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Raven (トゥーナ, Toona) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Raven is a taciturn, blunt young woman who often says things with little sympathy towards the person at which they are directed. Before getting to know her, she comes across to be a harsh, quite mean person and is outwardly mistrustful of Micah. However, she opens up a little bit when the player gets closer to her. Raven works in the blacksmith shop with Gaius, whom she sees as a father figure. 

Even if the player chooses to marry her, she won't talk very much. She and Gaius are like father and daughter. Raven also has a diary where she writes about Micah, which changes as her LP increases.


Raven has long red hair and sharp blue eyes. She has light skin.


Before the game reveals her name, it will be shown as Quiet Girl.


Raven: Bring me{end}
Raven: Come here{end}
Raven: Let's talk...{end}
Raven: ...{end}
Raven: Help{end}
Raven: Come with me{end}
Raven: Its important{end}
Raven: Thank you{end}
Raven: I want to say{end}
Raven: Anyone{end}
Raven: Survey{end}
Raven: Looking for{end}

1st Requests : Bring me

Requirements :

Finish Shara's, Wells, Sherman's, Gaius's, Carmen's requests. Have Raven: ❤ 1
Bring iron by 7PM

Note: You don't need any Iron for the request! If you get it wrong Raven will only give you Iron.

Go to the blacksmiths and Raven will tell Micah that she needs him to get her some Iron, and that Gaius has went out to get some also. Raven's face will turn red ,and she will tell him to hurry. As Micah is walking out the door Raven will faint. Micah will rush back to check on her and notice that shes burning up! She will dismiss it and say that it is because she was near the forge earlier. Micah will become frustrated that she's not taking it seriously, and say that they're going over to the apothecary. She will refuse so Micah tries to compromise and tells her to at least lay down but she will still refuse because she says that she needs to watch the store. After a few seconds she will again faint and Micah will carry her up to her room. Micah will then to watch the store because he doesn't seem to have any other choice. He will go down stairs back to the front counter and take note of the prices.

  • Broadsword: 630G
  • Spear: 900G
  • Cheap bracelet: 560G
  • Focus earrings: 1400G
  • Battle hammer: 1400G
  • Claymore: 960G

Soon after a Traveler will show up and ask for a cheap bracelet, which should be 560G. Next up a rude Traveler will show up and ask for a Battle Hammer, which Micah should give in return for 1400G. After he leaves Karina will walk through the door and ask what Micah's doing, but will say that she doesn't really care and will take an order that she already paid in advance and leave. Then Gaius will walk in and tell Micah that it's amazing how Raven turned into him, he will quickly tell him that it is him and Gaius will tell him that he was only kidding. Gaius will ask where raven is and Micah will tell him what happened to her, he doesn't seem very worried as he sees her walking downstairs. She will start to argue with Micah about being sick and wanting to work but he will continuously deny letting her and will eventually ask Gaius to help him out. He will be standing by the door, Micah will be wondering what he's doing and he will say that he's closing the store and tell Raven that they're going to the apothecary. Raven will say "But..." but Gaius will say that she doesn't has an excuse and Raven will start to follow. She seems to be about to say something but decides not to and continues ahead. She'll leave behind a treasure chest containing iron and silver (If he answered the questions right).

Mail's box requests


Second Request : Come here

Requirements: At least 4 Days after completing last request. Have Raven at at least 2 Hearts.

I need to see you.

Go and talk to Raven (at the Blacksmith's) and Micah will tell Raven that hes read the letter and she'll say that her and Micah will be back soon to Gaius. And tells that they repaired Sofia's item and there going to return it to her. Micah will lead her to where ever and they should go to Sofia's bedroom, where she should be. talk to her and Raven will give back her pendant. Sofia will find it strange since Raven brought Micah and she hasn't ever made home deliveries before. Raven won't say anything except that shes going home. So lead Raven back to the Blacksmiths. Raven will give Micah a treasure chest with 1 Iron and 2 Bronze inside of it.

