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"I don't like talking to people... If you get near me, you'll become cursed, too..."

Raven (トゥーナ, Toona) is an eligible bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Raven is a taciturn, blunt young woman who often says things with little sympathy towards the person at which they are directed. Before getting to know her, she comes across to be a harsh, quite mean person and is outwardly mistrustful of Micah. However, she opens up a little bit when the player gets closer to her. Raven works in the blacksmith shop with Gaius, whom she sees as a father figure. 

Even if the player chooses to marry her, she won't talk very much. She and Gaius are like father and daughter. Raven also has a diary where she writes about Micah, which changes as her LP increases. She is friends with Sofia  and Karina.


(Do not read if she is still in the room or on the floor.)

0-5 hearts.

A strange man appeared today. He says he doesn't remember anything about his past. That's awfully suspicious...

5-7 Hearts

These days, I've been thinking about Micah a lot. I wonder why?

8-10 Hearts

I spoke with Micah today. Talking to him always makes me happy...

Date Information

Raven's favorite date location is Vale: Icy Rosebush, as she likes most crystals. Since the rosebush has frozen dew on it, the ice is considered to be like a crystal.

Notably, she will always ask to go to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes.


Sol Terrano: Star Dunes

  • Yes.
  • Quiet girl.
  • I like you.

Vale: Icy Rosebush

  • Only you.
  • Wanted to see you.
  • Yeah.

Privera: Flower Field

  • I do.
  • What do you like?/Since when?
  • Yes.

Oddward: Rainbow Falls

  • Quiet and stable.
  • What about Gaius?
  • You're not alone.


Unity Festival


Raven: The people from the settlement are on the monsters' side, aren't they...?

Micah: Yeah, that's right.

Raven: ...



Raven: Oh ... I can't ... take this.


Raven: Of course...

    I love you too...

Battle Information

Offensive Abilities:

  • Specializes in Fire Magic
  • Phoenix Form

Starter Level: 7


  • Default Weapon: Broadsword
  • Gift Weapon Type: Short Sword
  • Phoenix Form
  • Fire Magic

Techniques: Light Strife (Human Form)

  • Raven charges at the target and hits them with several Shortsword combo-hits. She also attacks with her Fireball and Big Fire spells for added combos and to knockback the target easily.

[Melee]>Striving Blade (regular attack)

[Melee, Mid-range and Long]>Fireball and Big Fire (sparringly with Fireforx)

[Mid-range]>Fireforx (sparringly with Fireball and Big Fire)

Supportive: Cure All

  • Raven will casts Cure All if her HP is down to 40% and when she isn't engaging in battle.

[Self]>Cure All (HP below 40%)

Special Skill: Flashfire

  • Raven casts Dual Fireforx at the enemy after casting Fireball or Big Fire spell sparringly.

Techniques: Flare Rounds (Pheonix Form)

  • Raven strives around the battlefield locking her target to the enemy. She will surround the target in a circumference rounding making her both evasive and counter active. Raven also cast Quadrio Fireforx to any enemies that are adjacent from her.

Special Skill: Transform>DemiPheonix

  • Transform into DemiPheonix, raising some stat such as STR, VIT, and INT and gaining access to more powerful fire spells. She will also rely more heavily on magic rather than physical attacks and can do extremely high damage when an "Oil" has been thrown at the enemy.
  • Before the Unity Festival, you can enter the Univir Settlement with Raven if both characters are in their monster forms.
Raven Battle Level Health Attack
7 128 5
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
20 15 19
Default Weapon Broadsword
Weapon Type Short sword



  • "Hey."
  • "..."
  • "Thanks."
  • "..I li... I don't hate them..."


  • "Sorry."

Title screen:

  • "Rune Factory 3. There, now leave me alone."

When reloading game with Raven in party:

  • "Let's go."
  • "You ready?"


  • Before the game reveals her name, it will be shown as Quiet Girl.
  • She will gradually warm up to the player.
  • If the player raises her LP to a high enough level, she will mention how happy she feels when speaking with and spending time with Micah. This will make him feel guilty.
    • If the player marries another bachelorette and then reads her diary, she'll make a note of the relationship.
  • Raven is one of the only bachelorettes who admits they love Micah during one of her dialogues. She shares this trait with Marian.
  • Raven is one of the two bachelorettes who undergoes a large mood change after a certain request. She enters a depressed state and refuses to talk to Micah at all. The other bachelorette who shares this trait is Pia.
  • Raven makes a cameo appearance in RF4, selling ores and synthesizing weapons and items.
  • According to an interview, Raven's monster form is something similar to a phoenix, and is a high ranking species close to that of the Legendary Dragons.