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"A quiet woman who comes from a faraway place in search of ore. Though blunt, she seems to have an underlying kindness if one talks to her enough."
―Website Description

Raven (トゥーナ, Tūna, Toona[1] or Tuna[2]) is a character in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special.


Raven came to Selphia to look for rare ores to bring back to Sharance. She mostly sells items (Including Minerals, Boss and Monster drops) that have already been shipped, which can be used to synthesize items.


Raven retains her blunt and quiet personality, though she appears to have become slightly more comfortable in social interactions and developed more patience in handling customers, able to talk to them with more communication materials rather than just greeting and persuading. Her likes and dislikes from the previous game become her default template, as does her weapon of choice.


As a returning character from Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Raven keeps the same physical appearance as in the aforementioned game.


While Amber, Dylas, Dolce, Pico and Leon are trying to come up with an idea and way to bring Ventuswill back, Dolce goes to Raven to buy some materials to make accessories. Dolce pays her extra because the material's quality was excellent, and because Raven had apparently let her ramble on. When the protagonist asks what they had been talking about, Raven tells them that they were discussing 'family.' They go on to talk about what matters in having a family, regardless of whether the person is related by blood. Raven then wishes Lest/Frey good luck.


Raven occasionally mentions people and things from Sharance, mostly Gaius.

Raven seems to have befriended Dolce. Both of them have a dealer-customer relation for Raven, who says that she's 'a good customer'. Despite that, both of them had also talked about their families. Whether they actually had a real heart-to-heart talk is unclear because both of them constantly show blank faces.

She will occasionally compare Lest and Frey's manners and speaking habits to Micah's. Raven will also accompany the protagonist in dungeons once they have befriended her.



I love these.

This is a rare ore.
Thanks. I'll make good use of it.

Pendants, Big/Rune Crystals
Liked Oh...!
...Thanks. I'll take it home with me.
Elemental Crystals, Flowers, Metals, Jewels
Neutral Thanks.
Other items not listed
Disliked ...!
I don't like horror stories and ghosts. They're scary.
Skull, Fish Fossil, Ghost Hood, Dragon Bones


40 2250 157 2 130 2 128 4 130
Weapon Type Default Shield
Steel Sword


From time to time, Raven can be seen exiting the town gates at 2AM.




  • In Rune Factory 3, Raven and Micah are the only known characters to have another form besides Pia, who is a mermaid. Although she has a monster form in Rune Factory 3, Raven will not change from her human form to her monster form in Rune Factory 4.
  • When doing the "Mood Reversal Potion" event, if the protagonist talks to Raven while carrying the potion, she will believe that she is a "golden wooly" who was chasing monsters into the town
  • Raven mentions that there is an elf in her town who resembles Margaret and Illuminata.
  • Her store's name is Sakuya, which is named after a friend's daughter.
  • Raven can be summoned to town every day with the Prince/Princess Point system using 300 Prince/Princess points.
  • Her dialog hints that Collette has taken over Blaise's restaurant, with Rusk preparing desserts. This would make sense, as it was the respective characters dreams in Rune Factory 3.