[Requester: Raven]

[Simple Request]
Take this with you. Raven: Anyone
Go to the blacksmiths and raven will have a 6 hearts.

Third Request : Let's talk...

Requirement : 5 days later, and Heart Level: 3
Description : Come with me.


Meeting Raven at their shop

At the blacksmith's, Raven will request that Micah take her to Vale: Icy Rosebush. After leading her there, Raven will notice a wooly there. Micah will start walking towards it but raven will tell him to wait, and she walk over towards it and comfort him. She'll tell Micah that the wooly is only scared because they're scared of it. And it's scared of being feared. Without reason, the wooly leaves anyway upsetting Raven. She tells Micah that he should stay away from her as well because everyone who gets close to her just disappears. She says that she once came there to play with a friend but she disappeared right in front of her. She tells Micah that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. She tells him to stay away from her and that today was her last request.

Fourth Request : ...

Hearts: 4 Hearts
This should also make Gaius heart go up 3

Go and see Raven at the Blacksmith's. At first she will be quiet, but eventually will explain that Gaius wanted her to talk to Micah. She'll request a skull (obtained from Goblin throwing knives in front of Univir Settlement); get one and return. Raven will be reluctant to hold it, so Micah offers to help with the parts where it is needed. When the item is finished, Gaius comes down from his room. He is surprised to see Micah there, and wonders, because the duo's faces are red, if Raven and Micah caught his cold. Micah will deny this, and Gaius will go on to comment on the Art of Attack that Micah is holding. After Micah and Raven talk about who did the most work, Gaius will explain he was not in a hurry. This angers Raven, who was under the impression that he had said he was in a hurry. Gaius will clarify that he only wanted Micah to bring medicine so that he could get back to the forge and that he'd been in bed wondering why Micah had not done so. After the scene, Gaius will award Micah with a treasure chest containing 6 pieces of lumber.

Fifth Request : Help

Requirements: Have beaten Skelefang, and 5 hearts.

There's something I want to make.

Accept the request and then go talk to Raven at the Blacksmith's. Micah will tell Raven that he read her letter and she will tell him that she wanted to make a brooch for Gaius, because he's always taking care of her and she wanted to thank him. She wants to know what Micah thinks about that and if it's weird, he'll say that he's probably like that and she'll ask what about him. You then have 2 options either "I'd be happy, sure." or "I don't wear jewelry." Raven will say that she needs a hard bone for the base and asks if Micah will help and says that Sol Terrano: The Fossil will probably have the bone that she's looking for. You now have to lead her there, when you walk into the entrance Micah will say that it's really hot but Raven will say that she can't really feel heat or cold. You then have the choice of saying "That's weird." or "You're lucky." She says that she doesn't think it's that big of a deal and Micah will say that it's cool how calm and collected she is, and she will worriedly say "It's not cute, is it?" He will say no but she will say that she doesn't really care anything. So, after making your way to Sol Terrano: The Fossil Raven will run over to the fossil and say that the bone is hard enough. She will seem distressed and Micah will remember that she was scared of skulls, and that's why she wanted him to come. Micah starts to ask why she didn't just ask from the start but she cuts him off saying "No..." and will pick up the skull and say that she will be fine. She starts to walk away with it and when they get to the Open Dunes he'll tell her that he'll carry it. She'll insist that she's fine but Micah will tell her that she's shaking. This will annoy her and she will say that "I'm fine...!" and push him off the cliff that they're standing by, as he's about to fall the screen fades to black and it comes with Micah lying on the ground with a giant red Phoenix flying above him. Micah will say that he thought he fell and see the bird flying above him. The screen will get bright and brighter until we cant see anything and Micah will stand up, wondering if it was a dream. He'll look around and see a pretty feather on the ground, and realize that the bird was real as Raven runs over and asks if he's okay, he'll say he's fine and she will apologize. Micah will say "That skull was bothering you, wasn't it?" and she'll admit it and say that she was being stubborn because she didn't want him to think that was the reason that she wanted him to come. Micah will blush and say that they should go and as he's walking away she notices the feather in his pocket, Raven will ask if she can have it because she could probably make an accessory out of it. He'll let her have it. Then back at the blacksmith Micah will comment on how it was a long day and say that she and Gaius have a strong bond, and that it seems like they're family. Micah says he is jealous, which prompts Raven to say that she never had a family, that she doesn't remember her family, and that she never had a family. Raven says that it's just a feeling and that Gaius is like a dad. Micah though that he would be more like a brother. Raven will drop a treasure chest and say that he' s done so much for her and that she wanted to repay him. There's a ruby ring in the treasure chest.

