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Porcoline's Kitchen (食堂(しょくどう)『ポコリーヌキッチン』, Shokudou "Polorinu Kicchen) is a location in Rune Factory 4.


Inner Locations

Porcoline's Kitchen

The large building on the right of Airship Way is Porcoline's Kichen. Porcoline, the chef, will work behind the counter and Margaret, when she is working there, will provide music. When Dylas moves in to the town, Porcoline will take him in and give him a job as a waiter. In order to buy anything from here, the protagonist needs to talk to either Porcoline or Dylas. Talking to Margaret will trigger a normal conversation.

To the right, the second door which is labeled Sainte-Coquille Manor, is where Arthur works. Here, the protagonist can see what he has to trade, view the Harvest Report, or trade Play Coins. 10 Play Coins each day can be exchanged for G, at a certain rate per coin, which varies each day. (If you have less than 10, Arthur will not exchange them.)

The second floor are the bedrooms, with Dylas to the left, Porcoline in the middle, and Arthur to the right.