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Raven (トゥーナ, Toona) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Raven is a taciturn, blunt young woman who often says things with little sympathy towards the person at whom they are directed. Before getting to know her, she comes across as a harsh, rather hostile person with a particular stubborn streak, and is outwardly mistrustful of Micah. However, although she purposely tries to distance herself from others, she actually gets lonely very easily. She gradually opens up as Micah grows closer to her, reconciling herself with the feeling of happiness, and she learns to be more honest with the people around her, as well as with herself.

Raven works at the blacksmith's shop with the owner, Gaius, who she sees as a father figure. Presumably due to a childhood trauma, she fears ghosts and bones because they remind her of things that disappear or never return. She's fond of flowers because their scent calms her. She also likes crystals and accessories—especially pendants, as they were the first things that Gaius had taught her to make. Since she enjoys making accessories, he teaches her a new crafting recipe every year for her birthday.

Raven has a special affinity with monsters and deeply cares for them, becoming visibly upset at the thought of hurting them. This affinity is presumably founded on a secret side of herself. It is also why she absolutely refuses to forge weapons, even if she can sell them and understand the need for them.


Raven has a light complexion, long, fiery red hair and sharp blue eyes. Her pointed ears are indicative of the fact that she is half-monster.


For as long as she can remember, Raven has never had any parents, which might explain why she considers Gaius as more of a paternal presence in her life rather than a brotherly one. She doesn't remember much of her childhood. Later in the game, once she discovers what happiness means to her, she realizes that she has felt this way before, and she believes that back then, she used to be happy, too.

When she originally arrived in Sharance, it was with the purpose of searching for a place to be alone. Gaius mentions that when she first came to him, she never even smiled, but thanks to the warmth of the townspeople, her cold exterior slowly began to thaw out, even if not completely.

Even if Micah marries her, she won't talk very much. Initially, she expresses concern about how she struggles to communicate, but Micah assures her that he will simply talk more so that they can both understand each other, and there's no need for her to worry about her quietness.


Raven: Bring me
Raven: Come here
Raven: Let's talk...
Raven: ...
Raven: Help
Raven: Come with me
Raven: Its important
Raven: Thank you
Raven: I want to say
Raven: [Simple Request] Anyone
Raven: [Simple Request] Survey
Raven: [Simple Request] Looking for

Request 1: Bring me

Bring iron by 7PM.

Unlock:1 | Completed Carmen's request (Fishing!)
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Raven has fallen sick but refuses to rest, as there would be no one to take care of the store. Attend to the customers, correctly telling them the price of their orders, while Raven is sleeping in bed.
Reward: Depending on what answers Micah gives to the customers, the rewards are as follows:
Note: Iron is not actually needed for this request!

Upon arriving at the blacksmith's, Raven tells Micah that she needs him to get her some Iron, and that Gaius has also gone out to get some. Raven's face is notably red as she tells him to hurry. As Micah is walking out the door, Raven suddenly faints. Micah rushes back to check on her and realizes that she's burning up! She dismissively claims that it is because she was near the forge earlier. Frustrated that she's not taking it seriously, Micah says that they need to take her to the apothecary. Raven refuses to go. Micah tries to compromise, urging her to at least rest in bed, but she won't budge, saying she needs to tend to the store. After a few seconds, she will faint again, and Micah carries her up to her room. Seeing as he has no other choice, Micah decides to watch the store. He goes back downstairs to the front counter and takes note of the prices:

  • Broadsword: 630G
  • Spear: 900G
  • Cheap bracelet: 560G
  • Focus earrings: 1400G
  • Battle hammer: 1400G
  • Claymore: 960G

Soon after, a Traveler appears and asks for a cheap bracelet, which should be 560G. Next, a rude Traveler shows up and asks for a Battle Hammer, which Micah should give in return for 1400G. After he's gone, Karina comes in and ask what Micah's doing, but then decides she doesn't really care and proceeds to take an order for which she has already paid in advance before taking her leave. Then Gaius returns, amazed that Raven seems to have turned into Micah. Panicking, Micah quickly tells him that it is him, and Gaius says he was only kidding, before asking where Raven is. When Micah tells him what happened to her, Gaius doesn't seem very worried, asking cheerfully how she's feeling when he spots her walking down the stairs. While Micah and Raven begin to argue about her going to the apothecary, Gaius closes the store, and tells Raven that they're going to the apothecary. At first, Raven puts up a weak protest, but Gaius points out that she has no reason to not go, as the store is already closed, and he tells her he'll be going ahead of her. With no room left for excuses, Raven starts to follow. She seems to be about to say something to Micah, but decides against it, and leaves behind a treasure chest as she walks out.

