"The owner of the local restaurant and a glutton so legendary that the food he cooks for his customers often don't make it to the table. Still, he's also known for his inmeasureable kindness, caring for Margaret like a daughter and housing both Dylas and Arthur while expecting nothing in return."
―Website Description

Porcoline De Sainte-Coquille (ポコリーヌ, Pokoriinu, Poco) is the latest member of the De Sainte-Coquille family. He’s a very skilled chef, but because he chows down while he cooks, his efficiency is amazingly low, no matter how many ingredients he has with him. He’s a kind person who helps those in need. He is the adoptive father of Margaret, and he takes Dylas and Arthur in as well. He apparently asks Lest or Frey to marry him quite frequently, but will never accept an engagement ring from either.

Oddly enough, he is proficient with dual blades, as his default weapon is two cooking ladles.

During one of the Doug's pajama parties, Dylas will mention that Porcoline once had an elven lover that died to sickness. It is implied to this pushed him to share his hospitality to great ends.


Favorite Gifts: Mushrooms, raw vegetables(Pumpkin especially)

Likes: cooked dishes

Dislikes: medicine

Battle information

Porcoline (Poco) - short portrait (MARV JP) Level Health Attack
5 210 141
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
18 42 18
Strength Vitality Intelligence
9 36 7
Default Weapon RF4Acutorimass
Weapon Type Dual Blades

Skills : Eat Food, Rail Strike, Twin Attack


  • Let's hurry-scurry!
  • Marvelous hello!
  • I am... Porcoline De Sainte-Coquille!
  • Welcome. 
  • Ooh!
  • MEGA Good morning!
  • Take your time!
  • Welcome to your destiny!
  • Now seating party of 1,000!
  • Super good morning!


  • Porcoline shares the same birthday as Rosetta from Rune Factory, Egan from Rune Factory 2, and Collette from Rune Factory 3, which is the most used birthday in the Rune Factory series.
  • He sometimes asks the player if items like iron or bronze are edible
  • The masthead on the airship is a statue of a mermaid with Porcoline's head.
  • Porcoline's default weapons are Dual Blades which are cooking ladles, similar to Blaise that wields the Acutorimass, Dual Blades that are actually a pair of cooking ladles.
  • Investigating the potted plants in Porcoline's kitchen will reveal that he hides food from Margaret.