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Raguna (ラグナ, Ragna) is the main protagonist of Rune Factory: Frontier.


(Full profile description can be seen on his RF page)

Raguna still looks the same as he was in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


After learning that Mist has left the town of Kardia, Raguna sets out to search for her. He soon finds her in the town of Trampoli; soon after, he also moves into the village, but something strange is happening in the surrounding area.


He has large blue eyes and a delicate, porcelain face, his brows thin and his brown hair presentably neat and short.

Raguna is dressed in what appears to be a one piece black outfit with short sleeves, the collar up at his neck, and even his pants are black; it's difficult to tell if they are or aren't connected to his shirt. Over top the assemble is a short sleeved leather tunic which ends just at his thighs with a leather belt and silver buckle with two leather bags connected at each hip. Gray finger-less work gloves with golden trim are worn upon his hands with matching knee-length boots. An interesting deep maroon kilt falls just at his waist and past his knees, open at the front with gray trim, and white diamond designs near its end.


Raguna, is very kind-hearted and dedicated to his work, even more so for the safety of the entire town of not just Kardia, but also Trampoli. His charismatic charm finds its way into the hearts of the people soon after his arrival. In the face of danger, he is not afraid to push on, even if that means wielding anything less than a sword! He is an Earthmate, and is both capable on the battlefield and the farm.




  • Raguna is the only protagonist to star in multiple games.
  • Although it is not mentioned in Frontier, it was strongly hinted in the previous game that Raguna is a member of the royal family.
  • With this appearance, Raguna has the most eligible bachelorettes out of all the protagonists in the series. Frontier and the previous game give him a count of 17 (18 if one counts Iris as separate).