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The player can form relationships with the residents of Selphia and the marriage candidates (see bachelorettes and bachelors). Rune Factory 4 introduces the dating system to Rune Factory series.

Friendship Mechanics

Point System

friendship level tab location on game menu

Each villager has a Friendship Points, or FP for short, represented by a level and a progress bar. All friendship levels can be viewed on the Friendship Levels tab. It is the second right-most tab on the game menu.

The points needed to reach the next friendship level is dependent on the current level. Check the table below for more detailed value.

Level Total Points Needed Points Difference
Lv 1 16 FP 26 FP
Lv 2 42 FP 41 FP
Lv 3 83 FP 57 FP
Lv 4 140 FP 86 FP
Lv 5 226 FP 96 FP
Lv 6 322 FP 107 FP
Lv 7 429 FP 275 FP
Lv 8 704 FP 305 FP
Lv 9 1,009 FP 336 FP
Lv 10 1,345 FP 336 FP
Lv 11 1,681 FP 336 FP
... ... ...
Lv 200 65,185 FP 336 FP
Lv 201 65,521 FP 336 FP
... ... ...
Lv 10,000 3,357,985 FP 336 FP
Lv 10,001 3,358,321 FP 0 FP

The Points Difference column shows the points required to advance to the next level. Here is an example to better understand the table above, imagine if the relationship level with one character just reaches level 3. Current friendship points would be 83 FP. To advance to the next level we need to gain +57 FP with that character.

Friendship points can be increased with each villager by:

  • talking to them while the dialog icon is yellow (+4 FP, can be triggered more than once while there is a festival)
  • giving a gift they love, like, or are neutral towards (see Gifts)
  • winning at a festival (+5 FP to all residences for getting 1st place, +4 FP for 2nd place, and +3 FP for 3rd place)
  • marrying the marriage candidates
  • going out on a date (+55 FP normally, see Romance)
  • completing their request (+10 FP, the request must be given directly by the character. The request from Eliza doesn't count except if the request asks for giving the item to another character)
  • ask them on an adventure (+1 FP for every 45 game minutes with maximum of +10 FP a day, see Partying)
  • giving them RF4Love Potion.png Love Potion (increase FP by a random amount, there is no limit for giving this item)

Friendship points can be decreased by:

  • giving a gift they dislike or hate (see Gifts)

If you haven't talked to a character for a long time, when you talk to that character again, they will bring up about haven't seen you for a long time. This event will not decrease the friendship point.

The FP needed to advance from level 1 to 9 is predetermined, as shown in the table. From level 10 and above, the FP required is always 336 FP and stops at level 10,001. The progress bar will stop changing when the friendship level reaches level 202. From this point on, the FP will still increase with no progress indicator. The progress bar will be empty again when the friendship level reaches level 10,000. The FP value can still increase until 3,358,321 but the level will stop at 10,000. The progress bar will not move again after this point. After reaching this level, any effort to increase the FP will have no effect.

There is a scenario restriction for the friendship points. If you haven't progress beyond certain arc, the friendship points will stop at a specific level and will not rise. Any gift that you gave will be wasted. For example, Doug Icon.png Doug friendship level will not raise above level 3 if you haven't finished the second story arc.


gifting like gift to porcoline

Each character has their likes and dislikes. This will affect how many friendship points are gained or lost when giving the gift. If you give them a gift on their birthday, the FP is doubled (x2).

In Rune Factory 4, there are 4 taste categories: love, like, neutral, and dislike. You can see these categories in the game based on each character's response when you gave them the present.

The points gain or lose from each taste is different for each item. There are two type of points changes for each love, like, and dislike categories.

Gift Taste Normal Birthday (x2)
Love +15 FP +30 FP
Love +9 FP +18 FP
Like +9 FP +18 FP
Like +6 FP +12 FP
Neutral +5 FP +10 FP
Dislike -5 FP -10 FP
Dislike -10 FP -20 FP

There is no known pattern for the points given by each item except that it is different for each character. Please refer to the specific item page for more information on how many points you could get.

An example of this is giving Arthur Icon.png Arthur a RF4Golden Turnip.png Golden Turnip. He will react as if he loves the present, but will only add +9 FP.

You could give each character one item per category per day. So to maximize the gain, you would need to give the character one item that they love, like, and is neutral in one day. The friendship points effect will be indicated by the conversation with the character after giving the gift. Any subsequent gift that did not trigger any conversation, does not count toward the friendship points.

This gift limitation does not apply to the RF4Love Potion.png Love Potion. You could give multiple of this item in one day and still got the friendship points bonus.


See more: Dating and Marriage

The player can have a romantic relationship with some characters. Every marriage candidates will have a heart icon in the friendship levels tab, while the non-marriageable one will have a smiley face.

After you raise the friendship level to level 7, you can confess your love to them. You can do this by triggering the "BTW..." dialog and choosing the "I like you!" option. If they accept your confession then you are officially a couple. You could have multiple partners in this game but the more partners you have the harder it is to confess to a new one. If they reject it, you might need to increase the friendship level before you even have a chance to confess again.

let's go on a date option

You could ask your partner for a date. You can do this by triggering the "BTW..." dialog and choosing the "Let's go on a date." option. If the character's friendship level is below level 10 on your first date, their friendship level will increase by one level after the end of the date. For example, if my partner's friendship level is 9 with 10% progress on the bar, then after the date, the friendship level would be level 10 with 0% progress.

