Privera Forest (プリベラの森, Puribera no Mori, lit. Privera Forest) is an enchanting forest, ancient ruins hint at a great city that once stood there many ages ago. But lately, some new statues have been added to the scenery. An island stands in the middle of the area, which is inaccessible when player first enters the dungeon.

It is also the spring area and first story dungeon, home to Daria's house and the Flower Field date area. After beating the boss of this area, new seeds will be available.

The dungeon also has two central islands that can only be reached after you obtain the Lily Pad Magic Seed. The western island only has a single portal and a few low-level enemies, but the eastern island has fierce, boss creatures and a portal. It's recommended that you only fight these creatures at higher levels.

Mineable Items

  • Scrap Metal, Iron, Bronze, Earth Crystal, Amethyst



Eastern-Center Island

  • Chimera, Great Demon, Grimoire, Octopirate, Crystal Mammoth


  • Bamboo Shoot, Apple, Mushroom, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Yellow Grass, Red Grass


  • Masu Trout, Gibelio, Needlefish, Lover Snapper, Cherry Salmon, Squid and Lamp Squid

Randomly Hidden

  • Apple Juice, Toyherb, Moondrop, Cabbage, Gold Cabbage Boiled Spinach, Dumplings, Pink Melon (uncommon)


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