5

A job at the general store!

One Turnip Difficulty

When you talk to Sierra she tells you to go talk to Bismark. Then you talk to Sierra again.

Radiant weaponstravaganza!

A brilliant weapon that's as deadly as it is pretty! On sale this season only!

Sierra wants you to buy a dual blade for 2,000G. It's a limited time offer.

Reward: Sparklers

Uh, cleaning? Help!

Two Turnip Difficulty

I need to clean the Gemini General Store, and I need help! Come by sometime.

Sierra tells you that somebody has spread firewood on the floor of the general store. Go pick up 7 thin sticks off the floor, and return them to Sierra. Alternatively, you can keep them for yourself.

Reward: Grass Juice


This Cursed body.

One Turnip Difficulty.

She is feeling sore and wants you to bring her a Para-Gone.

Reward: 1 Iron

Bring me tribute.

One Turnip Difficulty.

She wants you to bring her a tribute. She will take any toy as a tribute.


Two Turnip Difficulty

Pandora Says their is a island north of winter island where their are a bunch of spirits and wants you to get rid of them because the are scaring the kids in the church. She adds the spot to your map.

Reward: Devil Blood


Something Hidden Beneath The Waves

Two golden Turnips

She gives you co-ordinates for your sea map to find a statue and investigate. If you are successful, you unlock the character 'Pandora'.

Reward: (It's pretty much the fact you unlocked an important character).

I'd Like to reward your skills.

One Turnip Difficulty

She wants you to kill 5 Trolls.

Reward: Snapper Sashimi x5

A strong warrior needed.

One Turnip Difficulty

She asks you to return (kill) 5 orc archers to the Forest of Beginnings.

Reward: Katana Recipes (level 2) and 1 Recovery Potion.

Blade testing help.

One Turnip Difficulty

I've acquired a rare blade, and would like to test it.

Mikoto has gotten a new blade and asks you to give her one Sardine to test it out on.

Reward: 1 Sardine Sashimi

I need some advice...

One Turnip Difficulty

Mikoto needs to write a letter to home but she doesn't know what to write. She asks you to give her something to send them. I made a Duck Toy to send and she seemed pleased with it.

Reward: Katana Recipes (Level 3)

I need to improve my patrols.

Mikoto asks you to patrol the island. Visit each area of the island to complete the request.

Reward: Salmon Rice Ball (x5)


Can you use your sea chart?

One Golden Turnip Difficulty

Joe wants you to Go to a spot to the west of Fenith Island (the main island) that he marks on your map. You find a small Island in the middle of the Current.

Reward: Courage Badge

Can you use your sea chart?

One Golden Turnip Difficulty

Joe wants you to Go to a spot to the west of Fenith Island (the main island) that he marks on your map.

Got any wine?
{C}One Turnip

Joe wants a bottle of wine for the bottle itself. He wants to make it into a telescope. Wine can be purchased from the Three Sisters Inn.

Reward: Fire Rod x 1

Let's have a fishing contest!
{C}Two Turnips
{C}I heard you started fishing! Let's have a contest!

Fish up and bring a Tuna to Joe. Tuna can be located in the deep blue parts of the ocean, and is pretty rare.

Reward: Recovery Potion L x 5

Oh No!

One Turnip

Joe's house is sinking. Bring him one piece of scrap metal and some glue.

Reward: Longsword Recipes Level 3.

Help me!

One Turnip

I-I can't stand it! Please just come see me!

Joe has eaten something that he shouldn't have, and now needs you to get him an antidote potion.

Reward: 3 Squid and Longsword Recipes (S Level)


Search for a desert island

One Gold Turnip

James mentions that the sunken ship was supposedly going to a desert island. Island is located at co-ordinates B-3.

Reward: A new island (that has the key to the next temple on it) and 9 Silver ore.

I want to try something

James wants you to bring back materials so he can start forging. He asks for 2-4 iron ores.

I want to ask you something.

One Turnip Difficulty

I want your opinion on something. It won't be difficult.

James will ask you to bring him a pendant that is popular with women. Any pendant will do.

Reward: Sun Pendant


I have a problem...

I'm not feeling well. Could you bring me some medicine?

One Turnip Difficulty

Bismark says his stomach is upset and will ask for an antidote potion.

Reward: Frying Pan Recipes (Level 2)

Could you help me?

I've got a job for you. Come see me for details.

One Turnip Difficulty

Bismark has Flour to be delivered to Maerwen. He asks you to give it to her while she's in the mansion.

Reward: 100G

I..Im Hungry

One Turnip Difficulty

It was for Sierra, could you tell her im hungry? Talk to Sierra then bring food to Bismark.

Reward: Head Recipes (Lvl 3)


Island investigation

Beatrix says there is an island to the west of Fenith Island with a red tower on it. Go and Investigate it

island is located at co-ordinates B-6

Looking to buy materials

One Turnip Difficulty

Beatrix asked for 1 Earth Crystal.

Reward: 3,000g

Are you all settled in here?

One Turnip Difficulty

When you talk to her you can ask her about some the Island and its people.

