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In Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Kyle can form relationships with the entire population of Alvarna, so are his children. As relationships increase, he will unlock new content from villagers and even marry one of the bachelorettes.


Action Effect Note
Talk +1
Talk (Festival) +2
Go on date +3 Flower-Viewing, Dance Festival, Shooting-Stars
Win Festival +2
Give Liked Item +1
Disliked -1
Birthday Present +5
Complete Request +4


Rival Marriage

Unlike other Rune Factory games, Kyle is not the only one who can marry, as there are rivals of the opposite gender below who might be interested in the bachelorette as well.

Mana, Alice, and Yue do not have rivals to be connected with. However, if Kyle marries one of the bachelorrettes with a rival, Yue will marry the boy instead. It will not impact the original bachelorette's LP when this happens.

There are no rival events that must be triggered in order for them to marry. If Kyle maintains good relationships with the rival, they will come to his house on their respective wedding days and invite him. After Gordon makes the rival marriage official, Kyle has to select between congratulating the couple and stealing the bachelorette; selecting the latter option will result in his friendship with that rival go down all the way to 0 LP.