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In Rune Factory 5, the protagonist can take requests from the task board outside of the Silo. It is a list of request to indicate new assignments and to teach you about its systems and unlocking valuable resources. After each request is completed, you will receive a reward.

Requests List

Type # Request Client Details Reward
RF5Scenario.png 001 Please Open the Door... Priscilla [Recovery Potion x 5]
002 Find Mom Hina
003 Job Terry
RF5PlantRequest.png 004 First Directive Livia Talk to Eliza inside the Silo! Turnip Seeds x 4
005 Use Furniture Ryker Customize your furniture as you please! Report back to the task board when you're finished! Storage Box x 1
006 Gather Lumber Palmo Chop up stumps and branches with an axe to collect lumber. Report back to the task board when you're finished! New Shop Inventory: Lumber/Material Stone Box
007 Try Shipping Lucy Place a turnip in the shipping bin! It will ship the next day at 8:00 AM. Report back to the task board when you're finished! New Shop Inventory: Spinach Seeds, Potato Seeds
008 Gift an Item Hina Gift someone a toyherb! Cheap Sickle
009 Buy Food Yuki Buy some food at the general store! Switch between shelves to select different items! Toyherb Seeds x 4
010 Gather Material Stone Darroch Smash rocks and boulders with a hammer to collect material stones, then store them in the appropriate box! Rock x 4
011 Try Fishing Lucy Go fishing! 300G
012 Use Fertilizer Bin Priscilla Place some grass in the fertilizer bin! Withered Grass x 3
013 Mine Iron Fuuka Smash ore with a hammer to mine iron! Amethyst x 1
014 Make Friends Julian Raise everyone's Friendship Level to 1 or higher! Greeting Spell x 1
015 Give me Elsje
016 Make recipe Fuuka
017 Stage Darroch
018 Make Martin
019 Make Priscilla
020 Give Palmo
021 Make Murakumo
022 Give Simone
023 Make Medicine Yuki
024 Raise Skill Level Ryker
025 Raise - skill level Scarlett
026 Strengthen Randolph
027 Raise magic level Cecil
028 Strengthen som Murakumo
029 Use s Priscilla
030 Ship Cecil
031 Wind Livia
032 axe Cecil
033 Friendshup level 5 Hina
034 Level 50 Randolph
035 Use a Spell Seal Livia Use your Spell Seal! 7,500G
036 Catch a Wanted Monster Hunt down the wanted monster. Report to Captain Livia when you're finished! Wind Slash
037 Give a Crystal to a Farm Dragon Heinz Give a giant crystal to a farm dragon! Formula B x 2
038 Together Darroch
039 Together Martin
040 Cook together Elsje
041 Food together Fuuka
042 Build a Monster Barn Ryker Build a monster barn! New Shop Inventory: Fodder Seeds
043 Befriend Monster Martin
044 Friend monsrer Lv 50 Terry
045 Befriend Priscilla
046 Monster work Murakumo
047 Ride Monster Lucy
048 Level 10 Julian
049 Do Somethin' About Those Monsters Doug Take care of the orcs! Lest's Outfit
050 Those Bullies! Margaret Frey's Outfit
051 Marriage Livia
Gen 052 Harvest a Potato Lucy Harvest a potato! New Shop Inventory: Radish Seeds
053 Kabu o 20 Cecil
054 Big Martin
055 Level 2 turnip Murakumo
056 Vegetable 6 seed Fuuka
Tut 057 Sword Flower Martin
058 Shield Flower Cecil
Gen 059 Level 5 Vegetable Murakumo
060 Toumorokoshi o Kuwa de sou Priscilla
061 Vegetable 12 Fuuka
062 Level 10 Murakumo
063 White, cabbage, tamanegi Cecil
064 Kirame Ki o shiyou Fuuka
065 Befriend a boss monster Murakumo
066 Big vegetable Priscilla
067 Grape Murakumo
068 Apple o 50 Ryker
069 Gold Fuuka
Flow 070 Toyherb Priscilla
071 Orange Ryker
072 3 Lucy
073 Charm Blue Cecil
074 Sakura Priscilla
075 5 Lucy
076 4 leaf clover Priscilla
077 Metal Murakumo
078 Big Flower Cecil
079 Fkiwer Lucy
080 Blue Priscilla
081 Level 10 Flower Martin
082 Green Fuuka
083 Red Ryker
084 White Cecil
085 Gold Martin
Gen 086 Ship 25% Lucy
087 100 000 Martin
088 Turni[ Heaven Ryker
089 Large gold Fuuka
090 All tsukumono Priscilla
091 Ship level 10 gold Murakumo
RF5Random Icon.png 092 tsukamono Lucy
093 Fish Hina
094 Item Priscilla
095 Item o Scarlett
096 Fuuka
097 Beatrice
098 Ludmila
099 Martin
100 Cecil
101 Murakumo
102 Ryker
103 Reinhard
104 Defeat Monsters Livia Take care of the insects! ???
Pers 105 Aru to omotteta no ni Priscilla
106 Monster ni
107 Together monster
108 Fishing Lucy
109 Monster
110 Monster
111 Raise Scarlett
112 Careful
113 Power
114 Gau! (Want!) Fuuka
115 Gau Gagau! (Yattsukete!)
116 Together taosu
117 Futsuu Beatrice
118 Minasan
119 Tomo ni tte itadakemasu ka?
120 Are ga areba...! Ludmila
121 Forest of Beginnings
122 Have fun together!
123 For work Martin
124 shigoto no jama da
125 sasete kure
126 Secret Cecil
127 The culprit is a monster!
128 Mystery of monster
129 Want fish! Murakumo
130 Enjoy bath!
131 Fight for customer!
132 Proof Ryker
133 Monster
134 Power
135 For Beatrice Reinhard
136 aru you da
137 ikusasete itadakitai
138 Gatsun to narimashita Lucas
139 I'm interested
140 Today chef Elsje
141 Monster ga asottekuru tte
142 Become special Palmo
143 monster
144 Teach something good Heinz
145 mada torinai yo
146 new bread Randolph
147 pan ga tsukurenaku natteshimaimasu
148 onegai ga aru no Yuki
149 ki o tsukete itte kite hoshii wa
150 tryth suru zo Simone
151 kenga hito ga ooinda
152 gohoubi ni Misasagi
153 Hina no me
154 himirtsu no da Terry
155 monster ni yoru o
156 A Special Job Livia
157 hoyutte oku to maszuina
158 motte kite choudai Ledia
159 sawagashii wa
160 ga tte wa hadekineeyona Darroch
151 no magic nanda
162 hey, got any? Julian
163 lleave t ome
164 sodatetai no Hina
165 isshoni asobenai no
166 Are no kuchitte yatsu da Doug
167 traveler
168 margaret Margaret
169 monster
170 I want Son
171 was a monster
172 I want...! Daughter
173 There was a monster!


