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Upon starting the game, some company producers will come up into the screen. After that, the opening theme of the game will roll regardless of the generation you're playing the last time you saved your game. If you are playing the Japanese Version of the game, the lyrics and the singer of the theme will be different than the English Version of the Game.

The background picture of Rune Factory 2 will also appear in your top screen. Some changes will happen to it when the generation alters.

You can either skip the opening theme by pressing any buttons or pressing the screen with your stylus.


Kanji Rōmaji Translation

You're my light ずっと

ごらん日だまり 君を照らして

街へと出かけよう going out
It's a brightly day

You\'re my light ずっと君の夢を

You're my light zutto
Kimi no yume wo mamotte yuku kara
Motto kimi no yume wo shinjite

Goran hidamari kimi wo terashite
Hohoemu you ni waratte iru kara

Te wo tsunaide
Machi e to dekakeyou going out
Hashagu kimi wo tsutsumu kaze wo michibi ite
Dokoka e yukou
It's a brightly day
Ima dake wa yume wo miyou

You're my light zutto kimi no yume wo
Dokomademo mamotte yukitai
Nazeka kyuu ni kimi wo tooku ni kanjite
Kowaku naru toki mo aru kedo
Tsuyosa wa hitori de wa tsukamenai mono dakara
Kimi to no ashita wo negai tsudzukeru

You're my light, forever
Since I will keep your dream going
Believe in your dream even more

Watching you illuminated by the sun
I smile because it's like your smiling at me

Hold my hand
Let's go out to town, going out
In high spirits you are engulfed by the wind as it shows you the way
Let's go somewhere
It's a bright day
Only now you see your dream

You're my light, forever, I want to keep your dream
Going with all my strength
Somehow, suddenly, you feel far from me
I become scared, although we have so much time
Alone you are strong, so grasp onto it tightly
Your dream will continue from tomorrow and onwards

English Version

You're my light, forever
Standing by your side, I'm gonna keep your dream alive
Don't stop Holding on, Believe in what you see

In the sky Sundrop And light the face so dear
Watching the days go by I see you smiling at me

Won't you, take my hand and lead me to out of town
Going out, hey How can we stop now the times goes on
Kiss the winter, sing along
The story just begun It's a brighter day
Are you ready to Start a dream coming true

Your my light, forever Standing by your side
To the outcome I'm gonna keep your dream alive
Somehow Suddenly
Your feeling close to me And far
I'm getting scared I can't feel you

Being with you Are my only dream
I will wait long for your light
Over the days And over the nights
I will keep your dream alive