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This article is about marriage in Rune Factory: Frontier.

You must have the 2nd floor extension from Kross by collecting 900 Wood and 75,000 G. You also need to purchase the Large Bed from Lute on Holidays and Festivals for 20,000 G, so your wife will have a place to sleep in. Finally, you must obtain the recipe for wedding bouquet, which will be available after raising a bachelorette to 10 LP (gauge must be complete) then talk to Stella. She'll give you a book titled "Happiness 101", and suggest you to bring Baleen, Blue Rose, Green Grass, Pink Cat, Toy Herb, and Moondrop Flower. Additionally, you need a level 3 Crafting Table and you need to be at least level 20.

There are other requirements as well:

  • Make sure all heart events of the chosen bachelorette are completed. Raise her LP to 10 or higher.
  • Ask a bachelorette on a date (avaliable once every season).
  • When it is time to give the Wedding Bouquet, Raguna will confess his feelings to the bachelorette.


  • If the player loses the White Rose or sells it, it can be obtained again from Ganesha after a successful date.
  • In order to marry either Iris, you must complete the Main Storyline and have them move into Trampoli. The same applies to Mist, because her last heart event is related to the last part of the main storyline.
  • After Raguna marries a bachelorette, the title screen will be voiced by the girl he chooses to marry.
  • Strangely enough, even if Raguna is married, the game still allows him to date other bachelorettes.