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Pia (ペルシャ, Persia) is a naive mermaid who lives with Shino and Sakuya at the Miyako Inn. She decided to stop living with fish to live with Sakuya and her mother as a surrogate sister and daughter.

Pia's true identity is no secret. Her legs tranform into a fish tail whenever she comes into contact with water. This can be seen whenever she is outside in the rain or snow. Pia was born in the sea, but moved to land and met Sakuya and Shino, who offered her work and a place to stay at the bath house. Even though she finds it difficult to clean the bath house because she is constantly coming in contact with water (fins aren't good transportation on land), she perserveres due to her love for Sakuya and Shino.

Pia is very whimsical and innocent to say the least. She takes figures of speech literally. Sakuya tends to see her as guillable and childish. Pia and Sakuya form a slapstick duo where Sakuya is the straightman who hits Pia, the comic, for spouting nonsense. She loves fish and hates squid for eating the former. She claims squid are "the root of all evil," so as an act of vengeance, Pia has made it her life's mission to eat squid and squid dishes. "I. Will. Eat. Them. All."


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Pia: Tomorrow's Unity Festival! I wonder there'll be a fish just like me?



Pia: What are you doing?!

Micah: Will you marry me, Pia?

Pia: Here?! Now?! With you?!

Pia: Of course, silly!

Micah: I love you, Pia!

Pia: Me too!

Pia: I love ya twice back!


Pia: Come back tomorrow!

Micah: What?!

After Aquaticus

Micah: Pia

Pia: *sob*... I'm sorry, Micah!

Micah: Pia, you don't need to apologize!

Pia: I mean, I love you and stuff... But I didn't know if it was really okay that a monster and mermaid could be together! I hurt you, and I'm sorry!

Micah: Don't worry about it. All I cared about was finding you. I trust you completely! And I've never stopped loving you!

Pia: Really...? You're awesome-tastic!

Micah: Ready to go home?

Pia: Yeah. I bet we could both use a nice, long bath...

Battle Information


Accepting: "Okay!.(Yep!)"

Remove from Party: "Oh. See ya later then!(Yep!)"

Tactic: Obvious Oblivous

  • Immediately when spotted an enemy, Pia usually attacks nearby mid-range enemies with her Quarter Laser spell. She would charges at the enemy and attack with a 2-hit combo which is always added with her Water Laser, Quarter Laser and Torrent Laser.

[Melee]>Fishy Glance (regular attack)

[Any range]>Water Laser, Quarter Laser and Torrent Laser (sparringly)

Special Skill: Attribute>Mermaid Form

  • Pia takes form as a mermaid. She wouldn't really comes near the enemies, but always ready to cast her signature Water Laser, Quarter Laser and Torrent Laser spells with slight enhance in Water Skill level. This only possible on rainy weathers.

Spells: (often during her mermaid form)

  • Parallel laser
  • Delta Laser (lv.20 something)

Nature-Arrow-Straight Head

Pia Battle Level Health Attack
5 121 76
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 72 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
9 17 22
Default Weapon Dekash
Weapon Type Long Sword



  • "Hey-ho."
  • "Wa-hoo!"
  • "Lalala~"
  • "I want to eat squid."
  • "Hm..."
  • "Yep."
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Heehehehe", "Hmhmhmhm"
  • "Oh nooo"
  • "What a nice night"

During Battle:

  • "Yah!"
  • "Hi-yaaah!"


  • "Save...the fishies...for me..."

When reloading game with Pia in party:

  • "Hey, I've been waiting for you."
  • "Welcome back!

After Wedding:

Title screen:

  • "Rune Factory 2! Huh? Three!? They made a third one?"

She call you:

  • <マイス> くん Mice-kun - Micah-kun(without voice)
  • ダーリン Dārin - Darling
  • <マイス>さま Mice-sama - Micah-sama(without voice)
  • お魚さま O-gyo-sama - Fish-sama



  • Pia's hatred of squid comes from a story she heard titled "The Tuna and the Squid". In the story, a tuna was swimming around "minding its own business" when suddenly a squid attacked it. This lead to Pia wanting to destroy the entire population of squid.
  • Pia mentions the difficulty of mobility when she is transformed into a mermaid. However, her movement speed on the field is as fast as her walking speed.
  • Pia's sprite when talked to as a mermaid actually has her tail included in the sprite. However, since characters the player speaks to are skewed to the right, her tail cannot be easily seen unless the sprite is skewed to the left.
  • If the player marries Pia, then your child(ren) will genetically be half-human, a quarter monster, and a quarter merman.
  • Pia is one of two bachelorettes who undergoes a large mood change after a certain request. She constantly acts embarrased towards Micah and can't seem to speak properly to him. The other bachelorette who shares this trait is Raven.
  • Pia shares a birthday with Danny from Rune Factory: Frontier and Volkanon from Rune Factory 4.
  • Pia makes numerous pop culture references in most of her dialogue.
    • At the end of one of her requests, Pia sings "It's the end of the day as I know it!" This is a reference to REM's song It's the End of the World.
    • During her Bath Census request, the answers 'Slimy' and 'Crunchy' of her 'feeling of water' question is a reference to The Lion King's Timon and Pumba, and their contrasting tastes of 'slimy' and 'crunchy' bugs.
    • During her Bath Census request, answering 'Hot' to her temperature of water question will result in her exclaiming "Smoooookin! Somebody stop you!". This is a reference to The Mask.