Reward: Oven Recipes (Level S)


Clobber some monsters!
{C}One Turnip (Repeatable)
{C}Show those arrogant goblins who's boss!

Defeat 5 goblins. It doesn't matter where.

Reward: Char x1

More monsters to clobber!

One Turnip Dificulty (repeatable)

Bacchus want you to defeat 5 Goblin pirates.

Reward: Spear Recipes (Level 3)

A very serious clobbering request.

Show those arrogant demons who's in charge!

Bacchus asks you to slay 5 demons. They can be found:

Reward: Spear Recipes (Level 2)

If your that good at raising Islands...

Two Golden Turnip Difficulty

Bacchus mentions that a friend of his found a old sunken ship that he can't raise, so he tells you where to find it.

You have to go the long way around to find it since there is deep water and a current in the way. WHen you bring it up it is permanently raised.

Reward: The island location its self is the reward.

I'm starved!

One turnip difficulty

When you talk to Bacchus he'll ask if you have anything good to eat. When you suggest he go eat at the inn, he'll say he heard you're a good cook too and tell you he wants a fried fish. Any fried fish works.

Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes (Level 2)

Train him up, please!

One Turnip Difficulty

Bacchus will tell you he needs your help training his "weakling" of a grandson. You're allowed to decide on his training regimen.

When you go to Joe, he'll be surprised that Bacchus wants you to train him then act happy. After praising and saying how lucky he is to have a grandpa who cares about him, he'll ask you to take Bacchus some wine. You'll naturally feel wary of this idea, but Joe tells you not to drink the wine and to bring it straight to his grandpa!

Bacchus will say how thoughtful Joe is and get a tear in his eye, then he takes a big gulp of sea water that Joe had in the bottle instead of whine. The war is on, but you still get a reward!

Reward: Fishing Pole Recipes (Level S)

Notes: The I'm starved! and Train him up, please! requests often pop up at the same time, and together they give a full friendliness level, so don't forget to talk to Bacchus when they're finished before giving him any gifts to make sure you can't trigger a friendship level up.

I'll train you up!

I'll teach you how to fight, whippersnapper! Come and see me.

One Turnip

Bacchus asks you to catch a girella, and then he'll teach you how to be a better angler. It can be found by fishing off of the beach on a rainy day, or by fishing in deep water. Return to to Bacchus.



Let's have a treasure hunt!
{C}One Turnip
{C}I hid some treasure on the island! You can have it if you can find it.

Hint: It's in a holy spot overlooking the town.

It is located at the Dragon Shrine along the path right as you enter, look for a spot to interact to receive Bird Feather x 1, take it back to complete the quest.

Reward: Bird Feather x 1

Let's make some Juice!

One Turnip

Quinn wants to try her hand at cooking and make you a juice. She asks for either a cherry, orange or apple. All can be purchased at the inn, but you only need one.

Reward: Juice of the Fruit that you gave her x1 (so if you gave her an apple, you get an apple juice)

There's a Monster

There's a monster in the church! Help me catch it!

Talk to Quinn when she is at her room at night or around 6pm.



Um... Please help
{C}One Turnip (Repeatable)
{C}I'm looking for something.

Bring him one colored grass to draw with, not black or white. Grasses can be bought at the clinic next to the church. Only green or yellow at the beginning of the game, but either will work.

Reward: Varies

Um... Please help. (This one is different then the other one.)

One Turnip Difficulty

Kelsey wants to be brave so he asks for a "proof of warrior" which drops off monsters.

Reward: Green Pepper

Do you like riddles?
One Turnip

I made one up.

The riddle is "What do you call a grumpy buffamoo?"
The answer is "Moody"

Reward: Wonderful Gift Recipes book

Wakame Seaweed...

One Turnip

I want you to trade me a big piece of wakame seaweed..

Reward: Mixer Recipes (Level 2)


RFToD-BulletinBoard Gerard

Have you seen it?

2 Turnips Difficulty

Gerard says that Kelsey has lost a rosary and asks you to help find it.

Talk to Maerwen and she takes you to the bath house to search for it. It is in the water, top right.

Reward: 3 Oranges

How about putting your skills to the test?

How would you like to get rid of some orcs?

One Turnip Difficulty (repeatable)

He wants you to kill 5 Orcs.

Reward: 1 Recovery Potion.

Test your skills again.

How would you like to get rid of some tortoises?

One Turnip Difficulty

Gerard asks you to kill 5 tortoises.

Test your skills yet again.

How would you like to get rid of some minotauros?

Gerard asks you to kill 5 Minotauros.



Investigate Shrine Island

Jocelyn has some questions about shrine island. she will tell you to go investigate it and she will ask you some questions. Answer the questions based on your findings

ans: 24, brown, yes

I'm searching for a pot.

Jocelyn wants a pot that has been crafted on Fenith Island.

Possible items:

- Strange Pot

- Pot

Reward: 3 Cucumber

Investigate some mystic ruins

Jocelyn wants you to investigate a mystic ruin that can be found in H3 on the map. She wants to know the shape of the pillars and the lighting of the ruins.

Answer: Round, Yes, Off-White

Reward: Head Recipes (Lv. S)