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Quinn (キルト, Kiruto) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

Quinn is Kelsey's older sister and Gerard's adopted daughter.



Quinn comes off as a hyperactive child, loves to play outside even in dangerous areas and always drags her brother along with her. She often ignores how her brother feels about things, but in the end she eventually sees and begins working with her brother rather than against. She enjoys making various food items for Aden/Sonja mostly regarding fruit or sweets hinting off her interest in cooking.


Quinn has short red hair with a pink bow and light blue eyes. She a white shirt with a pink a type of zig-zag pattern, covered in a pink jacket/overcoat with a light pink sleeves and collar, dark pink shoulders, with a dark pink bow on the top/middle of the jacket with a gold bell or pin. Paired with these are black puffy shorts, grey thighs, and dark brown loafers.


Favourite Ultimate Curry
Loves Noodle and Curry Dishes
Liked Ice Cream
Neutral Flowers
Disliked Carrots
Horror N/A


When you first meet Gerard, Quinn will be tattling on her brother. When you walk inside the church (you meet Gerard outside), Quinn will run into Aden. Gerard will come in and scold them, then make them introduce themselves. Quinn happily introduces herself, but Kelsey quietly introduces himself.


Quinn can be seen walking with her brother and Father Gerard early in the morning heading back to the Church from the bath house. Often seen cleaning the Church or in the bedroom with her brother and sometimes Pandora reading. Can also be found at the docks.

Friendship Events


Quinn will ask Aden if he wants to play. If you say yes the screen will fade out and he will reappear at the Beach with Kelsey joining them. They will run around at the beach for a while and race to Aden, and Quinn will win. She will complain that Kelsey is very slow, but he (winded) will say that she's just too fast.


  • Quinn and Pandora share the same English voice actor, Hunter Mackenzie Austin.
  • Mikoto and some travelers say that she should be more 'lady-like'.
  • Every Year she gets new clothes on her birthday.
  • Quinn and Sierra have a lot in common. Both are fun-loving and excited,, their brothers prefer to stay quiet and solitary, etc.
  • While playing as Aden, he can hear Quinn and Pandora talking in the bathhouse while you're in there. Quinn offers to wash Pandora's back, as well as ask why is Pandora not as curvy as Lily, annoying Pandora.