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Pink Melon (オトメロン, Otomeron) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Pink Melons can be cultivated from Pink Melon Seeds in the springtime. Aaron and Aria can find it by using Inquisitive Waltz also turns them up on Blessia Island and Palermo Shrine.

Pink Melon.png PINK MELON Fruit
A pink melon brimming with cuteness. Its flavor is a favorite among young girls. DEFENSE
BONUS +15 HP 2500G


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Pharmacy Cupid's Kiss 52 Hot-Hot Fruit Pink Melon Pink Melon Prelude to Love Proof of Warrior -
Kitchen (Pot) Relax Tea 51 Honey Pink Melon Relax Tealeaves - - -
Kitchen (Mixer) Prelude to Love 21 Pink Melon Strawberry - - - -


Liked Ray

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Pink Melon
RF3Pink Melon.png A pink melon brimming with cuteness. A favorite among young girls.
Category Veg Sell 4200G Buy 12600G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
3hrs +50 +30 +5


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Mixer Prelude to Love 24 Pink Melon Strawberry - - - -
Pot Relax Tea 64 Relax Tealeaves Honey Pink Melon Leek - -


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Chemistry Set Love Potion 52 Pink Melon Pink Melon Strawberry Grape Liqueur Honey Magic Powder

Rune Factory 4

Pink Melon
RF4Pink Melon.png A pink melon overflowing with cuteness. Attracts young girls with its adorable shape and taste. Truly heinous.
Category Vegetable Sell 850G Buy 5000G
[Effects] HP +90 RP +30 [Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 45 INT +7


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Pot Relax Tea 73 Relax Tea Leaves Honey Pink Melon Leek
Mixer Prelude to Love 73 Pink Melon Strawberry


Loved Margaret Icon.png Margaret
Liked Vishnal Icon.png Vishnal Ventuswill Icon.png Ventuswill
Disliked Dolce Icon.png Dolce


  • This items Japanese name, "Otomeron," is a combination of the word "otome," meaning a young woman or maiden, and "melon."

Rune Factory 5

Pink Melon
RF5Pink Melon.png
Category Sell G Buy G
[Effects] [Difficulty]