Any choice in the date including sending the partner home does not affect the FP gain.

If the first date happens after friendship level 10, the date will only reward +55 FP. Any subsequence date after the first one will give +55 FP.


Main article: Festivals

You can have another talking chance (which gives +4 FP) other than the daily limit on the festival day. Usually, you will gain an extra one dialog per festival, but for fishing-related festivals, you could get two extra talking chances. So in total, you could have a maximum of three talking chances to increase the friendship points on a fishing-related festival day. You can talk before, after, and while the festival is ongoing.

Winning a festivals will also increase friendship points.

  • +5 FP to all residences for getting 1st place
  • +4 FP for 2nd place
  • +3 FP for 3rd place

There are some festivals which can have special effects on the friendship points:

Going on a date on Firefly Festival and Christmas have the same effect as any regular date


let's go on an adventure option

When the friendship level reaches a minimum of level 3, you can form a party of three with that character. You could ask them by triggering the "BTW..." dialog and choosing the "Let's go on an adventure!" option. When the character accepts the offer, a happy “success” jingle will play and a health bar will appear over your party member’s head.

There is an exception for Forte Icon.png Forte, you can party with her on any friendship level after you meet her as the player exit the town for the first time. Another exception for Doug Icon.png Doug is that you need to finish the second story arc before you can party with him even if the friendship level has already reached level 3.

At this stage, they will only stay at your party up until 19:00. But if you are on a special battle such as a boss battle at 19:00, they will not leave your party and you can take them with you until going to bed.

After you raise the friendship level to level 7, your party member will stick with you for 24 hours and will never leave the party.

By adding character to your party, they will gain +1 FP per 45 game minutes with a maximum of +10 FP per day. They will gain a +1 FP immediately when you succesfully invite them to your party. With this, you will need to keep them in you party for 6 hours and 45 minutes to gain the last +9 FP.

If you keep them in your party and go to sleep, they will not get the friendship points bonus for the next whole day even if you split up and ask them to join your party again. It is wiser to split up with them before going to bed and ask them again the next day.

To split up with your party, talk to them and choose the "Let’s split up here." option and they will immediately leave the party.


When the player meets a marriage candidate for the first time, there will be short anime cut-scenes for their introduction; the same goes for their marriage event. This does not happen with Forte, as her intro plays when the player exits town for the first time.

Although it is possible for Lest or Frey to initiate relationship with a marriage candidate at 4 or 5 LP, the success rate of the confession actually being accepted will be higher if the LP is higher. The more candidates the player is currently dating, the less successful they will be when initiating a new relationship. If there is currently an event involving the target, they will always decline until the event's completion. Dolce and Leon cannot be courted until the end of first story arc, while Doug cannot be courted until after completing the second arc.

Upon dating, the player can take their partner to specific areas or may ask that person to make a decision for them. Notably, having a date in Bado's Blacksmith or Illuminata's shop will yield items for the player. Additionally, there are holiday dates that the player or their partner may invite each other to such as the Firefly Festival. During dates, the player may also do something extra with their partner to increase their intimacy such as holding hands or hugging. They can also escort their partner home, but this option will not increase any FP.

If the player stands their date up, their partner will refuse to properly talk or accompany them in any capacity until after a few days. It is not possible to end a relationship except when the player marries someone, and they will automatically break up with any other candidate they are currently also dating and will cancel any date not with the spouse.


In order to marry someone, players must trigger at least two events: one sub-event in which the player gets to know more about their chosen marriage candidate, and a marriage event in which they will propose or be prompted to. As with all events, these will trigger randomly. However, the marriage event will not happen until the player is currently dating them, goes on at least three dates, has viewed the sub-event(s), and their sweetheart has 10 LP or more. For the bachelors and Xiao Pai, the sub-event will also include the marriage candidate involved trying to propose to the player. If the latter turns them down, they will still be able to propose later on.

Before proposing to a marriage candidate, the player must have both a double bed and an engagement ring, the latter of which can be crafted in the crafting table when are at Level 20 crafting skill (recipe must first be acquired). However, the ring is not needed during a reverse proposal. If there is another event involving the spouse or another ongoing marriage event, it will not be possible to marry until the event's completion.

Once they are married, the spouse will move into the player's room and always wake up side-by-side if the latter sleeps at home. The first conversation of the day with spouse also shows them giving the player a food item before a hug.


  • If the player is dating, one of the locations that can be visited is Blossom's general store, where the player can purchase items for their partner. These items can subsequently be found in their partner's room and examined with extra dialogue from them. These items will also linger even if the player chooses to marry someone else. The dialogue between the player and their partner when examining the latter's bed will change if the player is dating that person and again if they are married.
  • If the player is already married before entering Leon Karnak to face the Heaven's Gate, they will get a special cutscene with their spouse before leaving for battle.
  • Attempting to confess to another marriage candidate after marriage causes them to report the player's activities, and speaking with own spouse afterwards causes them to provide a special dialogue indicating their jealousy.
  • Rune Factory 4 Special expanded the player's relationship by providing Another Episode and Newlywed Mode with their spouses.