Request 2: Come here

I need to see you.

Unlock:2 | At least 4 days after completing last request
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Take Raven to Sofia to deliver an item.
Reward: Iron and Bronze x2

Micah meets Raven at the blacksmith's. She calls to Gaius that they will be back soon, although he is too focused on his forging to pay attention. Raven tells Micah that they have repaired Sofia's item, so they're going to return it to her. As such, Micah accompanies her to the De Sainte-Coquille mansion. When Raven gives back the pendant, Sofia remarks how it's unusual for Raven to bring Micah with her, even more so for home deliveries, which the store had never done before. Raven doesn't respond to it, merely stating that she's going home.

When they're back at the blacksmith's, Raven leaves Micah with a treasure chest as a reward for his help and quietly thanks him.

Request 3: Let's talk...

Come with me.

Unlock:3 | At least 5 days after completing the last request
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Take Raven to Vale: Icy Rosebush.
Reward: None
Note: After this request, Raven will refuse to respond whenever Micah talks to her.

Meeting Raven at their shop

At the blacksmith's, Raven requests Micah to take her to Vale: Icy Rosebush. After leading her there, Raven notices a wooly in front of the flowers. Micah starts walking towards it, but Raven tells him to wait. She approaches the wooly gently, comforting it. She tells Micah, "It's only scared because we're scared of it, too. It's scared of being feared..."

Abruptly, the wooly leaves anyway, upsetting Raven. She tells Micah that he should stay away from her as well because everyone who gets close to her just disappears. She says that she once went there to play with a friend but she disappeared right in front of her. She tells Micah that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. She tells him to stay away from her and that today was her last request.

Request 4: ...


Unlock:4 | Completed Gaius' request (About Raven)
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Give Raven a Skull.
Reward: Wood x6
Note: Completing this request should also increase Gaius' FP to 3FP.

When Micah goes to meet Raven, at first, she says nothing, but eventually explains that Gaius, who's down with a cold, wanted her to talk to him. She asks him to bring her a skull (dropped by Gangster Goblin). When presented the requested item, Raven appears hesitant to touch it, so Micah offers to help with the parts where it is needed. When the item is finished, Gaius comes down from his room. He is surprised to see Micah there, and, upon finding that both of their faces are red, he wonders if they caught his cold. Micah denies it in a panic. Gaius comments on the Art of Attack that Micah is holding. After Micah and Raven talk about who did the most work, Gaius thanks them cheerfully, but explains he was not in a hurry for it to be finished. This angers Raven, who was under the impression that he had said he was in a hurry. Gaius then clarifies that he only wanted Micah to bring medicine so that he could get back to the forge, and that he'd been in bed wondering why Micah hadn't brought him any yet. After the scene, Gaius will reward Micah with a treasure chest as thanks.

Request 5: Help

There's something I want to make.

Unlock:5 | Cleared Sol Terrano Desert
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Raven wants to make Gaius a brooch to express her attitude towards him, and she needs to get materials to make it. Take Raven to Sol Terrano: The Fossil.
Reward: Ruby Ring

Micah meets Raven at the blacksmith's, saying that he read her letter. She tells him that she wants to make a brooch for Gaius, because he's always taking care of her and she wanted to thank him. She wants to know whether Micah thinks if it's weird, and he assures her that Gaius would probably like the gift. She then asks what Micah himself would think about receiving jewelry as a gift. He can respond with either "I'd be happy, sure." or "I don't wear jewelry."

Raven tells him that she needs a hard bone for the base and asks if Micah will help. According to her, Sol Terrano: The Fossil will probably have the bone that she's looking for. When walking into the desert, Micah remarks that it's really hot. Raven says that she can't really feel heat or cold. Micah then has the choice of saying "That's weird." or "You're lucky." She doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Micah says that it's cool how calm and collected she is, and she worriedly asks, "It's not cute, is it?" He denies it, but she says that she doesn't really care or anything.