No Request Client Description Reward Summary
009 Try Fishing Lucy Go fishing! 300G
  • Lucy will give you a fishing pole, so no need to worry about buying one. Head to any nearby body of water and look for the fish-shaped shadows in the water; any fish will work so you can head to the task board after catching one.
010 Use Fertilizer Bin Priscilla Place some grass in the fertilizer bin! Withered Grass x3
  • Priscilla will teach you how to restore your soil back to normal through fertilizer. She’ll give you a bin, so pick it up from the platform beside the board and toss in the weeds she provides.
011 Mine Iron Fuuka Smash ore with a hammer to mine iron! Amethyst x1
  • Boulders containing iron ore look jagged, more misshapen than regular stone. They can be found on your farm or on a Farm Dragon. Destroy one to complete Fuuka’s request.
012 Build a Monster Barn Ryker Build a monster barn! New Shop Inventory: Fodder Seeds, Brush x1
  • You’ll need to complete at least the Whispering Woods main story quest before tackling this one, but Ryker provides all of the raw materials. Head to Studio Palmo and ask Ryker or Palmo to build a monster barn on a Farm Dragon. It’ll cost 100P, plus the lumber and stone Ryker provided. Once you’ve put in the order, the request is complete.
013 Give a Crystal to a Farm Dragon Heinz Give a giant crystal to a farm dragon! Formula B x2
  • Once you’ve got your Earth Dragon from completing the first story chapter, Whispering Woods, you can accept this request from Heinz. He’ll give you the crystals to complete the task, so visit him at the Crystalabra to turn the shards into one piece.
  • Return to the dragon through your farm teleport and speak with them from the interaction point on the ground near its head. You can give them the giant crystals to complete this task.
014 Make Friends Julian Raise everyone’s Friendship level to 1 or higher! Greeting Spell
  • It sounds like a tall order, but it’s not so bad. Even just speaking to villagers once a day improves your relationship with them, so try to do at least that, and you’ll have everyone bumped up by one level in no time. Once you’re done, return to the task Bboard to collect the Greeting Spell from Julian. This spell improves your Friendship Level with every NPC by using it on them once a day.
015 Buy a Cooking Table Elsje Purchase a cooking table from Studio Palmo! (1) Cooking Bread
  • Elsje wants you to get to cooking, so head to Studio Palmo and buy a cooking table. The request is simple, and you’ll need one anyway. Head back to the board for your reward when you’ve got it.
016 Try Cooking Fuuka Cook something with your cooking table! (1) Flour, (1) Rice Flour
  • Head to wherever you left the table you picked up from Studio Palmo and try out a beginner recipe. You can complete the request as soon as you cook something.
017 Buy a Forge Darroch Earn a license from Eliza and purchase a forge! (1) Weapon Bread
  • Speak to Eliza to grab your Forge License - the box will ask you a quick series of questions. Afterward, you can head to Studio Palmo to buy a forge for 3,000G, 25 stone, and 30 lumber.
018 Forge a Weapon Martin Use your forge to make a weapon! (1) Bronze, (3) Iron
  • Head to the forge you purchased from Palmo and make any weapon, it doesn’t matter which one. Once you’ve forged a weapon, you can pick up your materials from Martin at the task board.

