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Raguna (ラグナ, Raguna, Ragna[1]) is the main character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Although Raguna is seen as foolish for working on Mist's farm, he is actually very kind and dedicated to his work, even more so for the safety of the entire town. His charismatic charm finds its way into the hearts of the people soon after his arrival. In the face of danger, he is not afraid to push on, even if that means wielding anything less than a sword!


Raguna has large blue eyes, porcelain face, and neck-length brown hair. He is dressed in a one piece black outfit with short sleeves, the collar up at his neck, and black fitted pants. Over the top is a short-sleeved leather tunic, with a leather belt and silver buckle with two leather bags connected at each hip. Gray fingerless work gloves with golden trim are worn upon his hands with matching knee-length boots. A deep maroon kilt is worn around his waist and ends past his knees, open at the front with gray trim, and white diamond designs near its end.


The setting of the story begins in Kardia, a small city on the eastern tip of the Adonia continent. Raguna wanders into town, starved and dehydrated. After collapsing in front of Mist's house, it's found out that Raguna suffers from amnesia, even without a name to call himself. Mist offers him a house on her land, only if he promises to work diligently on the farm, and he accepts.

From this point, Raguna soon befriends the townsfolk, explores areas around Kardia, even going so far as to expand his own house. After much time spent exploring caves and winning the hearts of the people, his memories slowly return, but there is evil quickly approaching the town! It turns out Raguna's amnesia was part of a devilish plan to summon the Terrable Dragon!


Bianca asks Raguna during the Spring Festival (the day men give girls cookies) "It's the Spring Festival today. Did anyone give you a cookie?" Perhaps meaning that Raguna's character looks girly or insulting him by calling him a woman.

Over the course of the game, Raguna can befriend the locals and defeat the bosses of the nearby caves to trigger incidents that connect to a certain rowdy Imperial neighbor.

At the end of storyline, it is revealed that Ivan might be Raguna's brother; they were separated during their childhood. It is also said that he was a master swordsman of royal blood.



  • Before he is named, his name will be shown as ????.
  • Raguna is the one who says "Rune Factory" on the title screen.
  • If he was actually named Raguna, his default name, it would be RAGUNA.
  • In the game files, his sprite appears under the name "Ragna".
  • When Raguna wandered into Kardia, he was looking for an inhabited town.
  • Mist thinks that he looks like a farmer.
  • If the player names Raguna's farm to default name, it would be called MIST.
    • When Mist says that the name of Raguna's farm is confusing (if named "Mist") he will say "What's that?"
  • In Rune Factory 2Cecilia will mention Raguna when you first see her in your conversation. 
  • In Rune Factory 4, Mistress Trupin directly references Mist meeting Raguna, saying "A little while ago I found a traveler collapsed on the side of the road, so I gave him a watering can and a hoe".