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Pumpkin General Store is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Douglas and Mana run this store, which sells seeds and basic grocery supplies.


""Welcome, Friend!
We got everything you need."

Seeds and basic grocery supplies, as well as Monster Feed, are for sale here. Crops are sorted by season, but all seeds are available year-round. Occasionally, Douglas will send a coupon to the Farmhouse mailbox. If you check the coupon, you gain 10% off purchases for the same day. The price does not change when you hover over the item, but you are charged 10% less when you drop it in your inventory.


Season Name Price (ea) Price (9) Description
Any Fur Sleeping Bag.png Fur Sleeping Bag 1,000 G Used to sleep outdoors. Allows for a good, deep sleep, but can't be used if monsters are nearby.
Any Feed.png Feed 400 G 3,600 G Monster feed. Surprisingly nutritious and sweet, it's something of a treat for monsters.
Spring Cookie transparent.png Cookie 1,900 G 17,100 G Simple, baked flour mix cookie. Crisp and obviously handmade, it makes the perfect gift.
Any Rice.png Rice 270 G 2,430 G A beloved staple of the dining table. Goes well with all other foods.
Any Chocolate.png Chocolate 450 G 4,050 G Smooth and sweet. The standard by which all other sweets are judged. Can also be bitter.
Any Wine.png Wine 1,920 G 17,280 G An alcoholic beverage made from grapes. Its smooth, adult taste has captivated millions.
Any Youth Grass.png Youth Grass 750 G 6,750 G Deep blue grass from foreign fields. Said to be good for maintaining beauty.
Any Small Milk.png Small Milk 240 G 2,160 G A small amount of milk taken from a Buffamoo. High in calcium and other important nutrients.
Any Small Egg.png Small Egg 220 G 1,980 G A small egg taken from a Cluckadoodle. Encased in a fragile white shell.
Any RF2 Flour.png Flour 540 G 4,860 G Powder made from wheat. A vital ingredient in a large number of dishes.
Any Oil.png Oil 780 G 7,020 G Mainly used when frying foods to prevent burning or sticking, and to bring out flavor depth.
Any Curry Powder.png Curry Powder 180 G 1,620 G Powder which forms the basis of curry. Created from a blend of various spicy herbs.
Any RF4Rice Flour.png Dumpling Powder 170 G 1,530 G Powder from which rice dumplings are made. Creates a sticky, squishy texture.
Any RF4Fried Eggs.png Fried Eggs 1,450 G 13,050 G The definitive home-cooked egg dish. Its taste changes depending on the amount of love applied when cooked.


Greater detail on crops, including growth time and profits, can be found on the Crops page.

Spring Special

Name Price (ea) Price (9) Description
RF4Pink Turnip Seeds.png Pink Turnip Seed 980 G 8,820 G Sown in spring. Allows beautiful pink turnips to be grown.
RF4Strawberry Seeds.png Strawberry Seed 5,400 G 48,600 G Sown in spring. Grows very sweet fruit. Multiple harvests possible, takes 2 days to bear fruit.
RF4Cabbage Seeds.png Cabbage Seed 780 G 7,020 G Sown in spring. Takes time to reach fruition, and persistence is needed to grow them effectively.
Moondrop Seed.png Moondrop Seed 520 G 4,680 G Sown in spring. An easily-grown flower.
Toyherb Seed.png Toyherb Seed 1,450 G 13,050 G Sown in spring. A delicate flower that requires a little hard work to grow.
RF4Onion Seeds.png Onion Seed 690 G 6,210 G Sown in spring. One of the easiest spring vegetables to grow.
RF4Fodder Seeds.png Grass Seed 300 G 2,700 G Sown any time aside from winter, and then cut to make feed for monsters. Multiple harvests possible.
Cherry Grass Seed.png Cherry Grass Seed 9,800 G 88,200 G Sown in spring. Takes a long time to grow. Blooms with light pink flowers.
RF4Lamp Grass Seeds.png Lamp Grass Seed 24,000 G 216,000 G Sown in spring. Takes a long time to grow. Mainly used as an ingredient in medicines.
Blue Crystal Seed.png Blue Crystal Seed 32,400 G 291,600 G Sown in spring. Takes a long time to grow. A blue, crystal-like seed.
Emery Flower Seed.png Emery Flower Seed 54,000 G 486,000 G Sown in spring. Takes a long time to grow. Its golden seeds are often mistaken for real gold.
RF4Pink Melon Seeds.png Pink Melon Seeds 8,400 G 75,600 G Sown in spring. The efforts of a sweet girl created these cute seeds.

Summer Special

Name Price (ea) Price (9) Description

Fall Special

Name Price (ea) Price (9) Description

Winter Special

Name Price (ea) Price (9) Description

Inner Locations

Pumpkin General Store 1F

When Douglas is standing in front of the counter, you can speak to him to open the shop menu. Mana stands next to him during business hours, except during the first generation when she leaves to pick up produce from the shipping bin. Alicia hangs out here on rainy days, rather than staying home.

Pumpkin General Store 2F

The living area is on this floor. On Fridays, Alicia and Cecilia come and visit Mana in her room.