After arriving at Sol Terrano: The Fossil, Raven will run over to the fossil, judging that the bone is hard enough. When extracting the bone, she seems distressed, and Micah recalls her fear of skulls, assuming that was why she wanted him to come. Micah starts to ask why she didn't just ask him from the beginning, but she cuts him off, saying "No..." She picks up the skull, arguing that she will be fine, and walks off with the item in hand. When they get to the Open Dunes, Micah offers to carry it instead. She continues to insist that she's fine, at which point Micah points out that she's shaking. Frustrated, she exclaims, "I'm fine...!" and pushes him away—off the cliff that they're standing by.

As he's about to fall, the screen fades to black, and it comes back with Micah lying on the ground with a giant red Phoenix flying above him. Micah is half-conscious, thinking that he fell, and sees the bird flying above him. The screen gets brighter and brighter until we can't see anything. Then Micah stands up, wondering if it was a dream. He looks around and finds a pretty feather on the ground. He realizes that the bird was real.

Raven runs over and asks if he's okay. He tells her that he's fine, and she apologizes. Micah asks, "That skull was bothering you, wasn't it?" She admits to it, saying that she was being stubborn because she didn't want him to think that that was the reason she wanted him to come. Micah blushes, then says that they should go. As he's walking away, Raven notices the feather in his pocket and asks if she can have it because she could probably make an accessory out of it. He gives it to her.

Back at the blacksmith's, Micah feels like it has been a long day. He comments that she and Gaius have a strong bond, to the point that it seems like they're family, and good-naturedly laughs that he is jealous. Raven then reveals that she has never had a family, that she doesn't remember ever having had any parents. Raven says that it's just a feeling, but to her, Gaius is like a dad. Micah is somewhat confused that she would call Gaius more fatherly instead of being like a brother, but he keeps the thought to himself.

Raven drops a treasure chest, saying that he's done so much for her and that she wanted to repay him.

Request 6: Come with me

We'll go mine some ore.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Take Raven to Oddward: Windy Hill.
Reward: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby

She asks Micah to accompany her to Oddward: Windy Hill to collect some ore for the shop.

On their way there, they find Gaius standing at Oddward: Entrance. He asks them why they were out there together. Micah replies that they were collecting some ore because the store was running out of supplies. For a second, Gaius questions whether they were really running low on stock. However, when he looks at Raven's blushing face, he seems to have come to a realisation, agreeing that the store was indeed running low on stock, and that they should go ahead and bring some ore back. On his way out, Gaius asks Raven for Curry Udon for dinner.

Upon arrival at Oddward: Windy Hill, Micah and Raven will encounter a wooly (the same one from Vale: Icy Rosebush). The wooly runs around Raven, clearly having taken a liking to her, then leaves.

The scene cuts to the Entrance, where the wooly will be standing again, with a Gate beside it. Micah notices a light and starts to transform. Panicking, he runs into Windy Cave to hide the transformation from Raven.

When he runs back out in human form, the wooly and Gate have disappeared, with only Raven standing in their place. Noticing how she looks despondent, Micah worriedly asks Raven if she is not feeling well, and suggests that they go back to her home so she can rest.

At the blacksmith's, Raven thanks Micah, leaving him a reward for his help, and quietly walks back inside the shop.

Request 7: It's important

Can I see you...?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to the blacksmith's to find Raven is missing. After Micah's conversation with Gaius, talk to Sofia to gain a better understanding of what Raven is thinking, then talk to Karina to find Raven at Vale: Icy Rosebush.
Reward: Fire Crystal x3 and Wind Crystal x3

At the blacksmith's, Micah notices that Raven is absent. When he goes to Gaius, the blacksmith explains worriedly that she hasn't been herself recently. Micah supposes that her despondency might be due to the incident back at the dungeon. Gaius suggests that Sofia or Karina might know something.

Following his advice, Micah eventually finds Raven at Vale: Icy Rosebush, standing there with the same wooly from before. Raven yells at Micah to stay away from her. She tells him that the letter was a mistake, and that he should go home. After Micah runs off, Raven wonders, "Does he hate me now?". To her surprise, the wooly also leaves, and as she watches it go, she realizes dejectedly, "I'm alone again."

The scene cuts to Micah walking at Vale: Entrance, mulling over what's wrong. When he notices the wooly running past him, he comes up with an idea: to pretend to be that wooly so that he could approach Raven. He transforms into a wooly and rolls around in the snow to make his fur look white. He then returns to walk up beside Raven, who is relieved that the wooly came back. Micah feels guilty for tricking her, but continues to stand by her side.

