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Relationships is a mechanic of Rune Factory 5. Notably in the international release, or in a later update for the Japanese version, same-sex marriage would be introduced for the first time in the series. Increasing friendship levels allows the protagonist to invite people on adventures and see special story events. Talking to someone once a day will help improve their relationship. The Friendship Lv page in the Camp Menu will show if they are getting along.

Giving someone their favorite thing will make them happy, so pay attention to everyone's likes and dislikes. When a character tells their birthday, the calendar will update with a character icon for that date.


Maintaining a close relationship with one of the twelve marriage candidates will take them to a romantic confession to unlock new dialogue and events. Each person has three events that the player must trigger before they have a chance at accepting a confession.

Select "I love you!" from the BTW menu during a conversation to confess own love and ask someone to be sweetheart. The higher the player's relationship with a marriage candidate, the more possibility they will reciprocate each other's feelings.

Forgetting about a date or standing the person up will make them upset, and they may stop speaking to the player. Try talking to them daily until they give you a chance to apologize.

The chosen marriage candidate will live the player after marriage. After a certain amount of time has passed, there is a chance they will be asked for having children.

Rate of Success

Relationship Level Percentage
7 30%
8 60%
9+ 100%

Confession success when dating someone else

People Percentage
1 50%
2 40%
3 30%
4 20%
5+ 10%




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