Sixth Request : Come with me

"We'll go mine some ore."

She will ask you to go to Oddward: Windy Hill

Gaius will be standing at Oddward: Enterance. He'll speak with Raven and You. On his way out, Gaius will ask for Curry Udon for dinner.

Upon arrival at Oddward: Windy Hill, you will encounter a wooly (the same one from Vale: Icy Rosebush). The wooly will run around Raven then leave.

Scene will cut to the Enterance, where the wooly will be there again. Micah will notice a light and start to transform. Micah runs into Windy Cave to hide the transformation from Raven.

He will run back out and ask Raven if she is not feeling well.

Scene cuts to town. Raven thanks you.

You will receive a chest containing 1 Amethyst, 1 Emerald and 1 Ruby.

Seventh Request : It's important

"Can I see you"

Walk to the Blacksmith Shop. Micah will notice that Raven is absent. He will to talk to Gaius. He will say that she hasn't been herself recently. "Probably because of that dungeon", Micah adds. Gaius says that Sofia or Karina might know something. You can find Raven at Vale: Icy Rosebush.

Raven is standing there with the same wooly. She will tell you to stay away from her in a raised voice. Raven tells Micah that the letter was a mistake and tells him to go home.

After Micah runs off, Raven will say "Does he hate me now?". The wooly will also run away, followed by the line; "I'm alone again."

Scene cuts to Micah walking at Vale: Enterance. Micah notices the wooly running past him. He transforms and pretends to be that wooly. He rolls around in the snow to make his fur turn white (Rolls on the ice actually).

Transformed Micah walks up to Raven.

Raven: "I wonder if Gaius is worried about you?" "...Micah." He hates me now for sure."

Micah: "Bah. (That's not true!)"

Raven: "I don't know what you're saying."

Micah: "B-Bah...(Of course not.)"

Raven: "But thank you." "I wonder why this always happens..." "And I thought we were getting along so well." "That light.." "It takes everyone away."

Micah: "(This is the curse she talked about before.)

Raven: "So I decided not to be friends with anyone again." "That's what I decided." "But being lonely is hard..."

Scene cuts, and Raven is asleep. Micah has also transformed back while she was dozing off.

Micah: "You'll catch a cold if you sleep here, Raven."

Raven tells him to go away.

The light flashes again. Raven thought Micah has disappeared.

Micah embraces Raven, and tells her that he didn't disappear.

Raven: "...Idiot."

Micah: "Let's go home"

Raven: O-OK...

Scene cuts to town. Raven thanks Micah and leaves a chest.

Micah notices something on his shirt belonging to the bird that rescued him in the desert. He concludes that it was real.

Chest contains 3 Wind Crystals, and 3 Fire Crystals.

Eighth Request: Thank you

Could you help...?

Ninth Request: I want to say

Come with me.

Gaius' Request

[Requester: Gaius] Could you come see me?
Gaius: About Raven
Go talk to Gaius at his shop's forge.

At the forge, Gaius is happy to see Micah. He suggests that they go to Sol Terrano: Sand Sea. After leading him there, Gaius tells Micah that rocks are quiet, but they can be stubborn. They're just waiting for someone to talk to them. No matter how stubborn they are, you just have to talk to them. Warm them in the fire, and tinker away at them with your hammer. Even rocks can change their shape over time. Using a hammer just speeds it up a little. But working them too hard won't work, as shown by his right eye. He decides that it's time for them to return.