There is a moment of silence before Raven speaks up, wondering sadly whether Gaius is worried. After another pause, she says that Micah must definitely hate her now. Micah immediately denies it but can't speak, lest he expose himself, so he can only bleat at her in protest. Raven chuckles softly, telling him that she doesn't know what he's saying, and Micah thinks embarrassedly that of course she wouldn't. However, she understands that he was trying to comfort her, and she thanks him for the effort.

She turns back to the scene before them. Her thoughts evidently going back to Micah, she wonders aloud why this always happens, right when she thought they were getting along so well. She says "that light" takes everyone away. Micah realizes that this is the curse she once talked about. Raven continues to talk, telling him about how she decided not to be friends with anyone again, so that no one would be taken away by that light. There's another pause. And she finally opens up about her true feelings: "But being lonely is hard..."

The scene cuts. Raven is asleep, while Micah is back in his human form. She stirs awake, confused, not having noticed when she dozed off. Then Micah speaks up, saying that she'll catch a cold if she sleeps there. Suddenly realizing Micah is beside her, Raven immediately jumps to her feet. Micah smiles brightly that the wooly must have kept her warm. At first, she stares at him in surprise. Then the surprise passes, and she steps back, hostile once more as she tells him to leave. This time, Micah stays, and he asks her calmly if she's avoiding him because of the curse. She goes silent, shocked.

Micah takes a step towards her. Raven instantly takes a step back and yells at him to stay away. There is a beat of silence. Her composure crumbles. She is tired of this—of reaching out and then losing the people she holds dear. Micah watches sadly as she cries.

Suddenly, the light flashes again. Micah turns to find a gate by the rosebush, and the wooly standing by it yet again. The light, Micah realizes, somehow feels familiar to him, but he can't put his finger on it. As the wooly walks away, he wonders whether it feels the same way he does.

When Micah looks at Raven, he finds her covering her face with her hands. He tentatively says her name. She says softly that she thought he had disappeared.

Then, he embraces her. Raven is surprised, but doesn't back away. He assures that he is still here—that he hasn't disappeared. She is still for a moment. Blushing, she mutters and calls him an idiot, but there is a smile on her lips.

Not breaking their embrace, Micah tells her gently, "Let's go home." Raven pauses, surprised. Then, blushing as she smiles, she agrees.

Back in town, Raven thanks Micah and leaves a treasure chest, before heading back inside the blacksmith's. Micah then notices something on his shirt. It's a feather of the bird that had rescued him in the desert. He concludes that it truly was real, but wonders why its feather was on him.

Request 8: Thank you

Could you help...?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Raven feels that she worried a lot of people after going missing, so she wants to give them things they love as both an apology and as thanks, and she asks for Micah's help. In the following order, give Sofia a Failed Dish; Karina an Amethyst Ring; and Gaius a piece of Gold.
Reward: Handknit Hat

Request 9: I want to say

Come with me.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Take Raven to Vale: Entrance to have an honest talk with one another.
Reward: Heart Pendant


Gaius shares a sort of father-daughter relationship with Raven, though she is normally the one who has to take care of him. Because he has such a one-track mind when it comes to forging, she often has to nurse him back to health when he faints, clean up after his mess, deal with the resultant overstock, and make sure that he runs out of materials to use by the end of the day so that he’ll drop his hammer and go to sleep on time. Gaius himself admits that their store would probably be nothing without her. Despite how much trouble he causes her, she truly does care for him and admire him. She always worries that she might be taking advantage of his kindness and wants to repay him for accepting her into his home, even though he himself would never want her to. As much as she can, she wishes to make him happy. Her quietness and his forging obsession tend to leave limited room for conversation, but they both clearly cherish each other’s presence in their lives.

Raven always hangs out with Karina and Sofia during festivals, despite claiming that she has no friends. They often mention her in conversations and vice-versa. The trio accept each other's individual eccentricities, seeing them not as flaws, but simply as part of who they are, and, on the whole, respect their personal boundaries. Both of them find Raven easy to understand: they say that regardless of how curt and quiet she acts, her feelings tend to show clearly through her reactions. Due to personal reasons, she is initially reluctant to give a definitive label to the relationship between them, but after growing closer to Micah, she realizes she isn't as alone as she thinks she is, and is finally able to call them her friends. Even when it might seem like she doesn’t care, she always looks out for them, and they do the same for her.

