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Pom-Pom Grass (ポンポン草, Pon Pon in Frontier, or タンポイズン, Tanpoizun) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Pom-Pom Grass is a fall flower that can grow from Pom-Pom Grass Seeds. Or, if in a hurry, Inquisitive Waltz can uncover it in Messhina Valley.

RF3Pom-Pom Grass.png POM-POM G. SEEDS Grass
Has a white, cotton ball-like flower, which takes to the air when the Spring winds blow. DEFENSE
BONUS +5 HP 5500G

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Pom-Pom Grass
RF3Pom-Pom Grass.png Has a white, cotton ball-like flower that takes to the air when the spring winds blow.
Category Plant Sell 6600G Buy 46200G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
3hrs +15%


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Chemistry Set Antidote Potion 82 Pom-Pom Grass - - - - -


Loved Shara Icon.png Shara Wells Icon.png Wells
Neutral Sakuya Icon.png Sakuya

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

Pom-Pom Flower
It blooms a cottony flower. When many grow together, these fluffy flowers resemble a cloud.
File:RFToDPom-Pom Flower.png Type Flower HP Recovery 5 Special Effects
Value 840G RP Recovery 5
Effect Time 0

Rune Factory 4

Pom-Pom Grass
RF4Pom-Pom Grass.png Has white cotton-like flowers in its center. Looks cute like a dandelion, but is poisonous, so say no to the blow!
Category Plant Sell 440G Buy 1500G
[Effects] Status Ailments: PSN RP +45 [Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 28 Psn Atk 3% Psn Res 5%


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Bio Smasher 40 Platinum Paralysis Poison Poison Powder Pom-Pom Grass


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Chemistry Healing Potion 40 Pom-Pom Grass


Liked Forte Icon.png Forte Margaret Icon.png Margaret Amber Icon.png Amber Leon Icon.png Leon Raven (RF4) Icon.png Raven
Neutral Nancy Icon.png Nancy

Rune Factory 5

Pom-Pom Grass
RF5Pom-Pom Grass.png
Category Sell G Buy G
[Effects] [Difficulty]