Outside the shop, he says Raven has been out of sorts recently. She just stops working and stares out the window. She's waiting for someone.

As a reward, Micah receives one gold and two silver.



Loved Oh...! I {{{1}}} this... Thank you...
Star Pendant, Sun Pendant, Field Pendant, Tear Pendant, Earth Pendant
Liked Reaction 1 | Reaction 2
Oh... The smell of {{{1}}} is so relaxing. I like it... maybe. Thank you...
Charm Blue, Pink Cat, Moondrop, Toyherb, Heart Pendant, Silver Pendant, Light Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Small Crystal
Neutral Reaction 1 | Reaction 2 | Reaction 3
Raven: Is this for me? I see. Thanks. ...It's really relaxing when you have {{{1}}} and {{{1}}}.
Micah: What?
Raven: Never mind…
Lamp Grass, Cherry Grass, Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, Talisman, Holy Amulet, Happy Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring, Sapphire Ring, Emerald Ring, Amethyst Ring, Aquamarine Ring, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Iron
Disliked Reaction 1 | Reaction 2
Raven: I don't want it.
Micah: Oh, sorry...
Raven: ...I can

t make garbage into pendants.

Failed, Trash, Withered Grass, Weeds, Branch, Rock, Skull, Scrap Metal


Offensive Abilities:

  • Specializes in Fire Magic
  • Phoenix Form

Starter Level: 7


  • Default Weapon: Broadsword
  • Gift Weapon Type: Short Sword
  • Phoenix Form
  • Fire Magic

Techniques: Light Strife (Human Form)

  • Raven charges at the target and hits them with several Shortsword combo-hits. She also attacks with her Fireball and Big Fire spells for added combos and to knockback the target easily.

[Melee]>Striving Blade (regular attack)

[Melee, Mid-range and Long]>Fireball and Big Fire (sparringly with Fireforx)

[Mid-range]>Fireforx (sparringly with Fireball and Big Fire)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Raven will casts Cure All if her HP is down to 40% and when she isn't engaging in battle.

[Self]>Cure All (HP below 40%)

Special Skill: Flashfire

  • Raven casts Dual Fireforx at the enemy after casting Fireball or Big Fire spell sparringly.

Techniques: Flare Rounds (Phoenix Form)

  • Raven strives around the battlefield locking her target to the enemy. She will surround the target in a circumference rounding making her both evasive and counter active. Raven also cast Quadrio Fireforx to any enemies that are adjacent from her.

Special Skill: Transform>DemiPhoenix

  • Transform into DemiPhoenix, raising some stat such as STR, VIT, and INT and gaining access to more powerful fire spells. She will also rely more heavily on magic rather than physical attacks and can do extremely high damage when an "Oil" has been thrown at the enemy.
  • Before the Unity Festival, you can enter the Univir Settlement with Raven if both characters are in their monster forms.
7 128 5 0 0 0 20 15 19
Default Broadsword
Type Short sword





  • She will gradually warm up to the player.
  • If the player raises her LP to a high enough level, Raven will mention how happy she feels when speaking with and spending time with Micah. This will make him feel guilty.
    • If the player marries another bachelorette and then reads her diary, she'll make a note of the relationship.
  • Raven is one of the only bachelorettes who admits they love Micah during one of her dialogues. She shares this trait with Marian.
  • Raven is one of the two bachelorettes who undergoes a large mood change after a certain request. She enters a depressed state and refuses to talk to Micah at all. The other bachelorette who shares this trait is Pia.
  • Raven makes a cameo appearance in RF4, selling ores and synthesizing weapons and items.
  • According to an interview, Raven's monster form is something similar to a phoenix, and is a high ranking species close to that of the Legendary Dragons.


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