Wanted Monsters

Phoros Woodlands

Poster Monster Last Seen Reward Danger
Slime Northwest Region Weapon Bread x1
Fairy Central Region Farming Bread x1
Goblin Archer Southern Region Cooking Bread x1
Big Muck Northwest Region Cooking Bread x1 ★★
Mamadoodle Northeast Region The Protein x1 ★★★★

Kelve Volcanic Region

Poster Monster Last Seen Reward Danger
Chipsqueek Northern Area Chemistry Bread x1 ★★
Ignis Northern Area Crafting Bread x1 ★★
Garmr Southern Area Weapon Bread x2 ★★★
Blood Panther Northern Area Heart Drink x1 ★★★★
Guardian Northern Area Millionstrike x1 ★★★★★

Yumina Lake

Poster Monster Last Seen Reward Danger
Emperor Penguin Northern Area Cooking Bread x2 ★★★
Silver Wolf Northern Area Crafting Bread x2 ★★★
Malm Tiger Central Area Intelligencer x1 ★★★★
Elementalist Western Area Straight Punch x1 ★★★★★
Hell Ghost Southern Area Gust x1 ★★★★★

Perfect Bounties

Poster Monster Last Seen Reward Danger
Ice Griffin Lake Yumina (Southern Area) Root x1 ★★★★★
Little Dragon Kelve Volcanic Region (Northern Area) Pretty Thread x1 ★★★★★
Mermaid Phoros Woodlands (Southern Region) Thunderbird Feather x1 ★★★★★

Optional Requests

Each new day there is a chance of an optional, randomly generated request being posted on the board. They can reoccur an unlimited amount of times, have no influence on the story and appear regardless of whether there are main requests active or unaccepted. If an accepted optional request is canceled, it will reappear on the request board, but if not accepted before the end of the day, a new optional quests may replace the old one the next morning, as only one can be active at any time.

The request will randomly be one of the following: "Deliver Cold Medicine to [specific character]", "Ship [specific fish]", "Kill 3 of [specific monster]" or "Bring Squid to [specific character]". The reward is listed as "???" and will be a random medicine item, as well as a slight friendship boost for the character you delivered the item to. Optionally you can also submit the results to the task board outside the detective agency for a reward of 5,000 gold instead of a random medicine.

In addition and independantly there is a slight chance when talking to a character that they will offer a specific optional requests, such as Lucy asking for one silver ore in order to repair her fishing rod or Yuki asking for a Toyherb. You can choose to accept or decline during the conversation, but if the request gets cancled, it will not be offered again. They have no bearing on the story or romance progression but will reward a friendship boost as well as a random item.

Furthermore, optional quests reward the player with 100 Seed Points and if it is a request directly received from a villager, it will reward 200 Seed Points. Both are affected by the multiplier when the crest Patrol Mark is equipped.