While they're not as close, she seems to be fond of Shara, since she listens to her requests and prepares a present for her on her birthday every year. Shara thinks she's cute, and she knows that despite how she seems, Raven is actually kind.


Loved Oh...! I love this... Thank you...
Star Pendant, Sun Pendant, Field Pendant, Tear Pendant, Earth Pendant

...I really li...
I don't hate them. Thank you...

Oh... The smell of [item] is so relaxing. I like it... maybe. Thank you...

Charm Blue, Pink Cat, RF3Moondrop.png Moondrop, RF3Toyherb.png Toyherb, Heart Pendant, Silver Pendant, Light Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Small Crystal

Raven: Is this for me? I see. Thanks. ...It's really relaxing when you have Pink Cat and Charm Blue.
Micah: What?
Raven: Never mind…'

Raven: Is this for me? I see. Thanks. …It’s really relaxing when you have Toyherb and Moondrop.
Micah: What?
Raven: Never mind...'

Is this for me? I see. Thanks. I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something...

RF3Lamp Grass.png Lamp Grass, RF3Cherry Grass.png Cherry Grass, Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Fruit, Bamboo Shoot, Talisman, Holy Amulet, Happy Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring, Sapphire Ring, Emerald Ring, Amethyst Ring, Aquamarine Ring, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Iron

...! I really don't like scary stories and ghosts... If you're going to bring me a present, bring me something like a pendant.

Raven: I don't want it.
Micah: Oh, sorry...
Raven: ...I can't make garbage into pendants.

Failed, Trash, Withered Grass, Weeds, Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal, Skull, Fish Fossil, Dragon Bones, Hood


Offensive Abilities:

  • Specializes in Fire Magic
  • Phoenix Form

Starter Level: 7


  • Default Weapon: Broadsword
  • Gift Weapon Type: Short Sword
  • Phoenix Form
  • Fire Magic

Techniques: Light Strife (Human Form)

  • Raven charges at the target and hits them with several Shortsword combo-hits. She also attacks with her Fireball and Big Fire spells for added combos and to knockback the target easily.

[Melee]>Striving Blade (regular attack)

[Melee, Mid-range and Long]>Fireball and Big Fire (sparringly with Fireforx)

[Mid-range]>Fireforx (sparringly with Fireball and Big Fire)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Raven will casts Cure All if her HP is down to 40% and when she isn't engaging in battle.

[Self]>Cure All (HP below 40%)

Special Skill: Flashfire

  • Raven casts Dual Fireforx at the enemy after casting Fireball or Big Fire spell sparringly.

Techniques: Flare Rounds (Phoenix Form)

  • Raven strives around the battlefield locking her target to the enemy. She will surround the target in a circumference rounding making her both evasive and counter active. Raven also cast Quadrio Fireforx to any enemies that are adjacent from her.

Special Skill: Transform>DemiPhoenix

  • Transform into DemiPhoenix, raising some stats such as STR, VIT, and INT and gaining access to more powerful fire spells. She will also rely more heavily on magic rather than physical attacks and can do extremely high damage when an "Oil" has been thrown at the enemy.
  • Before the Unity Festival, you can enter the Univir Settlement with Raven if both characters are in their monster forms.
7 128 5 0 0 0 20 15 19
Default Broadsword
Type Shortsword





  • Before Micah knows her name, it will be shown as Quiet Girl.
  • She will gradually warm up to the protagonist.
  • As well as through her dialogue, her feelings can be seen through her diary entries, which change as her LP increases.
    • If her LP is high enough, Raven will mention how happy she feels when speaking with and spending time with Micah. This will make him feel guilty.
    • If Micah marries another bachelorette and then reads her diary, she'll make a note of the relationship.
  • Raven is one of the only bachelorettes who admits they love Micah during one of her dialogues. She shares this trait with Marian.
  • Raven is one of the two bachelorettes who undergoes a large mood change after a certain request. She enters a depressed state and refuses to talk to Micah at all. The other bachelorette who shares this trait is Pia.
  • Raven makes a cameo appearance in RF4, selling ores and synthesizing weapons and items.
  • According to an interview, Raven's monster form is something similar to a phoenix, and is a high ranking species close to that of the Legendary Dragons.